1. Great for an all-in-one serviceI had some great help with getting everything set up and I find the email automation system quite easy to use and understand, which is great as it has gotten me to do a lot more with automation. I have the email lists integrated onto my website optin forms and it’s quite simple to see who takes action on the emails that are sent in the automation sequence.ProsI love that I can segment my clients into different groups to email them directly from Keap, and also do the same with prospective clients and past clients. Having everything in one place makes my life so much easier and streamlined and has encouraged me to do even more than I was before in regards to client communication.ConsI had some issues at first with the Keap phone number, but they did get it fixed, although it took quite a while. The one thing that I am missing right now with them is recurring invoicing because I would have to be the one to enter the client’s credit card information in order to do that here, so I am still using another product for that.Reasons for Switching to Keap I switched from ConvertKit and Dubsado because I can now do it all in one place instead of having two services, which makes things much more streamlined and takes less time for communication.

  2. Infusionsoft not KeapExcellent, I am approaching 7 years using this software and am still happy with it.ProsI use the Infusionsoft product as opposed to the Keap product. I like the flexibility and robustness of the campaign builder. ConsIt can be challenging to train others on the intricacies of the campaigns.Reasons for Choosing Keap It was more in line with how I liked to work.
    Reasons for Switching to Keap Simplicity and price

  3. Amazing product for the right use case I love this product, it is the best when you get advanced marketing experience and a big mail list, you can really do magic with it with the advanced action based segmentation ProsI loved the tags and advanced segmentation I can do with my marketing funnel. I can tag users based on their actions. This is beyond amazing ConsIt takes some time to learn how to do it and sometimes the integrations are a bit quirky with certain platforms e.g. wordpress Reasons for Choosing Keap I needed advanced segmentation and mailchimp has very poor functionality and a very difficult user experience to set this up

  4. Great for eCommerce… Unfortunately, our sites are not eCommerceProsInfusionSoft was great at first and exciting to learn the platform and start building campaigns. The campaign builder is by far the best part as it is very easy to understand and super easy to visualize your campaign the way it maps out. The elements, processes, communications, etc. are all on a grid map with arrows connecting and directing contacts where to go based on criteria, tags, and triggers you define and set. Once your developers connect everything you need, it is fun to create campaigns.ConsTwo problems: the CRM is subpar and some integration connections are not ideal. In terms of CRM, there are a lot of preloaded fields as you could expect. The problem is that if there are fields you do not need or use for your business, you’re stuck looking at them no matter what. You can create and add up to 100 new custom fields and define the type of field they are, but you cannot remove or even hide existing fields or tabs. Also, we used ScheduleOnce to connect to schedule leads who interacted with our site by filling out a form. Sometimes ScheduleOnce would update their system and cause problems with InfusionSoft and vice versa. Support from IS was quick to address and fix this when it was on their end though.

  5. Keeps the truth simpleOver all very satisfied. It does exactly what we need it to do for our company and for the clients.ProsThe fact that we are able to view if a customer has gotten there email, when they got it, and if they opened it or not. It gives us the ability to help the customer feel secure in their purchase also helps to cover our end if one tries to lie and say they didnt recieve it.ConsI don’t like that we have to change the password so often. I realize it is for safety reason it can sometimes be aggravating especially when in a hurry.

  6. A great tool for more advanced small business marketing automationI’ve used Infusionsoft twice to accomplish marketing automation that Hubspot didn’t handle well.ProsInfusionsoft is a great tool for small businesses that need to kick it up a notch with their marketing automation. It offers an easy to use visual workflow builder and although the learning curve is a bit steep, once users get the principles, the customization is a great trade off.ConsInfusionsoft does have its quirks and the learning curve can be steep for those who are not technical or logical. Recommend working with a partner to get past this challenge.Reasons for Switching to Keap Infusionsoft was easier to create custom marketing automation workflows.

  7. 9 Years of TortureI spent 9 years with Infusionsoft and Keap trying to implement a cohesive, smooth, automated marketing system and never got it right. Finally I gave up and went to ActiveCampaign (more useful features for less money!)ProsI liked Campaign Builder the most but it was so difficult to set up, flawed, and lacking features that I had a love/hate relationship with it.ConsThe limitations of all the features. It seemed that every feature sounded awesome on the surface but when you tried to implement it, there was always something missing or broken that rendered it unusable. Like SMS in campaign sequences or scheduling. Heck, I don’t think they even have responsive order forms yet! I had to use ThriveCart.Reasons for Switching to Keap I needed marketing automation not just a shopping cart.

  8. Have Used for 5%2B Years and LeavingI really liked it at first, although I missed some things about Hubspot. Some little things are so frustrating, like you can’t see thumbnail images that you’re selecting for email campaigns, but you have to know the exact name and it’s hard to search for them. But it’s just things like that that make the platform feel so outdated. For the first couple of years, we felt like the customer support was fantastic. But then it went downhill and we felt like the staff support was less knowledgeable or if we did chat, it was slow and not helpful.ProsPrice is probably the biggest reason we’ve stayed with Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) for 4 years, as we’re grandfathered on old price structure. We came from Hubspot because we felt like Infusionsoft was really focused on small businesses, price was right and felt like we got a lot out of attending ICON conferences.ConsWe’re moving to Klaviyo in the next few weeks. Keap just hasn’t kept up with the metrics, ability to easily create campaigns and segment. It still just feels clunky, like they haven’t invested in improvements.Reasons for Switching to Keap Price and felt like Infusionsoft/Keap was more focused on small businesses like us.

