1. Easy On-boarding and setup, fast support.We are too big for no CRM, but not big enough to implement the HubSpot and Salesforce CRMs of the world. We tried those systems thinking we needed the features and analytics, but the spend and maintenance for those systems are too high. Freshsales, Freshchat, Freshmarketer, and Freshdesk make a seriously well priced and powerful system full of the features we need to produce the right results: a good relationship with customers. Freshworks’ customer support is spot on. It seems no matter when I need help, they are less than a few minutes away from a solution. Freshchat is king! We’ve even deployed the same support structure on our website (Freshchat) and lead conversion has gone way up. It’s nice to see a company have a product good enough to use themselves. I also like being able to achieve the same results for my customers as Freshworks has produced for me without major customizations.ProsI was able to easily onboard to this system from HubSpot and Salesforce. The features in this system just work. You expect something to operate in a certain way, and it just does. Mail and calendar integration is super easy and really responsive (I used both Office 365 and Google Integrations). I love email templates and sales campaigns, they make working with leads and customers so easy and are not tucked away in a corner. The UX is much better than other systems, which means my salespeople are more likely to use the CRM, which is a common problem among salespeople and CRM systems.ConsFreshsales is right-sized for us. It lacks some of the major enterprise features of bigger CRMs; but you also don’t have too many features right in the way. I’m not a huge fan of the field paging UI on leads, deals, accounts, and contacts. I get that it makes it so you can add as many fields as you want, but it’s hard to navigate and organize my screen just the way I like it. I resorted to using the Edit screen though, even when I’m not necessarily editing and that works well enough. Definitely not a big deal compare to all the other awesome features.

  2. If you need support, look elsewhereIn short, great app, downright awful supportProsVery easy to implement. Currently using FreshDesk, FreshCaller and FreshSales. Great integration, everything works quite well. ConsAs long as you do not need help from support, you will be fine. Every time that I have contacted support it has unfortunately been very disappointing. Even the most basic question takes an inordinate amount of time to get a response. Specific issue on FreshSales that really was upsetting is the fact that under the blossom program you get absolutely no reports, zero. In order to get reports, you have to upgrade to the next plan, garden. The cost per user goes from 12 to 25 if you are on the annual plan or 19 to 35 on the monthly. It is really hard to understand why some basic reports were not provided under blossom. Yes, the app is very useable without reports, however, if you are managing a team and want to see data across users, forget about it. You need reports and will have to migrate to the next plan up. I cannot stress the fact that the support is just simply not a priority for them, for many folks this could be the one thing that will force them to look somewhere else.Reasons for Choosing Freshworks CRM The decision to choose freshworks was for most part driving by cost.

  3. Lots of issues w/ CRM migration %2B bugs Overall very disappointed – we have had expensive downtime for our sales team, actual downtime from our customers not being able to use our software due to their tracking snippet and hours spent going back and forth with their support team not getting to a resolution. Amazing they have raised so much money and have not been able to address these issues. Doesn’t feel like a production ready software product. ProsLiked the featureset and price and the fact that they promised full migration support from our previous CRM. Unfortunately it did not turn out as advertised. ConsDuring the sales process I was told that they would provide full service assistance with migrating us from a previous CRM and this was a big reason why we picked Freshsales after a through search across the options in the market. They told us it would be completed by a certain date and then missed the deadline – my sales team had no CRM for over a week and was logging all their notes in spreadsheets! Then when the incomplete data showed up, we were missing the dates of actions along with whole categories of actions. I’m writing this 5mo later and after working with multiple support personnel from Freshsales this is still not resolved. We’ve also had issues with bugs in the software including their snippet which tracks website actions blocking folks from being able to login to our software 2x. Twice we’ve had slow performance on our web app reported (we run a software company) and our engineering team has troubleshot and pinpointed the Freshsales snippet as the source of the problem. The call feature with call recording is not usable with customers reporting choppy connection / poor connection on over 50% of calls. Numerous small bugs found in the software that affect usabiilty. We build software and it’s very clear that they need improvements to their software testing process and less overpromising from their support team.

  4. Continues to innovate & get better with every release!ProsIntuitive workflows – can get started within a few minutes. No training or certification needed. Offers great documentation and free Support. Diversified into almost every domain that users need from a CRM.ConsFaced 2-3 roadblocks during implementation, was tough to get it resolved. Better product classification/design to simplify their offerings.Reasons for Choosing Freshworks CRM Ease of use, great brand value, product roadmap covers most of our upcoming feature requests.

