1. Finally.The overall experience has been phenomenal. I imported my database and had everything set up and running in a day. The customer support team is knowledgeable and super friendly. ProsActiveCampaign is the CRM I wish I would have chosen back in 2012 when I went with Infusionsoft. I love the automations. They are intuitive to build, easy to manage, and they flat out work. I love two way SMS via the deep integration with SalesMsg and that the convos get added to the contact record. And finally, I love the Deals feature which is the best and easily customizable sales pipeline software I’ve ever used.ConsOne tiny thing I’d change is the contact merge feature. I prefer the ability to choose what fields to merge in a contact record instead of being forced to delete one.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign I did the HighLevel trial but couldn’t get things to work properly after 2-weeks.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign I used Infusionsoft for years and then switched to Keap because of the baked in phone number and appointment scheduler. You can’t add an automated 2-way text to a campaign sequence. If someone responds it says the number doesn’t accept incoming messages. This creates a super poor customer experience. The appointment scheduler was useless because it won’t allow you to redirect the customer to a custom URL after they book so it messed up my funnel tracking.

  2. Strong Automation System & Ecomm DataLayer, Weak Support and Long Standing BugsProsActivecampaign sets the bar for building automations, with great sorting and filtering features including customer records, tags, lists, conditional rules/routing, e-commerce data such as purchases, crm pipelines and even a custom event layer. We have created very complex integrations for dozens of businesses ranging from E-Commerce stores, to Gyms to local businesses. It’s really simple to learn and use, and powerful enough to tackle even the most complex business processes. This includes in-store purchases on a POS to sending out emails or automation’s based on purchases or LTV. It also supports multiple E-Commerce platforms natively, but be aware those features are nearly 4x the price to unlock after the trial.ConsAfter months of issues that resulted in one of our clients losing an excess of %2440,000 in revenue, we can no longer recommend activecampaign. Poor support was to blame for this issue, with it being impossible to get someone on a call even though we pay 6 figures a year for service. Activecampaign is growing really really fast. Because of this, They have pretty terrible support and there are also long-standing bugs that they seem to have no intention to fix. For instance, the system is supposed to generate previews for each automation’s email steps and in various other places, but instance shows a broken image. We have inquired about this to the support to be told they are aware it’s been broken for over a year and have no ETA or intention on repairing it. We have this problem on all our client’s accounts(dozens), and it’s a serious issue with UI/UX but they don’t seem to care. There are also some major logic issues, such as if you filter an automation to show anyone with 0 purchases, it doesn’t work. We also inquired about this but got another non-response… So basically, where it works, it works well but there are a few major issues and they don’t seem intent on repairing them, even though they are steady releasing more features to add to their pricing tiers. Overall, it’s hard to find another system that provides the ease of use, features, and value of activecampaign but the support and existing bugs are a nasty/necessary compromise.

  3. Prettayyy… Prettayyy.. Good Choosing Active Campaign has been a great move for us to save some money but I would caution folks who are looking for hands-on account management and support or who are not technically proficient. We have a pretty technically sound team so we did all of the set up ourselves – given my experience with our account manager – I’d be worried if he was responsible for helping a less technical team set up their account/integrations etc. ProsWe came to Active Campaign from Pardot and what we like MOST is the price difference. AC is much cheaper and has all the core functionality (and more) that you need to set up a pretty robust marketing automation and customer support system. ConsI gotta say the one detractor from giving them an all-around 5 star review has been the unresponsive nature of our contacts there. I have had a few billing questions and was trying to move to an annual contract and my dedicated account rep just flat out hasn’t responded in weeks. I had to go back to the guy who originally sold us the software to get the invoice and forms I needed. I also tried to follow up with both of them to make sure we were good on the annual plan and haven’t heard anything from either of them. So I have to say the customer support (from a billing/account management perspective) has been sub-optimal. Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign ActiveCampaign has all the features and integrations we needed at a fraction of the cost.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Pardot costs a lot of money for small companies and their support is non-existent.

  4. You get what you pay forCustomer service has been very helpful. ProsActive Campaign is powerful and effective. It has everything you need in an email marketing service.ConsIt comes with a cost and if you have many subscribers it can be too expensive if you’re not making a good ROIReasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign The price point
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Mailchimp changed the business model so it’s not useful anymore to me but that’s just my opinion. Mailchimp is still a very good option.

