1. Wish we had started using Hubspot earlierI wish I had moved from our previous tool (Streak) before. Hubspot is intuitive, just works and it generates good results. Pros1) Grows with you Although it offers a gazillion features and possibilities, just like Facebook, it just grows with you and how you use it. I tend to discover some additional possibilities along the way, even after %2B6 months of using it, but it always gets better for my use cases. 2) Easy sequences & follow-up The sequences in Hubspot just work. Once set up – which is easy – I can add users one by one, tailor the message a bit and send out. Every mail sent is a mail I otherwise would have not gotten the time for to send it and just gives back results. It’s more a sequence praise than Hubspot per se, but Hubspot’s approach just works for me. 3) All-in-one The fact that the landing pages can be created very easily, that you can send marketing emails, have chat on your website etc is a major plus. 4) Community The fact they are big makes for a slew of Fiverr guys ready to help me out when in need. Cons1) Only community Although I consider the fact they have a large community as a plus, the fact that you sometimes have to rely on the community to upvote features makes that my ‘personal’ impact on the roadmap is low. Even with a lot of upvotes there is no guarantee that Hubspot will alter the product. 2) Constant changes in pricing & feature lists I have recommended others to use Hubspot for their features in a specific pack I use. However, pricing & features change so I sometimes mistakenly try to get people on board whilst pricing has gone up or features are missing for the acceptable pricing. 3) The neverending upsell It makes sense that with more needs, more tools can be of assitance. But in Hubspot’s case, there is a lot where we can still grow and where they can still charge me more. An acceptable all-in-one pricing would be welcome, because for now I do not use some features because of the big pricing gap. Reasons for Choosing HubSpot Sales Hub We had a startup pricing benefit via our collaboration with an accelerator which lured us in. Knowing what I know, even the full pricing would have been well worth it.
    Reasons for Switching to HubSpot Sales Hub Streak was perfect as a Gmail add-on. But it missed some features such as sequences (repeat emails).

  2. Happy CRMingFor the Free cost it excellent. When business picks up I will buy into the payable version. Not invoicing any one right now. It been over 4 months with NO INCOME!!! ProsEase of use and great interface and how it integrates with other software i.e. FreshbooksConsText messaging is a huge part of our business and having to add texting is labor-intensive. When setting a new task. It doesn’t create the next step in the sales processReasons for Choosing HubSpot Sales Hub Free and once I can afford the paid subscription this is the best CRM I have ever used
    Reasons for Switching to HubSpot Sales Hub better interface

  3. HubSpot Sales Hub is awesome, but the cost can rack up fastOverall, the HubSpot Sales Hub is good foe increasing efficiency and productivity of your sales team.ProsThe HubSpot Sales Hub is capable in so many ways — it enables our sales team members to call from the platform, take notes, search quickly, and run through their tasks automatically. Perhaps the greatest advantage from an administrative standpoint is the ability to automatically create tasks with workflows and see that they get done in a timely manner.ConsThe worst thing about this software — by far — is the fact that you have to pay more and more money for each little feature. There’s not a lot of value-add here, and the software boasts a LOT of cool features that are not inexpensive to use. The tiered plan system is a bit frustrating when you (understandably) find out that you don’t have access to the most powerful features, or when someone on your sales team sees what they could be doing and wonders why they can’t.

  4. The Sales %2B CRM Hub that helped us optimize and grow our Business Great experience so far! ProsThe integrated solutions. HubSpot can be easily integrated with so many other Apps and solutions that ease automation and help small bur savvy teams like ours to grow and optimize operations. ConsThat the automations are included only in the professional plans, this is a barrier for some of out clients to adquiere the solution, since many of the other similar products already have automations in their basic plans. Reasons for Choosing HubSpot Sales Hub Because we already had accounts using HubSpot and the multi accounts management is very functional and easy to manage.

  5. Awesome product, absolutely terrible onboarding experienceHubSpot Sales Hub is a great platform, but their onboarding process is probably the worst I’ve experienced from a SaaS provider. So I’d advise you against using the software if you want their help in getting the software up and running quickly. ProsEase of use and automation capabilities.ConsThe onboarding experience. They insist on charging for onboarding support, but don’t really give you the support you need and completely lack ownership over the process. Reasons for Choosing HubSpot Sales Hub Ease of use and level of automation by design in the system.