  5. Great CRM for consultantsI work alone. The software meets my needs in helping me track my interactions with clients. What I like in CRM system is it’s easily accessible and quick to use, so it does not slow down my activities, but instead helps me be more productive. And Freshsales does that well.ProsPros are numerous – some of them are: – integration with Exchange/Gmail for incoming mail, – many plans to choose from, – intuitive and easy to use, – good mobile app ConsNot many cons. What I would like to see are more integrations. Especially with Todoist for task management (I’ve been using Todoist for years and it is just the most accessible and streamlined task management app). I am not fully happy with the quality of customer support, but maybe I was just a bad luck (I do not require much of support). Reasons for Choosing Freshworks CRM It integrates fully with MS Exchange, while the other ones don’t.
    Reasons for Switching to Freshworks CRM Accelo radically raised ther prices.

  6. Powerful integration tools!Over all I think FreshSales has been an amazing addition to our company. We have easy access to customer accounts. We can creat tickets from FreshSales right into FreshDesk.ProsI love how I can integrate my other FreshWorks software as well as quickbooks. I can seamlessly maneuver the website and find the information I need for the most part.ConsI wish there was a place to put the customers address right on the front part of their account. We have customers all over the globe and it can sometimes be bothersome to find the customers time zone or simply address to ship their orders.Reasons for Switching to Freshworks CRM Pipedrive just didnt have the interation options we needed

  7. FreshWorks and the Complete Suite is a PHENOMENAL Alternative for SalesForceSo far, it’s been all good!Pros– Simple to set up – Intuitive to use – Easily Scalable – VERY Competitive – PHENOMENAL Support – Modular – Add any additional software offered by FreshWorks for a COMPLETE TURNKEY SolutionConsNothing I like least so far! The team and software is great!Reasons for Choosing Freshworks CRM – VERY competitive, modular and scalable – All systems work seamlessly together
    Reasons for Switching to Freshworks CRM – VERY competitive, modular and scalable – All systems work seamlessly together

  8. Great ProductGreat. I just didn’t get to use it for the period of time I paid for. Maybe a handful of times and that was it. ProsI like that fact that they have many integrations with other needed tools that can help a business grow and stay organized.ConsFor a smaller business, it is a bit daunting because when you want to use all of these tools the add-ons become very costly to a start-up or small business. Reasons for Choosing Freshworks CRM The integration of the other needed tools that Freshsales offers directly in suite.
    Reasons for Switching to Freshworks CRM The integrations with other tools we needed.

  9. Could be so much better, sadly a waste of timeFrustrating and disappointing. It has potential, but there is a lost leader there somewhere.. ProsEasy set up, intuitive interface, good gmail integration, decent price. I once called them for help on a saturday and someone answered and was very helpful. (read our cons however)ConsCustomer service and account support are terrible- email and ticket support queries never get resolved. Horribly time consuming, contacted by 4-5 different representatives, each one not familiar with the problem. We tried their trial twice as we thought giving it a second chance might have a different outcome. Wrong. The integration with Freshcaller didn’t work and they couldnt fix it. Frustrating experience. We decided to go back to the simplest CRM’s possible with the best customer service for half this price.Reasons for Choosing Freshworks CRM We didnt choose Freshsales in the end, but the reason for considering it was the phone integration and the tight gmail integration. Sadly the phone element fails.
    Reasons for Switching to Freshworks CRM Copper is overpriced for what it gives you. It has priced itself out of the SME business world. To integrate a phone like skype costs even more.

  10. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] is a Gem at freshsalesProsAs you would expect with a CRM software, their contact with the customer would be frequent, helpful, and sympathetic to the current situation (COVID19). FreshSales is the only place I have found this. We have tried many other CRMs and none have them have matched to the customer service we have received from [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] at FreshSales. ConsIntegration was easy and uncomplicated, however I’m looking forward to new feature to expand the softwares capabilities.

  11. Just the push your sales team needs!FreshSales has helped me in – 1. Delegating tasks to the team 2. Tracking of team activity / performance 3. Increase accuracy of sales forecast 4. Identifying neglected contacts in the databaseProsComprehensive CRM tool which blends in with your e-mail box. Primary advantage is that it screens and displays e-mails only from the contacts listed in the CRM (no need to browse through internal / vendor communication, while searching for any e-mail). Further, it categorizes conversations corresponding to a particular person (contact), company or any deal. Also, including complete record of calls, e-mails, chat and other communication to one customer by various people in the organization The ease of task delegation / collaboration with others in the team is a cakewalk with FreshSales. Another benefit is task, appointment reminders across time zones. In addition to this, it can also tag the location for the meeting accurately on google maps / Uber app. Tracking of e-mails – it not only tracks if the e-mail is opened but records the number of times it has been opened with the respective time-stamp. One more highlight is the bulk e-mailing to the complete database at a single click. Importantly, the e-mails are recorded as individual emails to parties in your e-mail box with a metric analysis of opens, bounces, clicks of the shared hyperlink. Second aspect to the CRM tool is the managerial feature of generating reports. It displays reports for all team members with respective sales activities, follow-ups, action items against every deal. Access of complete database via the mobile App! This enables quick review and follow-up drastically reducing response time to customers.ConsA limitation observed is that the software takes longer time to load in case of heavily loaded database.