  5. Best of its kind but getting complacent on the basicsI was a huge advocate for AC early on. Now, I temper that because of my frustrations. If they listen to their users more and get down to fixing the basics that are way outdated, they can soon get back to a full 5* experience. But for now, I would say try it out carefully. If you don’t need the capabilities that distinguish it from the likes of MailChimp, it probably is not worth the annoying hassles.ProsThis is high-end marketing automation at mid-market pricing. If you want to automate marketing to a high-degree and with great sophistication, AC allows you to do nearly anything – yet at a price point similar to email marketing tools with little or no automation. That’s why I chose Active Campaign and why I stick with it.ConsFor all of its technical sophistication, there are a few weak points around basics. Its email creation interface feels dated and the handling of image assets is clunky and horrid. Creating restore points and undo is flaky and unreliable. And what makes all this so bad is that users have logged these points for several years as top requests and AC has not addressed them. Instead they add fancy functionality. The basics of everyday use matter and the experience spoils the software for me.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign I chose AC over ConvertKit for better functionality and marginally better price (2017) and over InfusuionSoft (now Keap) because that was WAY too expensive for my business.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign I switched from MailChimp because I needed the automation functionality. Now, MailChimp are building that capability. I hope AC can continue to stay ahead on that and catch up with MC’s usability and UX.

  6. A Must Have in Sales and MarketingKeeping our team all on the same page. Being able to automate several tasks and be more efficient.ProsEase to use and automations. How you can keep track of all the touches you’ve had with your contact all in one place. And the fact that I can send all my contacts a bulk or text without having to use another software.ConsMore straight integrations with other software’s instead of having to use ZapierReasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign Because it seemed more user friendly
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign CRM function is much better with Active Campaign

  7. The product is great, but the real game changer is the people!!Phenomenal customer service. Great training, support, sales, and customer success people. The training, the consulting sessions, and follow ups have all been very well managed and super professional, but also fun. ProsI like that it covers all the bases: email, web chat, landing pages, forms, campaigns, deal management. The interface is nice and clean. Not cluttered like some other applications. The setup and administration is fairly straightforward. The VERY best thing is that EVERY person I’ve talked to or chatted with has been A%2B. Super helpful, above and beyond the call of duty. I’m super impressed with the people. ConsThe deals management functionality needs some work, but I love the simplicity. I want to configure it more than I can today. Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign ActiveCampaign was so much easier to manage. The administrative interfaces in Salesforce are seriously dated. Saleforce was way too complicated for users and admin.

  8. A great all in one solutionI found Active Campaign to be just as feature rich as Hubspot, at a much better price and with an open user mangament service. It really helped my team to cut down lead follow up with their automation tools. The campaign mail feature is top notch. In all, a great budget minded option that punches above its weight.ProsVery good price to quality ratio. Flexible plans. Much simpler price plans in comparison to Hubspot. Great email client. Excellent automation abilities. Robust and hassle free user management. Great form integrations with WordPress.ConsWould love to have a scheduler like Hootsuite. Whatsapp integration would be great. More customization options in the forms would be a great addition. Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign Good pricing, recommendation from peers.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Pricing, too complex (Hubspot) Too few options (Sendiblue)

  9. A convenient All-in-One CRM and AutomationIn my company, Active Campaign is used on a daily basis. We are a franchising network, needing one full-service CRM and Marketing Automation to be shared within the network (similar automations for the whole network), while leaving space and autonomy for each franchisee to develop its own (Sales management, marketing management). Active Campaign allows not only this structure to work seamlessly, but the way the service is organized allows a whole range of possibilities for my company, most of which we haven’t yet scratched the surface.ProsIt’s easy to use, easy to deploy and being all-in-1 solution for marketing and sales management, automation, it’s very convenient and comparatively affordable.ConsA few areas are still under development and not quite up to the task, namely features such as landing page development, or conditional forms.Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign The trigger to switch was initially the structure of the accounts in both services – my company needed a service to be used by many users, Agile CRM pricing is structured on a per-user basis, while Active Campaign is structured by packages including multiple users. Then as the analysis of the features in Active Campaign began, it was clear it is far more developed and allows more business possibilities and automations to bring customer experience to life. In the end, after using Active Campaign, it’s clear it’s much easier and convenient.

  10. Affordable option to get into marketing automationOverall, they have a leg up over other email marketing apps with their class-leading automation system. Newbies will probably complain about the template composing feature. It’s nowhere near as easy as Mailchimp or Aweber. But I have a designer compose my newsletters in Stripo, which is inexpensive. And they have a one-click export into Activecampaign. This works for me. I average 28% open rates on newsletter blasts. I’m happy with that kinda performance.ProsActivecampaign is more than just an email marketing app… done right it can free you from manually keeping track of leads and contacts interacting with your business. We use it to nurture all new leads coming in through our website. I recently implemented lead scoring of my contacts, which will hopefully allow me to filter those leads ready for sales. Another great feature is the site tracking. I’ve set an alert to notify me when a contact is on our site. I’ve yet to take advantage of this, but my plan is to automate an email to the relevant sales consultant, telling them their lead is on a high-intent page, so we can reach out at just the right time. There is more under the hood, I know. For larger setups one could use it as a full CRM, bringing your sales team on board with incredible amount of data about your contacts.ConsIt can be overwhelming. They have pre-built recipes for most functions, which is a great start. But still, you’ll have to play with the automations and see which work for you. Otherwise, it’s like driving a Ferrari and not going faster than 120 kmh.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign Basically, for the automation options available in ActiveCampaign.