  6. 33 CBD Supply Hubspot Review ProsOverall functionality and product options as well as the extensive educational platform ConsDifferent contracts for different modules Reasons for Choosing HubSpot Sales Hub Overall functionality, cost structure options and education

  7. Industry Standard, but alternatives might be better for your needsPros-Integrates really well with other tools — most sales software offer a Hubspot integration which makes really easy to try new 3rd party tools to make your sales stack better Cons– Didn’t have a great way to communicate in the tool — other software offer things like emailing within your CRM so you can keep everything in one placeReasons for Choosing HubSpot Sales Hub I tried using Streak since it was right in Gmail, but Gmail loads slow for me. Streak’s UI for their CRM also isn’t as intuitive as Hubspots

  8. New UserSo far its been ok. Still just learning the ins and outs.ProsThe online help has been wonderful. Lots of options to make your business organized once you learn it.ConsThe set up is very complicated. Confusing to navigate. A lot of self teach with the provided demo videos. Reasons for Choosing HubSpot Sales Hub free to start for a small business, comparable prices to other companies.
    Reasons for Switching to HubSpot Sales Hub Different company

  9. Great Product, Ease of Use and Control it is good as companies are starting out and salespeople are getting comfortable ProsThis is a good starter CRM. Sales folks will need to get a foundation and utilize more than a spreadsheet. This has stronger accountability but less reporting or workflows as something such as SFDC. ConsThe UI is a touch childish – perhaps it’s just me and maybe not important but seems less business and just not quite as professional as what I am used to in the Enterprise world.

  10. HubSpot – If you’re using another CRM, check this one outWhile none of the team evaluating HubSpot when we were looking to upgrade our CRM a few years ago, had experience with the product, we were impressed with the user interface, features and functionality offered. We needed to be sure we could easily onboard our sales team and make the transition to this system as easy as possible while providing business value. Integration with our instance of the HubSpot Marketing Hub allows for seamless lead flow from our website, management of leads and deals, tracking of touches whether by email, phone or manual tasks provides us with the ability to ensure follow up with new prospects and current customers. ProsWhile there are many key aspects of HubSpot we find critical, one of the, if not the most critical is the ability to have our HubSpot Sales Hub linked and aligned with our Marketing Hub. We started with the Sales Hub first and the marketing team soon found value in adding the HubSpot Marketing Hub so we have end to end integration allowing smoother demand generation, lead flow and tracking. ConsHonestly it is difficult to find a con that is a result of what HubSpot offers. We use NetSuite as our ERP for finance and had to work with a 3rd party vendor on a complicated integration between the two that we need to actively monitor as there will be a few instances each month of syncing not going through for a few deals that will result in a needed adjustment. Reasons for Choosing HubSpot Sales Hub The evaluation team had experience with prior CRM systems but even though HubSpot was a new system for them, it was chosen for multiple reasons including ease of use, marketing and sales integration and overall business value.
    Reasons for Switching to HubSpot Sales Hub NetSuite is an adequate ERP system but unable to provide us with the CRM capabilities we needed.

  11. The go-to startup CRMThe Sales Hub is fantastic for early teams and startups. It is easy to use, even for non-sales people and is highly customizable. Easy import and export, a wird range of possible integrations and numerous further features definitely justify its price. Great value for money, especially if you get startup discount via your accelerator or VC.ProsVery helpful bulk import function – lets you edit your columns and properties between file upload and final transition into the system. High degree of customization (properties)ConsThings like quick and good customer service, as well as help with getting started, do not come for free.Reasons for Choosing HubSpot Sales Hub Pricing. Degree of possible customization.
    Reasons for Switching to HubSpot Sales Hub Price

  12. Intuitive and cost effective CRMWe love this solution for monitoring our client engagement!ProsThe system is easy to use, and input data, which is great for any small business looking for a CRM that is free.ConsThere has been some reduction in functionality in the free version, however it far exceeds any other free CRM.Reasons for Choosing HubSpot Sales Hub Same functionality for a better cost.
    Reasons for Switching to HubSpot Sales Hub Looking for a more cost effective option.