  9. It is ok, but functionality is lacking!Works great as a database to store contacts and keep notes, does not streamline to sales process. ProsIt is pretty easy to use and keep track of your contacts (as a database) if that is what you are looking to do. ConsFunctionality and reporting. Difficult to get the reports I need, does not create visually appealing dashboards, we need certain functions that they cannot offer.Reasons for Choosing Keap Pricing at the time, but we are currently looking to switch.

  10. Subpar marketing automation software, not for beginnersI have been using this internally to send out newsletters and promotional emails. I also use this for my clients who send out emails to their contacts. ProsThe reporting functionality provides good data and once you understand the flow its easy to send emails. ConsThere is a learning curve to understanding how to set up and send emails. It’s also hard to manage email contacts. This doesn’t use customer lists like most other automation platforms but it uses tags tied to a contact. This can make it difficult to manage if you have multiple types of tags. Reasons for Switching to Keap Clients were already using this software so to keep things uniform we switched.

  11. I love InfusionsoftI have enjoyed using Infusionsoft for 4 years. It is a great value for what you get. Onboarding is costly but monthly fees are reasonable. Support is mostly provided by 3rd parties. ProsEasy to use. I can create Campaigns and email marketing Does a great job of segmenting customersConsSearch options are limited Onboarding costs are high Reasons for Choosing Keap The cost and ease of use helped me make my decision.
    Reasons for Switching to Keap I needed an email marketing program that would work with the CRM. Salesforce added quite a bit of cost to be able to do email marketing.

  12. Diverge Performance Therapy Review The biggest problems Infusionsoft has solved for me has been easily tracking and managing all new leads coming into my business, as well as giving me an easy way to stay in touch with and market to everyone on my email list. It’s also allowed me to build out nurture systems to automatically send out emails and communications to new leads who haven’t quite made the decision to book with me. The best part is all of this is working for me 24/7 behind the scenes without any work on my part now, so it allows me to focus my time on growing my business and working with my clients. ProsInfusionsoft has been invaluable for the growth of my business. As a one man show currently running a cash based physical therapy practice, the biggest struggle I had prior to Infusionsoft was organizing and tracking all of my new leads, and implementing an easily trackable and repeated follow-up system. With Infusionsoft, I’m now able to tag and track every single lead that inquires about my services from the initial touch point all the way up to becoming a paying client. It’s taken the stress out of managing new leads and follow-ups and has given me the freedom to focus on my clients. Not only that, but I’ve also been able to create campaigns that target patients after they’re done working with me in addition to easily sending out broadcast emails weekly, which allows me to easily stay in touch with all the people that I’ve worked with. This helps me to stay top of mind so that when something does pop-up, or a friend of theirs has a need, I’m the first person they think of. In short. Infusionsoft has been invaluable for the growth of my business and I’d highly recommend it to any small business who is serious about growing. ConsThe only con to speak of would be the learning curve. Luckily, I had some professional training to start my Infusionsoft experience, otherwise learning the ins and outs of the system would have been a little overwhelming. That said, it’s completely worth investing the time to learn because once you’ve learned the system, it makes the day to day operations of running your business SO much easier.

  13. InfusionSoft – Great CRM softwareThe overall experience has been quite enlightening on how process flows are vital to making your business function correctly. My application is primarily used as a lead management system and not all our employees use InfusionSoft, which meant I had to integrate InfusionSoft with Google Sheets which makes it easier for my sales team to acquire data to leads as they come in. Most of my time is spent in campaign builder and I am currently overhauling our current lead process and I keep learning new things everyday on how to program logic to suit our business needs. ProsWhat I like most about InfusionSoft is the functionality and its endless possibilities. The Campaign Builder has an easy to use interface with limitless possibilities that can be constructed to suit your unique business needs. With a great email builder as well to create those beautiful calls to action that will surely ignite your leads’ desire to buy whatever you are selling. I specifically manage the database of leads and users and find it to be quite user friendly, InfusionSoft will warn you about an increase in bad email addresses, allowing you enough time to clean it up before it affects your business badly. Another great aspect is the help provided by agents via the Chat facility, you can chat live with an InfusionSoft assistant to help you with any problems you might have. I find it extremely helpful in times when I am unsure of what to do.ConsWhile I do have high praise for the campaign builder and its limitless possibilities, this can also be a problem as when I first started using the software; I didn’t know what was what. There is basic training available, but I don’t feel it adequately explains the possibilities of what can be done. To fully unlock the potential of InfusionSoft, some additional training will be required.