  11. Great Features, Good ReliabilityI needed something simple enough to train staff to use, but with the ability to do crazy, advanced things. Over the last decade%2B I had been using numerous competitors, but think I might have found a permanent home with ActiveCampaign after using it for two years.ProsThe automations are where ActiveCampaign really wins. You can do almost anything you’d want to do, and it really helps with the ability to track and move leads through a funnel.ConsThere is no way to group together TAGs. This makes it difficult to keep track of them all when you use external software that might be creating tags based on prospect activity. However, because of the ways Automations works, you rarely have to use TAGs. You can keep leads spinning around inside Automations, following unique paths, for the entire sales cycle.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign Our demo showed it to be much easier to use for complex projects.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign I was finding Infusionsoft to be much more complicated than I had time for. TAGs and triggers just didn’t fit with my way of thinking.

  12. Critical software for small business/startupsProsThe most critical thing a small business has is their customer list. Being able to communicate with your clients in a timely manner, whether it’s regarding safety protocols to build confidence or a promotion/offer to increase revenue. An email marketing system that can properly segment your clients and make it through email filters can make the difference between success and failure in a small business. Activecampaign allows solopreneurs and small companies to compete with big companies when it comes to email marketing, lead tracking and relationship management at a very affordable price. Also, their premade ‘recioes’ (marketing automations) are such a help so you don’t start from scratch.ConsThere is a learning curve an best practices when starting up. Learning how to create a campaign or even the terminology that Activecampaign uses. However, they make it easier with a wealth of articles, how-to’s, webinars, and live support (which is crazy good and fast!).Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign Purely because of price.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign MailChimp didn’t allow for segmentation and automation the way I needed it to be.

  13. My top pick for an email marketing platform. Overall, choosing Active Campaign as my email marketing service was a terrific decision. I’ve been happy with it so far and cannot wait to see where it takes my business. ProsI love how robust Active Campaign is and at a great price. It integrates well with the many online services and I haven’t needed to reach out to customer support for help. I look forward to learning more ways that I can use Active Campaign to grow my online business. ConsAs I progress through all of the available options and features Active Campaign has for me, I do struggle with knowing which features will help my blogging and email marketing business the most. There are many digital marketers providing courses on email marketing. Yet, I feel held back because I need to learn more about Active Campaign’s platform and how it will best help me as a blogger before I can implement many of the techniques recommended to me. Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign My blogging mentor, [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN], recommended Active Campaign over Convert Kit and I trusted her. So far I’m very happy with my decision.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign I needed a more robust service that allowed me to create better automations, tag my email subscribers, create multiple lists, and provide me with more options.

  14. A good all-rounderActive Campaign is our one stop hub for our sales and marketing activity so we have an almost global view of how our customers and and prospects are interacting with us – the exception is our help desk but I’m sure we could integrate that too if we really wanted to. We use Active Campaign to track our: – Sales team interactions – emails, including emails we send from our own inboxes, tasks and follow up tasks, and call records – as long as we enter them! – We use it to send and tracks all the newsletter/marketing interactions and all our automated emails for customers on free trials. – We also track key interactions with our own product (though an integration we built ourselves) so the sales team have a quick reference to important behaviours.ProsMoved to Active Campaign from Infusionsoft (2 years ago now, before they changed their name) and we were very satisfied at that particular time that Active Campaign was the superior product. Good marketing and automation tools – which have also had a lot of investment and attention in the two years we’ve been using Active Campaign – as well as a solid CRM and lead/opportunity management dashboard. We have the Enterprise Grade subscription which gives us access to a dedicated account manager. This was really useful in the first year and we had an excellent account manager at that time. ConsActive Campaign have really focused in recent years on the live / real time behaviour tools and giving users the ability to build extremely complex automations. For us though, we would prefer a bit more focus on improving the CRM and things that make contact and lead management easier – such as the ability to add follow up tasks from the (otherwise excellent) Gmail widget. Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Mostly because Infusionsoft weren’t making any investment or upgrades to their CRM tools though that might have changed now.