  13. Easy to use, shortest deployment and powerful resultsHighly recommended for organizations of any size. Each company will find a great combination of Hubspot modules and versions. The product is easy to deploy, understand and use. ProsIt’s easy to implement and a couple of months is enough. The user interface helps a lot in the adoption process. Trainings are more or less short as users feel confortable doing basic tasks very easily from day one. Support is excellent always in native language and very quick. ConsThe core of the CRM which is contact management is very powerfull. And when combined with Marketing hub it is unlimitted powerful. Probably, some bundles are too expensive for small companies.Reasons for Choosing HubSpot Sales Hub Pricing, features, easy to use, scalability
    Reasons for Switching to HubSpot Sales Hub Price

  14. Non-Profit Excels with HubSpot ProsI like that HubSpot practices what it preaches. They educate customers (and the public) in inbound marketing techniques, the very techniques they’re using themselves to earn customers! The product itself is easy to use and intuitive. Whenever we think up something we want to do (a specific tactic or approach), we always know that HubSpot can accommodate that idea. What I like best is the seamless way in which we can manage all of our blogging, website, social media, and enews all in one platform and see all of the analytics in that same place. Everyday we are logging into Hubspot to schedule social media posts, blogs, edit automated workflows, and more. Other staff use the tool for a monthly touchpoint email they send to their lists of contacts. And weekly, we send our FatherSource enewsletter from within HubSpot using the email templates. Further, HubSpot integrates with our Salesforce CRM, and provides valuable information to our sales staff, which can help them better help our customers/potential customers. We assign leads that come through HubSpot and feed into Salesforce for personal follow-up from NFI staff.ConsAs for what I like least: nothing! Seriously. We couldn’t be as successful as we are today without this tool. We have two people managing our marketing and Hubspot acts as a third person. Before HubSpot we were using Constant Contact, The Raisers Edge contact database, Blogspot, and Blackbaud Net Community for our website, and posting separately on twitter, Facebook, and linked in. Now we can do all of this in one place! If I had to choose one thing I like least, it’s that there is a not a plug-in for drafting, distributing, and monitoring press releases and incorporating them into overall marketing campaigns. I think HubSpot could help us be more efficient in this way. Fortunately, this deficiency isn’t not really a major concern for us.

  15. Great for sales and marketingVery happy. I’ve found the system very helpful. I have a better handle on my contacts and leads. HubSpot is very supportive and offer a great training environment which goes beyond just the scope of the system. It does start becoming a little pricey once you start taking on additional “hubs”. ProsIt’s extremely flexible allowing you to set up your system to match your business processes. Not only that, the number of integrations in offer allows you to add whatever you need to manage your day-to-day operations. ConsThere are some quirks that mean automation can be a little clunky. The most obvious of which is that tasks created by an automation can’t be assigned to a specific task queue related to the activity required. Reasons for Switching to HubSpot Sales Hub Ability to better record my interaction history with clients, built a pipeline to track leads and enable improved follow-up and automation

  16. Great for Enterprise B2B As agency partners, we use and recommend HubSpot, and have been using the whole growth stack for a around 3 years. With Hubspot we now have a fully integrated platform that it used by all members of the company across all teams – aligning sales and marketing. With HubSpot sales everyone in the business – not just sales -gains clarity on what’s in the pipeline, what the priorities are, how qualified each lead is – and we can track all nurture actions and engagements back easily. If you’re planning to do inbound marketing and sales effectively this software gives you all you need in one spot. In addition to the sales platform and CRM, we use huspot to manage out marketing – bear in mind that everything is hubspot is closed loop so we can align out sales efforts with our content management, social management, paid ads, marketing automation, reporting and more. ProsEasy to use, good range of integrations, closed loop reporting, good training and support – clarity on responsibility for all our team across departments. ConsNot much – it would be nice to see a few more integrations with other CRM and sales platforms, and other 3rd party tools like chat, but there are always new updates such as these being rolled out by HubSpot.