  12. Freshsales allows for a quick startTo convince my companies boss to go with and acquire Freshsales was very easy. The daily joy and enthusiasm working with this programme showed in givng great results in a very short time. Upload data, create a mailing template, select clients, press the bulk e-mail button and wait. Shortly you can see who received and opened your mail and also if they clicked any links in e-mail provided. A perfect indicator to catch your clients just when they are also online viewing your information to follow up, if that’s a strategy you desire. We are working less aggressively, so knowing that the e-mail was opened is enought to e.g. follow up with a second mail or whatever you have automated your workflow with. The opt-out option for mail receivers automatcally renders that client as unqualified and will not be disturbed by mistake anymore. Finally, I just like to say that I only use about 10% of Freshsales potential and get the desired results. Remember, keep it simple. I am really looking forward to optimize certain features and procedures in the future. And I know I can count on customer support again to guide me. Step by step. I try not to overload them, because I myself with a customer support background understand the work they do and they do a great job. ProsThere is so much in Freshsales that it is impossible to list all the pro’s. But only a few functions are needed to get started. Appart from easy accesible menus, logic selectable filters, customizable deal overviews, pipelines and workflow automatization, all you need to do is upload your client data from e.g. an Excel file and you are basically ready to roll. At every step getting to know Freshsales I was able to contact Customer Support via chat and was guided non-stop during my 30 day trial. You can even book sveral one on one remote sessions to have all your questions answered and shown on screen. The knowledge database also is very well organized with videos and FAQ’s. ConsThere is nothing bad I can say regards Freshsales. It’s true, that there is a lot to take in. To get everything out of all the available features, there is a steep learning curve that leans towards a small portion of CRM administrational work. But if you wanna keep it simple, it lets you do that. Only if you start to work with more data, more clients, more workflows can it become a bit overbearing. But that’s with every other CRM also.

  13. A great suite to improve marketing effectivenessUsing both Freshdesk and Freshsales to manage our relationships with users and the business opportunities that may arise is the most efficient way to improve our sales effectiveness.ProsWe are using Freshsales together with Freshdesk and it is the perfect solution to help our customers and manage all our relationships with them in a quick and simple way through an effective streamline. By adding the Freshasales API code in Freshdesk, the tools are automatically synchronized in order to keep track of the relationships that have occurred with all users. Freshsales helps to reach specific goals by setting up a valuable deal for each lead imported inside it. The deal management is really intuitive, just like all the other features available. The contacts can be easily imported uploading your customer lists in csv or similar file format. The CRM offers a built-in phone, an integrated email system, a user behavior, tracking, and a reporting system. As already written, Freshsales is really intuitive and easy-to-use thanks to its accessible menus and filters. There is also the possibility to customize some overviews in order to keep all essential information at your fingertips. It is possible to automatize pipelines and workflows as needed. Freshworks tool offers a great help desk, you can get support by email using the ticket system, by chat or telephone. The support team is always ready to help. ConsSome automatic reminders are missing. You can’t set specific alarms to be notified when a customer doesn’t get back to you or similar.

  14. Look at this, and I promise you, you’ll forget about SalesForceBefore Fresh sales, my team and I were using SalesForce. It was far too messy, complex, and I had more meetings with my team to try and figure out the details in a month than I’ve had in a quarter! We decided to take a look at Freshsales when it came out (end of 2016 I believe), mainly because we’ve been using Fresh Desk for years and wanted to give them a shot. After the demo, it was a no-brainer. Once we got our account, it took me maybe a week to set everything up and we were ready to go. The interface was just so sleek and stripped down of all those unnecessary fields and options. I could see what was happening, when, and finally what to expect (the latter being very important for any sales manager). Overall, it works just so well for us (small family owned business) and we won’t be looking to change anytime soon. ProsThere’s a number of features I like…reporting, email tracking, lead scoring…Sure, some CRMs out there have all these as well, but everything is so darn well packed and easy to use! If I had to choose one, I’d say email tracking. That had helped a lot with follow-ups and our sales funnel in general.ConsCan’t say there is anything I dislike about the software at present time; it did lack certain features upon release, but the current version has everything we need to take our prospect from point A to point C(lose).