  15. A Powerful, Affordable PackageActive Campaign is at the center of my online marketing, and I am very happy with it.ProsI came from a different autoresponder which had many, many limitations. A marketing guy suggested ActiveCampaign, so it was one of many I explored when the limitations of the old autoresponder company foprced me to move. I am glad I moved, and I am very happy with ActiveCampaign. It allows you to set up marketing funnels, forms, capture lead data, tag your visitors and put them into marketing funnels for follow up. I do not use all of the features, but. I have been able to build pretty elaborate follow up processes for my marketing sytem using ActiveCampaign. There are a slew of new competitors which CLAIM to do what ActiveCampaign does for less money, and several services which offer website hosting, autoresponder, everything, for more money. I am glad I am with ActiveCampaign because they are established and their have a mature, stable product. Not the cheapest, but it has features of more expensive platforms. I’d recommend it.ConsAs with all autoresponders, the user interface and names and locations for things presents a learning curve. Especially for newer people, they could improve their intro and training videos to be more clear.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign ActiveCampaign is a mature, stable platform with lots of functionality for the price. It is not the cheapest, but it is an excellent balance between affordable, reliable, and advance functions for which other platforms charge more.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Aweber’s email delivery system defaults everyone to double opt in and requires to you call the company to turn it off. Aweber’s email automation was very limited as far as applying logic to email deliver and repeating a email series.

  16. Consolidated so many tools into oneTheir customer support is beyond great. I’ve sent instant chats to ask questions many times and I’m always impressed by how out of the way their reps go to help me. I even had one rep who built out an entire custom automation for me based on my needs.ProsI held back from investing in ActiveCampaign for over a year because of the overall cost. What I didn’t realize then was that I would be able to cancel FOUR other software subscriptions thanks to the robust suite of features that AC has. This software has played a critical role in my ability to grow my business by over 150% this year and I would recommend it to anyone!ConsI would give my left leg for AC to have mobile functionality. They don’t have an app and the mobile version of their site is non-functional. It quite literally can only be used on a computer. This is the one place where AC is severely behind their competitors.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign AC seemed like a longer term solution, based on features.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Because AC has so many more features.

  17. I recommend it to everyone!ProsI recommend ActiveCampaign to all of my clients for two specific reasons. Easy of use and features. My clients hire me because they are not tech-savvy but ActiveCampaign gives them the freedom to use a robust email marketing platform with ease after getting over a very short and small learning curve. ActiveCampaign has an AMAZING and thorough online help database as well. ConsThe only thing that I personally find missing from ActiveCampaign is Dubsado integration (although ActiveCampaign has a TON of integrations options so that might be a fault on Dubsado’s end). I also think it would be nice to add landing pages. I host my landing pages on my Showit site but it would be a great option for some of my clients who haven’t launched their site yet and want to start building their email list.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign I ended up choosing ActiveCampaign because it ultimately gave me all the features and automation capabilities that I want and need for my business at a great price.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign ActiveCampaign is significantly cheaper with a very sturdy platform. Building automation is not only very easy in ActiveCampaign but you can do a lot with their automation system.

  18. ActiveCampaign – Powerful drag and drop automation %2B Easy to send EmailsMy experience has been a very pleasant one. Simple to use and fairly intuitive.ProsThe deliverability of emails is crucial to me (and to most businesses). A simple user interface comes in a close second. ActiveCampaign delivers on both (and gives you a comprehensive tutorial series). I don’t make full use of the automations. However, they’re drag-and-drop which makes them dead simple to use. You can also create opt in forms using ActiveCampaign to collect emails. You can embed these forms into pages, or direct users to a link.ConsSometimes it seems like ActiveCampaign goes down which is a problem. I’ve had people ask me why I sent them a broken link – but the real issue was that ActiveCampaign was down. I don’t have any other big complaints. A small complaint is not being able to change an email’s subject line without clicking a few times. It would be great if you could change the subject line inside of the email creator.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign I read that ActiveCampaign is ok with most kinds of emails. I also read they have a high deliverability rate. Both of these seemed true when I tested ActiveCampaign. I liked the User Interface and their pricing tiers. Plus their automation impressed me.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign I hate Mailchimp with a passion. The UI confused me, the limited features on the free plan frustrated me (how can I test what I can’t use?) and their pricing was way too high. Their strategy is to get you hooked on the free plan. Then you pay out the nose for sub par deliverability. I decided to try ActiveCampaign because one of my clients in the past had used it.