  17. Great SASS for large organizationsI love the platform and have used it personally in my business, and with multiple clients. It’s a great tool and it’s functionality is a huge plus – if you are at the level where you need this type of support.ProsThe platform is really large and offers a lot of functionality. The ability to manage social, email, customers, and workflows is incredibly valuable – especially if you have a very large audience (5k ppl on your list or more).ConsWhile it’s terrific for large companies, it’s a bit large for smaller companies or startups. The price can also be prohibitive if you have a limited budget and small audience.

  18. Love hubspotProsWe actually ended up upgrading from sales to marketing and then enterprise. Hubspot makes great software that sales people actually want to use. The sales automation is like hiring another sales person for 60 per monthConsIt is expensive and more value could be given for the money but at the same time it works and is easy to use.Reasons for Choosing HubSpot Sales Hub Bascially we have tried making in house software, using hacked together google sheets with scripts to make things work as well as other mortgage and generic crms. Hubspot is the best. Expensive but the best.
    Reasons for Switching to HubSpot Sales Hub We just wanted more options

  19. Great Sales CRM! From day one I could see the value, and was happy with it. Being able to track documents and emails alone, in my business, is key. It allows me to see which prospects are the most engaged with the content, and that makes all the difference!ProsThis is a great tool for your sales process. It provides oodles of data about your outreach, about email viewings, detailed data about how prospects are viewing your documents (even which pages, and for how long!). As a whole, it provides a variety of reports, lets you upload more documents and email templates than you could ever need! It integrates seamlessley with GMAIL (this what really what sold me), and operates along side your gmail account. Hence, I don’t have to go in and manually add prospects to the CRM, I don’t even need to input them via one list of all of them at once. Just working every day adds them one at a time as I work. And if I want to do it on a mass scale, I can do that too!ConsCons… well. I feel like I could use a coach to sit by my side and show me everything. There is quite a lot that it does, and for a guy like me who isn’t near as tech saavy as I think I am, it’s quite complex. I see my colleague utilizing the software to a much higher degree. I feel I will get there, but for now it serves a few key purposes, and is already well worth the expense.

  20. Essential tool for sales teams Deployment was very fast and easy. Sales reps liked this software and started to use it immediately ProsMakes daily life of sales people easier and saves a lot of time which they can use for sales. A lot of possibilities for automation of your daily routine.ConsIf you need extra functionality for marketing and service tasks you will need to pay additionally for other hubs

  21. HubSpot Sales HubGreat product, I highly recommend it. This will help any organization who needs to keep there team on point with contacts, for both existing and new potential clients.ProsThis a great product for individuals in a sales environment, or if tracking emails are a concern for a one-person shop all the way up to an SMB/SME’s organization. This will give you a centralized page to review all emails and follow-up with activities to clients as well as new prospects. This is a product that once you start to use it, it will be part of your toolbox for a long time.ConsI’m currently running this solution on a Windows 10 desktop and laptop, the only issue I have run into is when Windows does a major update to the OS. It usually breaks my connection on both Outlook clients, it does require me to go into the Registry to make the necessary changes. Along with the re-install of the Outlook client as well as Chrome extension. This will take 5 minutes in total, to be back up and running.

  22. HubSpot is the best CRM I have ever usedHubSpot has become a foundation for our entire business. It houses all of our clients and prospects information plus all important stats for each. It is such a vital tool that helps compliment everything we are doing as a company. I do not know what we would do without HubSpot. ProsHubSpot does most all of the work for you and collects your client and sales data through integration. My cold call efforts do not need to result in tons of data entry but rather allows me to enter my notes and sales data into the HubSpot profile that is created through me simply sending an email. ConsI have found the duplicates and some time triple copies of data have been found in HubSpot. This makes managing data and notes challenging. They have a merge feature but this is time-consuming and cannot be undone so at times it feels like a risk.

  23. Great product for email tracking!This product greatly increased my sales volume, being able to see when my email was read, and when links in the email were clicked was really a priceless tool. ProsEasily track emails in Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. – customer service responds to your issues, tries to help resolve in a timely matter I remember that I had an issue with their notifications once, where they wouldn’t show up on my phone unless I turned my computer off; I submitted a request for them to fix this, explained that I didn’t turn my work computer off ever, but still needed to get notifications on my phone, and they fixed the issue within a few weeks from my original request! I was completely shocked that they took care of this for me, all of my co-workers said they were now getting notifications as well!ConsThere was a short period of time where they didn’t have a cell phone app, but that’s not the case any longer. There’s really not anything not to like if you pay for the service; my work paid for my premium account, and Hubspot quickly resolved any issues I had.