  15. There is a good ease in working independent of your team, and still with your team on contacts;I am able to work remotely from the office and stay on top of my clients, and the office information with one smooth and easy tool. Plus it is available on both my Android phone and my laptop, and that makes my on the go life easier. ProsI like that it is easy to learn and use. You can sort your data in several ways, and at the same time, and this allows you to really drill down when you are prioritizing your contacts for the day. It also lets you see how many contacts someone else on your team got to in a day/week etc. Which is valuable when you are in a manager role, and or planning what is coming to you, or how it is handled if it is handed off. Also there is a schedule email option, that allows you to plan out when your contact will get an email, which can be handy and it will also notify you once it is sent out. Also you can create email templates that are either for your individual use, or for team use, with great ease, keeping you all on message. There are a LOT of options, that let you customize your experience and your data, and keep you on track of your contacts. Including notes, and tasks. I like the notes to keep the file updated, and tasks to keep other team members all on the same page with what the client is told, and what stage they are in; it really makes for fast and smooth team communication. (As a side note, I don’t know what we pay for the product, so I can’t speak to the value for cost, only for the pros and cons of the actual day to day use. So I skipped that as it is NA to me personally.)ConsWhen I have several pages of data, say 50 pages after my search, trying to get to page 35 is a little cumbersome, as I have to start at either page 1 or page 50, and go in the desired direction a few pages at a time. I can’t just type in a box to go to page 35.

  16. Simple, powerful CRM, for a fraction of the priceOverall, a great piece of software for a great price.ProsHas about 90% of the advanced features in pricier CRMs like Hubspot, for a fraction of the price. Super-friendly user interface, great support. Highly recommended!ConsAPIs still need some work. Migrating from Hubspot is a bit messy – the built-in process doesn’t work too well. Missing the ad platform integrations as in Hubspot.Reasons for Choosing Freshworks CRM Features, price, ease of use.
    Reasons for Switching to Freshworks CRM Price

  17. Best CRM Tool – Features, Pricing, SupportProsAfter having tried multiple tools for CRM, we shifted to using Freshsales and have not looked back. It offers the best set of features, all tightly knit into one tool rather than being spread apart, for a very attractive price. – User Behaviour Tracking: Email tracking right from the tool saves a lot of hassles. This coupled with speedy two-way email sync in the basic paid tier itself makes this a one-stop solution for conversations with clients. Knowing when they open a mail or click on links help track how a lead might convert to a deal and which leads to focus on. – Lead Scoring: Each lead is assigned a score based on their interaction with the company and the information provided. The profiles are also auto-enriched with the social credentials. This feature helps assess which lead might convert and take actions accordingly. – Easy scheduling of tasks and activities – Excellent support: Anytime we have reached out with a query, we have had a very speedy resolution whether it was with respect to the product, pricing or anything else. Cons– Multiple Deal Pipelines: We are trying to track deals with different pipelines. While there is an option to create filters within the same pipeline, there isn’t a feature yet to create different pipelines.

  18. A nice, lite alternative to SalesForceVery responsive and their support is fastProsIt is very customizable and easy to get up and running — especially for a small company that needs a strong CRMConsSome of the interface is still being developed. For example, adding a call log or editing a field are under the same icons. Reasons for Choosing Freshworks CRM They were also a new startup
    Reasons for Switching to Freshworks CRM Cost and functionality

  19. Full Featured Reasonably Priced Sales CRMAs a new startup, I was looking for a modern, full featured sales CRM that was affordable and easy to use. I also wanted it to be able to do some marketing automation. I wanted something that was a mix of SalesForce and Hubspot, but for smaller players like myself who don’t have an enterprise budget. I found that with Freshsales. I’d highly recommend giving it a try.ProsI love the combination of ease of use, workflow automation, and value. My favorite feature are the workflows where I can set up a drip email campaign for new contacts that my sales reps acquire. It allows a nice mix of direct sales and automated marketing to achieve conversions. I also like the nice integration with Freshdesk, their companion customer CRM.ConsThere’s not much that I don’t like. I’d love to see a feature where contacts can be contacted through other digital channels other than just traditional email – for example, Facebook Messenger and SMS. The software does pull in Facebook information automatically which is great. I’d love to see them take it a step further and allow for messaging through Facebook, as well as a way to send SMS messages/reminders.