  19. It was wonderful until we needed supportInitially we were thrilled with AC due to it’s ease of use and speed. However, recently we ran into a major issue that suddenly started showing up, and is preventing us from moving forward on a vital project. We used the chat, and initially the guy on the chat told us it was the fault of another vendor we had integrated with. After going back and forth, he agreed to look into it, and asked for a bit more information. I went to collect that, and when I came back, the chat had ended. Furthermore, when I tried starting a new chat, it said “chat is offline, you will have to send an email.” I noticed that the chat was disconnected and chat went offline at exactly 12 pm Pacific time, corresponding with lunchtime. This is crazy! Who goes offline in the middle of a chat with customers who pay over %24200/month for software just so they can take their lunch break exactly on time? Now I’m really wondering, can I trust AC when it counts? Because this kind of software is expensive enough and complex enough that it absolutely requires good support. So far, I’m not impressed. (Previous less critical support inquiries were eventually answered, but not particularly quickly).ProsAC is very easy to use and to set up. It’s more intuitive than most similar products we’ve tried. When it works right, it’s great.ConsSoftware like this is complex, and things inevitably break or have bugs. We have used most of the major platforms out there, and they all have periods of bugs and issues. Once you run into it, the only question is this: will support be there to help? Not AC support, not if it’s lunchtime.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign Ease of use
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Ease of use and more CRM features in ActiveCampaign.

  20. Thorough Email & CRM SoftwareProsAC is easily deployable and compatible with the rest of our tech stack, and this makes it easier for us to justify our continued use of it. The automations are easy to build, but complex enough to go further should you wish to. The email marketing system is thorough, and does what it says on the tin, The reporting capabilities are strong, and it is useful to have this all tied in with a clear CRM and Deal flow management system. The support team at AC are generally great, and depending on what tier you are on, they also provide generous support to their customers to make sure they succeed.ConsSometimes the software bugs out, and doesn’t do what you are asking it to do, although this is usually resolved quickly. The entry price for the higher tiers could be slightly lower.

  21. Satisfied with Active CampaignI’ve used several different email marketing software providers but when I switched to Active Campaign, I was finally satisfied with one. It was easy for me to get started using it and that was a big factor for me. I like how the automations are similar to advanced email software and are easy to use. All the commands that I need are in the automations so I don’t have to do a work-around. Customer service has been helpful each time I contact them. When needed, they send me the exact link to the documentation I need, or answer my question. Overall, I enjoy using Active Campaign and find it easy to use. The pricing is fair and I believe I get more value compared to other companies with similar pricing. ProsMore features than other software at similar pricing Pricing is fair Easy to use Easy to set up Fast start to using the software Good documentation Good customer service that points to documents when neededConsI don’t know all of the features or how they could help my business – more explaining how things work would be helpful so I can decide if I want to implement it or notReasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign I tried a trial of Convert Kit and could not even figure out how to send an email or set up an automation. I’ve used companies like Infusionsoft (Keap), MailChimp, and others that were way harder to figure out. But I could not figure out Convert Kit. I looked at their documentation and I just didn’t get it. So I went with Active Campaign and it was easy to set up my lists, campaigns for sending emails, and automations. I think the difference in the platform user interface, navigation, and documentation makes the difference between these two products.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign I was frustrated by the user interface of Get Response and Aweber and the limits to what I could do inside those platforms. I couldn’t understand how to do things or where exactly they were located, especially in Get Response. If I recall correctly, even the documentation was not clear. In Aweber, they were putting limits on what I could send as a newer account. It became a frustrating experience, even after I sent them the information they needed to verify my list.

  22. AmazingI have used AC with an ecommerce store selling %243-4m per year, as well as several consulting firms and info product companies. It works amazing for all these use cases.ProsIt’s very rare to find so much functionality while retaining ease of use. I’ve been a consultant implementing and managing marketing automation and CRMs for 10 years, and AC has become my go to solution for all my clients. The CRM has come a long way in the past few years and now beats just about all of them that do both CRM and Automation. The integration with Ecom platforms like Shopify are also a huge benefit.ConsFor years I would tell clients if they needed a CRM and they were doing personal sales that they should use Infusionsoft, but I can’t say that anymore. Infusionsoft’s CRM has become worse over time while AC’s CRM has become much more powerful. One thing I wish AC would add is more functionality in the math actions for changing fields. If we could use different fields and formulas in the math to make calculations for custom fields, rather than just simple %2B-X/ then that would be amazing. I currently have to use Zapier to do that and it’s not even that great with Zapier.

  23. My first marketing automation platform, its about to pay for itselfAs a startup founder, It is really difficult to choose the right platform to commit with. You have free options and very expensive ones. So Active campaign was a great option for me, right on the sweet spot. Their customer success team is the best. I have had three on boarding one-on-one calls where they have understood my business and helped me with all the setup, resources and best practices to start using it the best way possible. It is a very robust system, I only use the email automation, segmentation and I am starting to use their CRM, but the posibilites are endless. So far I love itProsIt is super easy to setup and use The best customer support I have ever had on any kind of service/product A thorough on boarding process, with personal coaching You can automate every single part of your marketing funnel and still have a nice personal touch with your best leads Endless possibilities to interact with your customers and prospects and track every behavior with youConsIt is so wide that I find myself a little overwhelmend on how to take as much as possible from the system without burning out. I am in the 2,500 contacts bracket, and I think its price is fair. But when I have to sacle it up, it will seem pricyReasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign Better price (against Hubspot) So many more functions (Against convertkit and others)
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign I made research and wanted a more robust solution. I compared Active campaign against hubspot and convertkit and I preferred Active Campaign