  24. Simplifies Everything, Streamlines processesI have saved substantial time, money & resources by using HubSpot Sales Hub. It works seamlessly with marketing hub and automation. I would purchase the full HubSpot suite if I were looking for a new software.Pros-As a lead generation manager with a marketing background, sales hub is a breeze and intuitive! -Easily identify new leads, sort leads and assign leads manually or via workflow! This saves time, money, energy and alleviates any concerns of one rep receiving more leads than another. – So many tools for sales to leverage! Sequences to customize, notes in CRM and robust contact profiles.Cons-Pipeline tracking could be a little more intuitive. It would be excellent to add features including probability of closing during time periods and a cleaner view of who is working the lead. -Setting up sales pipelines and workflows is time consuming BUT WORTH IT.

  25. Ease of functionality and reliabilityThe ability of sequences and setting up calls and other tasks to project the stream of to-dos in a given week/month.ProsTasking system for reminders and follow-ups, then the ability to run reports from tasks and emails. Conslike any software, there are some hiccups in updates and bugs but that is to be expected! They do a great job in response and fixes.

  26. Normal CRMOur team is managing customer management in Hubspot. Overall its OK. You have to get used to the system in order to benefit from it, and not constantly working in data validation processes.ProsMainly, as a user, I spend my time with Deals and Tasks. I do enjoy dashboard view, possibilities to link company, contacts, deals, easiness of re-assignment to other users.ConsThere is nothing really to actively dislike. I find its good for standard workflows and processes. But the moment a situation is a bit different (and in reality this happens a lot), you need to switch to a complete manual handling of all of your actions. And basically you can do the same in your gmail.

  27. Hubspot SalesHubbProsThe simplicity for the end-user and great integration with the marketing data. ConsThe reporting, which is lacking flexibility comparing to Salesforce. Reasons for Switching to HubSpot Sales Hub Price

  28. Great tool that keeps us organized (can get expensive)It has been good. Like mentioned above I would enjoying seeing a simpler version of the tool that gives growing teams the tools they need. Something between the Sales Pro and the free sales tools. ProsI love being able to get a quick view into the actions of our sales team. As the Marketing Manager, I am constantly handing leads to the sales team. With Hubspot, I am able to track the progress of that lead to ensure things continue to move in the right direction. ConsThe thing I like the least is that it seems like Hubspot is adding more features and functionality however they are adding them with the bigger companies in mind. We are a growing company that likes to employ more of a start-up mindset. So when features get added that don’t matter to our team we are still subject to the subsequent pricing changes.

  29. Love it, but there are a few issuesHubspot customer service has been very good. Despite the small issues, for what I’m paying they’re the best thing I’ve found and I’ve found it to be a very important tool.ProsHaving email sequencing working with the contacts in my Hubspot CRM has been a VERY valuable tool. I’ve found that my open rates soar at the third email in the sequences. Having unlimited sales templates is a huge time saver. The Activity Feed helps me know when emails have been opened and when links have been clicked.ConsThere are a few glitches. For instance, when I send and receive email from clients via Outlook the activity is supposed to be logged into the contact’s record in Hubspot CRM. I’ve found this doesn’t always work. I use both my business and personal email accounts in Outlook. The Outlook Hubspot plugin connects with both and there’s no way to stop it from working with my personal account. The result is that I have to manually tell it not to enter a personal email into the CRM, which is a pain.Reasons for Choosing HubSpot Sales Hub Hubspot typically charges %2449.99 a month for the Sales Starter. I negotiated and got it down to %2437.50.

  30. Great, Low-Cost Solution for Straight-Forward Sales EngagementProsThe low price point is a big plus. It’s a no-brainer solution for organizations that already use HubSpot COS and don’t want to pay for a pricier solution. It has fairly robust functionality and will likely meet the needs of sales teams with simple to moderately-complex sales cycles and engagement processes. Also, the calling features, email/calendar sync, and meeting link functionality pieces are rock solid. ConsLacks some of the bells and whistles of pricier platforms that would allow teams to create more-complex cadences. Other things like not being able to customize call dispositions and not being able to tie in Sales Pro functionality into COS Workflows, etc. Still, not a deal breaker for most sales teams, I think.