  20. Freshsales ReviewOur company has never had a CRM system before and we did everything via paper files. Incorporating a CRM was the way for us to bring our company into the future and grow our client base. As you can imagine trying to find a system that works for everyone is difficult especially when alot of my colleagues are not familiar in complex computer tasks. We have tried a few CRM systems, and all apart from Freshsales were far to complicated and overpriced. Freshsales stood out from the rest due to it’s ease of use and instant online support. Since using Freshales there has been a dramatic change in the business for the better. Things are more organised and files never go missing like before with the paper files. Communication is far better between colleagues as we can all see each others updates and dashboards. We can now all help each other out, as all of our cases for different clients can all be viewed together. Freshsales is definitely something I cannot live without now it has been introduced.ProsThe ability to customise everything around the business and needs is great. The default settings already in place are already great and give me a lot of inspiration on how I want my system to look. I love the fact I can make reports on pretty much any category I choose. This is particularly good for updating different clients on their cases.ConsThe only issue I have which is very minor, is that when uploading files to cases it can only be done one by one and you cannot load files in bulk. It would also be great to have a drag and drop feature for files.

  21. Freshsales is intuitive and simple to use and incorporates VOIP services into the CRM.Freshsales allows me to create email marketing campaigns and track my deals in one simple UI. I like how easy it is to navigate and I love the VOIP feature. I can get my work done much quicker and more effectively when using Freshsales. It helps me make more outbound calls and get in touch with more prospects. ProsI love Freshsales. The software is very easy to use and much more simpler then Saleforce.com. It’s pricing is also fair and competitive and the email marketing, deals tabs and database are very easy to manipulate. Plus Freshsales is a part of a larger CRM service and allow you to bolt on other components if you want to do other things. I’m a huge fan of simple and Freshsales makes the whole process of sales CRM simple and easy. Very little ramp up time.ConsIt’s close to impossible to get customer service person on the phone and they are not fast to react. It’s a shame since some of their competitors do a much better job at this. I had a question about changing my credit card information and it just way to long to get the simple response I needed in order to fix the problem. They do have a resource center where you can ask questions, but I don’t get the sense that customer service is a huge priority for them.

  22. Freshsales helps medium sized businesses manage the processFreshsales has made the process of managing leads and communicating with them till they become contacts through to client a more manageable process for our clients. it has also worked well for us. Freshsales is really the Sales force for the emerging enterprise.ProsIf you want the functionality and capability of SalesForce for your medium sized business but you just don’t have the budget, then FreshSales is the right software for you. I guarantee you you will be blown away by the functionality and the outputs you get from this for a fraction of the investment on what other corporates invest into their Sales CRM. There is too much to mention. You can synchronize emails to customers and the software is very easily customizable. It can be integrated quite easily with other software to enhance functionality. My medium sized businesses are over the moon with this software. From the reports you get, you can easily analyze the sales process and wee where the bottlenecks are.ConsFreshsales is priced on multiple users. This can get quite expensive for smaller businesses trying to tes out certain sales strategies. This is why I would recommend this more for medium sized busiensses.

  23. Freshsales – Refreshing Sales CRMI’ve worked in a couple of teams with various business sizes, and pain areas, and for early stage, small and mid market companies’ sales teams, Freshsales goes the extra mile helping them simplify the sales pipeline, and focus on what’s essential, customer acquisition/journey.ProsWhat I like most is how light the software is, truly refreshing sales CRM software, just like how Freshworks team has branded Freshsales. One could have the CRM for all the stages from Lead-Deal, and then nurturing a customer later through freshchat/ freshconnect as the customer eventually moves to the hands of a client services specialist/ is now ready for upsells. Integrations to reach out to prospects additionally. They also have Sales Campaign feature for curated sales campaigns which could be used for early prospecting stage.ConsWhile I like how the product is evolving, which the team is doing a great job at, there are a couple of features, here and there, which are still being built, but I understand from discussions that the team does a serious work of taking into account most recurring customer feature requests and builds the same as soon as possible.

  24. The perfect software if you are into doing salesThis software can be used up to 10 users for 1 membership. It helps me to easily sort and filter close dates, identify bestsellers, and make required changes to actions. IF you are into sales i definitely recommend you use it Prosthis software is perfect for managing thousands of leads and it is simple and easy to use. This software has made my job so much more convenient. They also have a 30 day free trial so you can decide if you like it or not . Thats what we did and we wound up finding it resourceful and now use it on a daily basis. It has helped my sales go up in a huge way especially by helping me keep my leads organized.ConsIt would be cooler if there was a dashboard of some sort that gives you an overview of sales and leads. You have to always log in to see everything which is not a bid deal, it could be worse. Other than that it is awesome software it has really helped grow my sales and I have no other complaints.