  24. Very happy with ActiveCampaign!My business is still small but growing and I know that there is a lot more to tap into for what ActiveCampaign can do but I have been very happy with it so far. When I was deciding who to go with, I researched many of the options that were popular and this one just seemed like the best one. Now a couple years later, I’m seeing more and more people praising it and what it can do. That’s got me thinking I made the right choice. I mean, I figured at the time that it was the right choice but I’m seeing that validated by other’s comments, too.ProsI like how powerful this software is and for a great price! When I started with it, I had quite a bit of a learning curve to learn it but had excellent help from support staff. It integrated well with my other online sites. Now I’m all set up and it runs like a charm. I look forward to using more of its capability as my business grows.ConsI have found it a little complicated for setting up with new lead magnets but I have attributed that to its ability to do so much so that you have to navigate around to set up what you need. And, I am still learning it. But what’s great is that you can duplicate an automation. So once you have created what you want, you don’t have to necessarily go back to square one. That I like very much!Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign Price was a big factor and this one seemed perfect for where I was at which was at the beginning of starting to grow a list. But it also just seemed more robust for what you paid for it compared to the others. It was going to let me start off not paying a lot but have so many awesome features. And, I considered that as my business would grow, the increased price still seemed reasonable. So, I went with it.

  25. Easy to Use, some bugginessOverall, everything is very nice. The pricing is reasonable, and the additional features were unexpected as I was sort of grandfathered in to them. ProsThis is a very legitimate mailchimp competitor, well-priced. The CRM functionality surprising, and there are really nice web insights (WordPress user here) that I could glean at-a-glance & give to my sales team via their plugin/javascript. They just recently added conversations (chatbot) automations, which were great to see. The chatbot was slick & never glitched out on me. It’s not quite an Intercom replacement, but if you’re not familiar with Intercom you’d be over the moon with this. The email automations are hands-down the best aspect of ActiveCampaign. The automations & workflows are visual-based & made it incredibly easy & user friendly for a once-newly-christened marketer unfamiliar with sequences. There’s even a set of ‘cookbooks’ that are pre-built templates in case you were like me & didn’t know where to start.ConsThe email builder is a tad clunky. My biggest gripe was when I would create a new link from a template, it would change the color to blue & the font to Arial. Sounds like it’s not a big deal, but when you’re constantly changing the colors & fonts, it adds to the amount of time you’re making an email. It would be nice to be able to add an HTML element in the WYSIWYG editor, instead of bouncing in/out between that & the HTML editor. The CRM is nice, but the deals functionality is fairly light. Not the end of the world unless there’s a lot of nuance from deal to deal (like in our industry). Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Better features, more functionality, better customer service.

  26. The automations work like a charmWe are using Mailblue, which is a certified partner of ActiveCampaign and makes their software available in my native language and with Dutch support. This makes it quite easy to get support when you need it. We were looking for a tool with e-mail, automation and lead scoring features. As we didn’t have any in-house knowledge about these (especially the tools), I’ve done some research. ActiveCampaign came out as the tool with the best functionalities for the best price (through Mailblue). This made me decide to start a demo, and eventually get the software. So far, it does exactly what I need and at this time it doesn’t cost me a lot of time to figure out how to use it. The only thing is we currently don’t really use the lead scoring mechanism as it needs a lot of tweaking (on our side). But as all other features are working really well for me, we’re still happy users of the software.ProsThe flexibility of the tool is something I really like. It’s quite easy to use your own email templates, which are (as long as you keep it simple) completely adjustable as well as responsive. Besides that, the automation part is working like a charm. By using your own tags and fields you can practically do anything you want. ConsI am still trying to figure out how to set up a link with our current CRM. As ActiveCampaign has their own CRM built in, this is not one of the key futures. For our business however, we only use ActiveCampaign for the e-mail marketing and automations (so only the marketing department is using this tool). The entire company is built on the use of our CRM, so we’d like to see all of the ActiveCampaign data on there for a complete report.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign The main reason was pricing, but I’ve also had some good referrals of other users. In the end the Dutch support (through Mailblue) made me decide to go for ActiveCampaign.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign The previous software has been stopped before I was working in this department, but as far as I know the main reasons were pricing and complexity/features.