  31. Great way to introduce automation to your sales teamProsThe basic end of the software is relatively easy to use, allowing new users to be up and running in an afternoon. Integrations are quick and easy with other systems from gmail to Salesforce. Once templates and sequences are up and running, sales staff can easily and confidently manage their own marketing. The ability to create offline tasks is a great way to formalise your sales processes, and get either your outbound or inbound sales teams closing more business!ConsIt would be nice if the sales version allowed you to send on behalf of another user. Whilst you can see stats, set up templates and add contacts, when it comes to the crunch the person signing off the emails has to send them. Also, some of the limitations are far from clear, because upgraded functionality is always visible, if you have a mix of paid and free users this can lead to a lot of confusion.

  32. The Best Free Sales Tool AroundProsAs a free means to track sent emails, nothing even comes close! After being introduced by a friend of mine to Hubspot’s Sidekick, I immediately had my entire team install it. Not only does notify you when a sent email has been opened (which if you are in sales you understand the value), but it also allows you to automatically create a new contact in your CRM when a new message is sent to an unrecognized domain.ConsI am not sure if it was in between updates or roll outs but 2 years ago everyone on my team including myself had to delete and re-install sidekick. It has since straightened out but while the glitches occurred, we wasted a lot of time with correction process.

  33. The best CRM for small and medium sized companiesHubspot allows me to effectively management my sales pipeline, keeping track of the main clients and deals.ProsI really like Husbpot because it’s very easy to use and has multiple relevant integration with other softwares, such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Calendar. Husbpot is perfect for small and medium businesses, as it’s flexible and robust at the same time. It allows you to customize your sales funnel and program automatic reminders, tasks and follow-ups. This is the best CRM I’ve used so far. Also, Hubspot integration with Gmail automatically log events into the company/deal profile, facilitating the lead management. Finally, their free trial is very complete and helpful to understand how it works.ConsThe reporting tool is a bit limited, as it doesn’t allow you to customize charts and reports so much. Even though they collect a lot of data, it could be processed in a more robust and efficient way to help sales people to understand their performance better.

  34. Simple and Robust CRM We use Hubspot for multiple things. However, for a CRM system, it’s much easier to use and teach than most other CRM systems. I think for sales reps, it’s simple enough to use and it’s helpful to have the marketing tools partnered with it that are simple. ProsI personally prefer Hubspot for Sales over marketing any day. For a CRM it’s much more user-friendly than that of Salesforce or Sugar. It’s easy to connect to your emails to track progress of leads and if you really dive into it, then there’s a lot of features to make your overall sales process easier like workflows, segmented lists, etc.ConsUploading documents can get lost in deals, contact, or company. If you’re missing a contact for a company, things can get messy. They also do a lot of updates which causes the site to crash a lot.

  35. The most important tool I use dailyI couldn’t live without this tool in my day to day. My experience has always been very pleasant and helps my team find success on every project we work on. ProsThis website is a driving factor of my business needs. It’s the main one used daily from my team and it drives results across the board. The ability to track in detail statistics and metrics, is a complete game changer and is the guard rails that my team needs in order to narrow down what we are doing right or wrong. Fully customizable, extremely user friendly, and simple enough for any skill set to create full blown campaigns at a click of a button. ConsBecause of how detailed the website is, it offers many options that may be hard to find exactly what you are looking for. It can sometimes be challenging for first time users to understand the verbiage or location of exactly what they are trying to find.

  36. The Perfect Application to Support Your Team’s Transition to Inbound SalesWith declining results from outbound sales tactics – telemarketing, events, etc – we decided to look into HubSpot’s Sales ‘module’. Our team got to know about the solution from HubSpot’s Academy and after onboarding with the free features, we transitioned to the HubSpot Sales Pro option to derive even greater sales productivity.Pros1. Actively supports HubSpot’s refreshing Inbound Sales methodology 2. Quick & easy to get started and use 3. Excellent value 4. Integrates well with HubSpot’s Marketing & CRMConsI’m afraid I can’t think of any.