  25. Flexible, Powerful and a good ValueSoftware is very good and the customer support is even better. Always fast to respond and helpful. Everyone not only solves the issue but asks if they can help me setup any other features to make software even more helpful for my business. This level of support is unexpected and rare. Great Job Freshsales team!ProsI like being able to customize almost all aspects of the dashboards and work flow. As is usually the case, there are premium features I want that require me to purchase the higher level of service…but when I compared other offerings, Freshsales offered the most robust feature set for the lowest cost. The lead scoring is one of my favorite features as is the easy and perfect integration with Gsuite and my phone system for tracking all contacts.ConsI wish I could private label it at the lower levels but that is a small issue. Overall, I have no major complaints.

  26. Beware fraudulent billing practices at Freshworks!Freshworks billing is borderline fraudulent. I had to contact my cc company and cancel my card to fight a charge they refuse to change. Auto bill is enabled on the account by default. The day of the annual renewal which I was unaware had arrived, our card was billed for the entire year in advance. We had wanted to change our plan and move to a month by month billing for a single user. After 3-4 calls a week to their billing department and 2 open tickets with their billing support portal I finally got a response from a rep, via email 24 days later. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] stated they don’t provide refunds. I was incensed as I charged without my approval for a service I didn’t want and reached out less than 12 hours after they charged my card. Unfortunately I had to fight their billing through my bank. Beware doing business with Freshworks, for any of their applications.ProsTheir software has a clean design that is up to date and easy to use.ConsSupport and billing communication were horrendous.

  27. CRM that makes our work easierWe were previously working with Pipeline deals but soon found ourselves in a difficult position since they were not providing the service that we needed. We switched to Freshsales and after setting it up it made our lives easier and has improved the productivity of the team.Pros1. Allows you to add multiple fields in all columns 2. Search bar shows all the details of the customer 3. Emails can be synchronized to see the history of the customer 4. Bulk Emails can easily be sent 5. Data exported is in separate files ConsSetting the software up was a bit time consuming and since it has so many features that one needs to understand which plan is most suitable for their use.

  28. Freshsales CRM for lead / deal management and sales campaignsThey are updating and adding new features quite regularly and have worked with us to get us up and running. But I think webinar training on how to do specific tasks or use new features would be really helpful.ProsITs easily customisable and can create APIs to integrate to other systems quite easily. The visibility of bulk emails and sales campaigns within a contact field is really helpful to maintain a holistic overview of each type of communication you’ve had with them.ConsWhen we started using it there wasnt an option to send sales campaigns to specific customer groups. So we’ve had to create a workflow for this. Also the chat function is helpful but they are slow to reply and often close a case and mark it as resolved when you’ve been inactive for 20mins! which is unfair when they take at least that long to reply to you!

  29. Freshsales – Post sales CRMThe experience is good. It can be improved a lot though. Our primary aim to use freshsales is that it synchronizes with freshdesk thus making post sales communication and customer success easy and simple. ProsThe reason we have decided to use freshsales is to keep up with our customers and track our rapport with our current customers. Being a software and hardware product based company, post sales support is equally important for us since our software business depends on the use and satisfaction of our customers. The best thing we like is the interoperability of freshsales with our helpdesk (freshdesk). The synchronization of activity helps us keep track of the issues our customers have had with our products. ConsIt is slightly complicated compared to pipeline deals and other software which we have been using for CRM. The other software make it very easy to list down all the deals according to filters. On freshsales that listing is slightly complicated.

  30. Awesome CRM!I give Freshsales a 4.50/5.00. Some of the native integration with other Freshtools could be a lot better. However, as an out of the box SaaS application, it is really good and easy to implement. ProsFreshsales is great. Started using it in 2017 and it has improved exponentially since then. I particularly like the ecosystem that Freshworks is creating where all of their Fresh tools can integrate with each other. I had looked at a ton of CRMs and Freshsales had the best functionality with the best integration for the money. The team was very accommodating. ConsUS Based or Western Europe Support would be nice. The company is based in India and most of the support is there. Sometimes the accents are too much to overcome and I cannot understand the support personnel.

  31. Awesome & versatile alternative CRM systemLove it! As stated above, design (UI & UX), functionality, customer support and reliability is given. It’s fun to use, on both the web and my iPhone.ProsFor a tool we use on a day-to-day basis, functionality, reliability and design are crucial aspects of a product. We are very satisfied with the functionality Freshsales offers; it has everything we need. Reliability ties in with customer support – I haven’t experienced any issues so far and customer support responds quickly and is helpful. Last but not least, the design is outstanding. Salesforce, for instance, makes my eyes burn, but Freshsales is a joy to use UI-wise.ConsThe only feature we found disturbing is that when creating an appointment / meeting, my lead / contact also receives an email. This can be a cool feature, but we need to decide whether we want the customer to be notified, when creating the meeting. Also, we’d love to use the Freshsales iOS app on iPad, not only iPhone.