  27. The best software for your online business and online shopI am not an affiliate yet I love Active Campaign, so easy to use. The times I have contacted support, they are responsive and helpful.ProsI absolutely love ActiveCampaign. I have 2 accounts for my 2 businesses and have approx 10%2B customers using it also for their online marketing endeavours. It is my go to software that I recommend to all customers. I love how the software is cheap for a startup but also offers really high level of integration for advanced customers. It is solid, easy to use and I cannot honestly recall having an issue with it. It has strong reporting and I love the integration features for Woo Commerce and Shopify also. ConsThe only thing that is missing from ActiveCampaign is a simple checkout / payment type offering. So connecting to Paypal / Stripe is doable but not seamless. Apart from that I love it.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign Quite simply it was better!
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign I have switch others across from all sorts of mail responders. Like I mention above it is easy to use, great as a start up but also has great higher level options. So easy to build a customer journey.

  28. This blew my mindFantastic!! And extraordinary follow up by their team! Tons of free personal 1:1 help, which I never expected. ProsSwitched to ActiveCampaign from Pipedrive via ConvertKit and Keap – this is something else. I am so impressed. Very easy to use and well laid out, it is easy to create some of the most robust automated customer follow ups I have seen. AC blows the other softwares out of the water. It works, it is easy to understand and it is the most powerful peace of software I have seen in years. I am so pleased my grin goes all the way around my head. ConsCustomer service gave 8-10 min waiting time on their chat support these days, and that is just not good enough. Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign Tried Keap, but their software are very cumbersome to use compared with ActiveCampaign. Used two weeks with help from a keap consultant and was still not near to be up and running. Used two days in AC on my own, as comparison. Further on Keap does not support country soesific characters in customers names, so I could not import my list, a ton of stuff does not work outside US, so it turned out there was not much left we could actually use. The rock at marketing, but the software – not for us!!
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Pipedrive is a very good service, but they change things all the time and breaks our aotomations. This created a ton of trouble for us, and when addressing the issue with them, they did not care. So after three years with this we left.

  29. If you had to recommend one marketing automation tool for small business, here it isI refuse to ever tell a client there’s a single software in any category that they should use without proper investigation further, but I have yet to run into a time where ActiveCampaign wasn’t a massive improvement to upgrade to from other tools of similar price but lesser capabilities, like MailChimp and ConstantContact. AC has been my own email marketing and marketing automation system for approximately five years now and I don’t see myself moving away from it at any point. It’s important for me to be aware of the tools on the market, and there are other great ones, but none that have been a worthwhile transition off AC for. ProsYou have a massive amount of features available to you to handle basic email marketing, advanced marketing automation, behavioral automations, tagging and audience segmentation, and so on. That’s just the basic package, too. More advanced packages introduce a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) aspect that is particularly helpful for sales teams, Lead scoring to help prioritize accounts for your sales teams to be more efficient, and dynamic content (among many other features).ConsThere is little to see on the Cons. If I had to select something, I suppose the limit of three users on the Lite plan can be frustrating. However, it’s typically safe enough for a small business, easy to share logins if needed, and the price and added features of upgrading to the Plus plan is quite affordable as well.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign Best pricing for the features provided. It also integrates with everything I needed it to and they clearly are moving in a positive direction, always improving the product and introducing new and upgraded features.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign MailChimp did not provide adequate automations and was very limited in segmentation.

  30. Complete and flexible with a great APIMy expirience is overall good. In my case they even have an Italian interface and I contacted support a couple of times but as an avarege user you will probably not need assistence with this.ProsActive Campaign is a great software, it is very easy to use and having used Aweber and GetResponse I can tell you that the biggest difference is that everything in Active is organized in a logical way and it is easy to grasp. But what is their stronger point in my opinion is the API system, I was able to add, update and delete contacts from a PHP script in a very simple way. Their documentation is very well done and they have functional examples that you can use as a base fro your work. ConsThe cost structure could be better, other software they can be cheeper but I’m willing to pay that extra money for the simplicity of usage.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign API system is very flexible and simple for use. We where able to connect with wordpress Gravity forms, with a Vanilla PHP script and with Opencart.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign I switched by chance. A client was suggesting to switch to getresponse because it got a trial offer and I get to love this software after that

  31. A great platform for email automationOverall, I’m an advocate for ActiveCampaign because I’ve had many more positive experiences than negative. ProsThe software is comparable with other tools which make it nice & more stress-free when integrating. ConsThe email builder tool (specifically the text block) has some serious problems. Sometimes you can paste something or select text and the entire text is deleted or shown in a different font/size. I’ve used this tool since 2016 and have always had trouble with this. Even when pasting plain text or using their own native personalization fields. A large percentage of the community has mentioned this in Facebook groups and it seems like it’s a low priority considering they continue to release new features in other categories. The basics need some work in my opinion. The campaign analyzing tools could use some major upgrades as well as they seem to also have been neglected.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign Initially, we decided to use it because another tool we used relied on it. After using it for a year or so, we had the opportunity to switch and decided to stick with it.