  37. Track your leads through Sales ProcessVery easy to get set up and going. By tracking the phases of the sale and moving between (can use drag and drop in table view) it easily allows a quick view of the sales funnel. It allows for quick interaction with HubSpot marketing to send targeted communication relevant to the stage of the deal. The export function is also a favorite as it facilitates quick reporting on fields managed in HubSpot into presentations or management reports.ProsThe ease of tracking initial prospects through all the phases of sales we track to ultimate won or lost dealConsInability to go back and link communication with prospects not initially logged in the client record. Unless all emails are logged and tracked when the contact record is accessed some emails may not be present in Hubspot.

  38. The pure form of inbound marketingProsI like the huge number of email templates (%2B1ooo) and the email tracking feature. Consthe fact that the HubSpot Sales Hub is just one of other solutions HubSpot offer. therefore you would better ‘adopt’ its other products because they running together smoothly. that’s great if you decide to launch a business for the scratch, because the migration form an ecosystem to HubSpot is costly. and that’s right HubSpot products is an ecosystem and it is wise to think of that way. even when they present their product as a standalone ones. Reasons for Choosing HubSpot Sales Hub clients requests
    Reasons for Switching to HubSpot Sales Hub clients requests

  39. Prospect chaos reigned inIf you are currently using excel or any other non CRM software to track your prospects, STOP. Switch to Hubspot! You won’t be sorry.ProsI was previously using Excel to track prospects. It was working although it was VERY time consuming. Then I discovered Hubspot! Life has never been better! I have all my prospects in one place. I can track the correspondence I have with each prospect and set follow up reminders. It’s all in one place and the history of the account is easy to review.ConsI use the free version, which does not include the email campaign feature which is a bummer. But you get a lot for the free version, including dashboards for pipeline evaluation, which is great.

  40. A good sales tool for smaller teams ProsI think Hubspot is really killing it with integrated marketing and sales tools. I used to work for a smaller agency where we used their suite, and it worked perfectly for us. The sales tool is great, because you can send automated emails straight from within the tool. Sidekick is also really great for tracking how customers are interacting with your emails. Everything is geared towards personal communication, which I loved. ConsWhen I moved to a bigger company, I realized that a tool like Hubspot Sales probably wasn’t going to work for such a global organization. We needed something a little bit more powerful to connect everything together.

  41. Great for a small startupOverall, Hubspot streamlines the sales experience and gives you the nudges/prioritization you need to stay on top of tasks. It’s definitely helped me – I don’t know how much value it provides for the price point, but I’m not the admin/buyer.ProsI’ve been very impressed with Hubspot’s capabilities (especially as someone who has used Salesforce before). Deal/contact creation and management is user-friendly and easy, and love the ability to push tasks to myself. I especially love the integration with gmail.ConsSome integrations are buggy/weak – the integration with Asana is especially poor, as the functionality once a task is pushed to Asana it is not useful. Also wish there was a way to filter the way attachments are automatically added – having a ton of email signatures saved is annoying when you’re trying to find a contract.

  42. Best sales software, but expensiveAll our sales pipelines are on Hubspot. It’s really good because we can connect with Hubspot CRM and automate most of our process.ProsHubspot is really complete and it has an amazing API which you can connect almost any app to it. All our sales pipelines are on Hubspot Sales, and it does an awesome job.ConsHubspot does really have a lot of good features and is the best software out there, but the price is really expensive. Sometimes we consider moving away from it just to lower some of our costs.

  43. An excellent platform for tracking sales albeit a bit pricyFor our application, we liked Hubspot a lot. It made financial sense to us to pay for the product. Most of our sales were big ticket institutional sales and we needed to carefully manage leads which HUbspot allowed us to accomplish. Pros– Excellent customer support – Excellent training/wiki support – Userfriendly interface – Intuitive menu and other flows – easily got the hang of it. – Excellent certification program and tests – got certified in about two months of daily use.Cons– It is a bit on the expensive side for a small business. We were in the B2B side of business, so we did not have a large list of prospects. For B2C businesses, the pricing can be tricky.

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