  32. A rich user experience, very simple and effective.A great platform to push your sales activities with proper follow-ups.ProsWell, you never have to come across different software to process your marketing and sales activities separately. Freshsales has provided all access in a single platform – from email campaigns, generating leads, doing follow-ups, and segregate those leads as per their priorities. – The Analytics & Reports are also very helpful and gives the true image of growth progress, you can even customise those reports as per the type of lead generated. – It can create links with prospect profile over social sites, it easily fetches all relevant data from the site itself to the CRM, which is cool. – The best thing that really drives you to go for this CRM is its rich user experience.ConsThey are doing great, but there is always something to make even better, they can work a little bit on the dashboard functionality.

  33. Who is salesforce?Slow to start but now there is no looking back. In this day of age it’s all about tracking and setting up your future business for success. After a few years the system builds out pretty much every contact with every company that we will ever need besides new companies. ProsIt’s basically an easier, more functional, cheaper Salesforce. The nice thing about the Freshworks stuff is it all can be tied together. So your freshcaller can be push a case to Freshdesk or Freshsales.ConsI think the one thing about software and especially this type of software is that it’s always frightening for other uses to get acquainted with it. I wish it had a nice little intro for our new sales people when they get started for the first time.

  34. CRM Software For StartupsWe have been using Freshales for over an year now and our experience has been quite superb. I really appreciate their thoughtful updates on regular intervals. ProsThere are number of pros but I will highlight couple of them. 1) Even the free version of the CRM is quite impressive and fully packaged to handle an organization’s CRM requirement. 2) The team pushes the update on regular basis and the updates are quite thoughtful 3) Email configuration 4) Custom url for your organization 5) Unlimited agents even in the free version 6) Tasks & Appointments is what I like the mostConsProposal/Quotation and Invoicing is not there currently. but, I am sure the team will have it in their bucket list.

  35. All in one CRM for small business like mineWhen you get a lot of leads, bulk email and then you want to followup with those who replied, it’s very easy with Fresh Sales. 1 click and I know who replied to my emails and I can followup with one 1 click . Everything is very well organized and I don’t miss any important emals from my leads. The price point is also perfect for small companies, very affordable. I’ve tried Hubspot, Pipedrive and now I will stay with Freshsales as it really works and it’s soo easy to work with. ProsThe Freshsales has easy to navigate interface, I quickly learned how to use it, without reading any help articles. The email setup took 3 minutes and it works perfectly. I like the tracking feature, so I know if my lead opened my email or clicked the link to my offer. It easy to followup with prewritten template, bulk email is brilliant and saves a lot of time. ConsThere is nothing which I don’t like in this software, 100% honest.

  36. Great Features , Can’t Imagine Doing Business WithoutIt you are a small to mid range MSP I highly recommend using Freshsales in combination with Freshdesk ticketing, Ninja RMM, Cloudberry/AWS backups and Teamviewer. Freshsales has mastered the intuitive interface, making your life easier and pulling up information instantly. Sales pipeline, Robust tasks, Documentation and notes, Previous work performed, Appointments – including integration with GSuite and Google Calendar, you name it. We love it! ProsWe are a small IT MSP. The tasks feature is underrated. You can set due dates and associate the tasks with a contact or account (business) or even your own business or department. You can then only list tasks that are due that day. This has single handedly made me more productive when feeling overloaded with things to do that do not have a set appointment. In general FS is flexible and extremely intuitive, allowing you to find your own best ways to use it. Amazing at integration with ticketing (Freshdesk), Notes, Tasks, our Network Documentation for a client, previous work done for a clients, everything is one click a way. ConsWe’ve seen one bug with time zones and task due dates but in general the company is always perfecting and listening so we are not worried about it.

  37. Why I like FreshSalesBeyond expectations!ProsWith regard to the time it needs to learn how to use the software, Freshsales provides the best help guide I have seen so far. Whether it’s video or text, the lessons are short, to the point and extremely easy to follow and implement. The ease of initial setup, intuitive navigation and page loading speed make this platform a delight to work with. At firts glance, Freshsales appears to be very basic and lacking the bells and whistles offered by other CRM providers. But on deeper investigation, I can see that Freshsales provides almost all the CRM functionality that I will ever need. And if I need more facilities, then I can use some of their other ancillary products that integrate very seamlessly with their base product. And last but not least this is then best value platform on the market.ConsSo far I have found nothing that I would say is a major problem, or irritating in the way it performs.