  32. Simple, affordable, effectiveProsFor my size company (startup <10), it’s easier to manage, affordable and does what’s required better than Infusionsoft/keap, Hubspot and others we’ve attempted to move to – but keep coming back. There’s necessarily a degree of complexity that a non-dedicated resource needs to handle and AC does this really well. It’s a tool of my business, not the main event.ConsIt may exist, though I’ve never stumbled across it, but an opportunity to learn from the benefit of others – we shouldn’t have to discover, learn and trial everything if others with similar needs have done so in the past. Remove inefficiency from my adoption of the platform.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign We’ll likely move to Ontraport when our needs become more complex but for now, AC delivers what we need and may yet grow such that we don’t need to transition.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Hubspot is great if you have the resources – time, money & people – to make it work for you. We didn’t

  33. Best tool I have purchased to manage my customer/client relations and workflowAll I can say is I wish I had known about ActiveCampaign at the beginning of the year because I could have saved a lot of money experimenting with other products that had less capability and functionality than ActiveCampaign.ProsActiveCampaign ease if use is one of the best and the customer service is awesome. I have gotten nothing but great support and assistance in creating automatons that have help me immensely in setting up my new workflows. There is not a day that goes by that I a am not using ActiveCampaign to create more effective and efficient ways to communicate with my customers.ConsAlthough the software in a bit expensive, compared to some others the features outweigh the cost it would require to have several tools do the tasks of ActiveCampaign.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign After installing the trial and using it for a few weeks I begin to see the power of the software and what it could do for my business. Then during several training calls, one-on-one help sessions and friendly emails the customer service made my decision to upgrade and use the product easy. I am so glad I did.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Did not have the functionality I needed to manage my customer relations and integrations were also lacking.

  34. Over 100%2B Projects Built Using ActiveCampaignOverall highly positive and I continue to recommend it.ProsThe marketing automation is the most powerful at its price point and the system continues to develop beyond this into new and interesting areas (e.g. landing pages)ConsSegmentation struggles to use combined queries – if you ask for query A and Query B together, you think you’d get ONLY the contacts who appear in BOTH lists. In reality you get all of the contacts on query A and B together – this needs improvement.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign Better features at a lower price.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Better features at a lower price.

  35. Great Alternative to HubspotThe implementation process and Hubspot migration could have been better. I had a negative customer service experience when migrating using the ActiveCampaign migration services. There was almost no clear communication from the lead on the project. I had to ask repeatedly in multiple different ways to get updates on the progress of the migration and it was late. Granted we have been dealing with a life changing global pandemic but I don’t think that working from home should impact your communication with customers – especially when you are running late. ProsI moved my company over to Active Campaign because we needed a more inexpensive alternative to Hubspot. We are a small company that needed the tools provided by software like Hubspot & Active Campaign without the huge pill. we were able to save over %246000/year by switching with minimal functionality differences. ConsSo far the software is great. I have had no major problems and the customer service team is super helpful. Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Pricing. Again we were able to save over %246000 per year by moving to active campaign from Hubspot.

  36. More features %2B excellent training resourcesI love ActiveCampaign and recommend it to all of my clients. I’ve been a user for over 7 years and have never looked for a new solution because I trust that ActiveCampaign will continue to add the features that will keep our email marketing on the cutting edge.ProsExcellent integration with lead tracking and tagging and easy to set up automation and triggers to help you stay on top of your analytics.ConsSometimes the text editor is a little wonky but that’s a small issue that only arises occasionally.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign More features and better analytics.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Price and ease of use.

  37. Blown away by what’s possible, the easy of use, and the supportI used both Mailchimp and AWeber before but I’m absolutely blown away by the ease of use and the many options that ActiveCampaign provides, making it a complete system.ProsI love the combination of email marketing, segmentation, dynamic content, lead scoring and integrated sales process management. It’s easy to learn and set up. The induction process and the library are very helpful to get started quickly. ActiveCampaign is for me the tool that goes far beyond email marketing. The support and on-boarding call are amazing.ConsThere are many options that I’m not using right now, simply because I don’t have time to learn more about them at the moment.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign ActiveCampaign provides all options I need and even more at an affordable price.
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign I was looking for options that only ActiveCampaign provides at an affordable price level.

  38. Best Tool so farProsI use it for myself and for clients, so I got to know most systems, and AC ist by far the best. Intuitiv, with a lot of great features. Easy to handle and to learn. Their webinars are great and if they do events in your area you should go there.ConsWhen you have a feature in your plan and the exclude it from the plan you don´t get a message and realize some time later, that it is not working anymore.Reasons for Choosing ActiveCampaign I already knew it from my clients
    Reasons for Switching to ActiveCampaign Needed more features to automate my business

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