  38. All Inclusive CRMI am very impressed with Freshsales. Although it lacks certain features, abilities that I have had in other sales CRM’s, Freshsales is constantly improving the product and they are very receptive to user input of features enhancements. ProsFreshsales is a complete out of the box CRM solution. All of the features that one needs to manage the sales funnel are contained within it. This includes a very intuitive deal flow, that allows for easy movement of opportunities across the sales cycle. Freshsales also has integrated dialing that allows for logging all calls and optional call recording. In addition, one can integrate their email into Freshsales, so that all incoming and out going emails are logged. ConsFreshsales lacks robust reporting and the ability to sort and filter tasks to focus on those contacts that are most relevant.

  39. FreshsalesOverall experience has been great. I am a believer in the value that Freshsales provides us.ProsPros: 1) Cheap, cheap, cheap. I usually can get away with the free version. We use it for phone calls, so you pay for minutes separately. 2) Fast. Making calls is easy in this CRM, it is light but light is all we need. 3) Easy to use. The UI is simple and the workflow is something you can get used to in under 5 minutes. No clunky windows popping up.ConsCons: 1) Support is average. I have had better, I have had worse. 2) It is not very robust. Not a problem for us, but if you need heavy reporting functions and robust workflows this is not for you.

  40. All-in-one tool for marketersI’d recommend Freshmarketer’s free forever plan. It is best for bloggers, affiliates, small businesses, and startups. The premium plan is for medium and large businesses.ProsAs a marketer, freshmarketer is what always helps me and my team. It offers you with multiple apps and features which means you don’t have to buy all those apps individually. For instance, it comes with a heatmap, A/B testing tool, funnel optimization, etc. You don’t need a separate split testing or conversion optimization or survey tool if you are using freshmarketer. So it does save a lot of money at the end of the day which is a big plus. Chrome extension is really helpful. You can create and manage campaigns right from your browser. You can use it free for life but with limited features.Cons1. It is expensive. There is a free plan but it is too basic in nature and you won’t be able to use the best features. And when you want to switch to the paid plan, it gets really pricey. 2. There are bugs that might irritate you. It is still in the developing stage so most of the issues get fixed but you will experience new ones but it is evolving.

  41. Another software I like using is FreshsalesThis software is perfect for you if you are in sales and need help to organize all your leads and keep them so they are easy to find or search through.ProsIt has a free trial for you and up to like 6 or 7 people i believe so you can check it out and decide if it is for you or not. You can create all kinds of reports, tables or charts which to me are necessary . I been in sales forever and this is what I been using to keep all my tons of leads organized and easy to search through when i need to find specific ones. Also everything is stored in the cloud which gives you access no matter where you are at, which works out perfect if you have to work from home for a couple or few days you have access to all your leads still.ConsThere is nothing really for me negative to say about this software I really like using it and would not have my leads as organized as they are now if I never started using this program to organize them. I think if the dashboard gave you percentages of how many leads have closed and pending leads still not closed or won and help you to keep track of your progress in sales that would be cool.

  42. Very HelpfulAll of our business problems are solved. We stay up to date and can follow up on our contacts on time. There is no excuse to forget about anyone no matter how busy we get with the appointment setter. We keep notes on each contact to help us stay personal. We can keep all there phone information and emails in one spot. It is easy to see our past conversations with Fresh Sales. Everything we need is right there!ProsWe use this in our business and it has helped us keep our leads and sales on track. We have amazing customer service and FreshSales helps us do so. The notes, the deals, the appointments we can set, is all helpful tools to keep our business on track. I can’t say enough good things about Freshsales! Thank you!ConsHaven’t found anything yet. I have to write some words here to go to the next page.

  43. Best CRM I’ve usedI searched a long time for a really good CRM. I tried out a lot of different ones and I ended up on Freshsales because it had everything that I needed. The support is great, everything is customizable it even connects with my website so I can see which contacts visited my pages, plus it connects with their Freshchat. I love their custom views, it makes it really easy to see things like how long ago did someone sign the deal, when was the last time I reached out, Etc. They have really good reminders and a lot of little features that make my life so much easier. Super happy with Freshsales! Pros– Connects with my Gmail so all conversations are synced – Can send (and even schedule) emails from the dashboard. This saves me so much time. – Customizable fields for Deals, Contacts and Leads – Allows me to see different views in the value dashboard so I can see everything at a glance – Advanced filters so I can view pretty much anything I need in seconds – The support is very good, I usually get an answer in a few minutes to an hour every time. Cons– Because it’s so robust, there is a bit of a learning curve – A few UX elements are difficult to get used to, but nothing major

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