  14. Great tool but not without issuesFor the price and what it does, we have yet to find a better solution. I believe in the product but wish they would work harder on fixing current problems rather than rolling out new tools. It does take some time learning the ropes but there are lots of great tools, webinars, and people willing to help. It’s a great community. (Big shout out to MonkeyPod Marketing and Greg Jenkins)ProsI like being able to set up campaigns that run the full year making sure the customer is kept in the loop. With proper tags I can see that things are running smoothly.Cons1) Support. If you are in the US I am sure that support is much better but being 9 hrs ahead of the IS HQ I am usually stuck with the total waste of time ‘Chat Support’. Two years ago support would have gotten 5 of 5, today I would give it one star at best. 2) The platform is about 5 years behind the times. Powerful but the look, usability, and feel are dated. If they don’t get on this in the next year or two I would expect serious competition to start circling. 3) They remove useful tools, replace with simplicity, and then pat themselves on the back for their own awesomeness. I can write a book about the lack of flexibility in the new (1 year) email builder that was stripped of most of the designing strengths. When they added the ability underline text 4 months in (seriously) they cheered themselves to no end. How email builder was rolled out without the ability to underline is a headscratcher and I am never going to stop complaining about the removal of the HTML snippet. ***Sorry, it’s always easier to remember what you don’t like than what you do.

  15. Customer Service or Sales CRMsLooking at most CRMs the database aspect is pretty much the same from one to another. What I have found is that most are slightly better setup for sales than for customer service. Without diminishing the importance of sales (we all need them, all the time) we are a customer service-based company and follow many qualitative data points of customer satisfaction and comments. We use them to keep track of current service levels and to anticipate the needs of our clients. InfusionSoft has been very good at helping us identify these data and prepare them for analysis. SalesForce is not as friendly to helping us find and use them. I take nothing away from SalesForce and a robust sales program for medium and large operations, however small to medium businesses that are driven by customer service more than sales will find that InfusionSoft is more tho their liking. As for the value, both are reasonable in terms of ROI, but InfusionSoft is less costly and has a much softer, more relaxed sales team. After sale, InfusionSoft is outstanding in helping capture complex, less obvious data about our clients. InfusionSoft represents the concierge service level that so many businesses are trying to develop and maintain with their customer base.ProsThe people of InfusionSoft know how to help customize their software to whatever you want to follow, no matter how unconventional it is. They work hard at through free of cost assistance to leverage their program to the clients benefit. They have a large and deep community of users that help enrich the users’ experience.ConsIts integration is less ubiquitous than that of SalesForce, but is growing constantly.

  16. A Strong CRM / Email Marketing Solution / Not Trivial to Set UpInfusionsoft is a CRM solution designed for small businesses. It’s not the tool for enterprise or medium sized businesses needing more than 15 to 20 seats. Think of it as a MailChimp / Saleforce with an emailing workflow engine. It allow you to build email sequences that adjust the content you send based on what each contact does. That’s an over simplification, but at it’s core that what it does. It’s got a huge community of add on products supporting it. You can build membership sites with it. You can enable call centers with it. The application are numerous, but it is not a tool very everyone. There are times when its not a fit. Many business owners take it on expecting to configure it with minimal outside help. That is probably not a good idea. It’s like building your office network yourself following YouTube video instructions. You may get it done, but not without a lot of time and frustration. Even worse, when you are done, you may have made mistakes an experienced person would never do that keep you from making the best use of the tool especially in the long run. ProsThe tool has a lot of power. It enables you to automate email campaigns targeting each contact based on what you know about them. If they answer a question on a form, you can sent them one thing. If you learn they live in one state versus another, you can customize content to them. If they visit specific pages of your site and login many times into your membership site, you can change what they see. It has a huge amount of power.ConsIt’s not a do-it-yourself tool. Lot’s of people complain saying it’s too hard to use and too expensive. Infusionsoft is a complex piece of software. If a complete newbee could make it work perfectly on their own, it wouldn’t be able to provide you with all the feature it includes. I have seen Infusionsoft sold from the stage with promises that it’s a self-serve, DIY solution. Honestly, it is not. That’s why you have a very healthy Infusionsoft consultants and partners community servicing it. These consultants and partner focus on all aspects of the solution working to help business owners put the tool to good use.

  17. All in one CRM!! Solid for small businesses!Infusionsoft is a solid choice for a small business without ambitions to scale rapidly (i.e. think accounting firm, not tech startup). ProsAs a CRM Analyst/Consultant, most of my projects are helping companies administrated and implemented different types of CRMS and marketing software. So I have the chance to research and test a multitude of CRM’s and Marketing Software for the past several years and Infusionsoft is one of my favorites. I have helped two small companies(around 20-30 employees)implement this product from start to finish. I have very impressed on how robust and strong this CRM really is. With this software, you can create a software stack with different add-ons which can accomplish almost anything. There are programs that help with scheduling, membership sites, integration with Facebook audiences, text messaging and countless others. Infusionsoft has an API that is easy to use and integrate with other systems you may be using. For the price, I would say this is an all in one CRM tool. Another great feature that Infusionsoft offers is the ability to create mobile-responsive landing pages and pairing this automation with a CRM with robust capability for sales follow-up is what creates the value and you also get the ability to generate e-commerce and tracking reports. I would definitely recommend this product. ConsInfusionsoft only includes the basic Lead Generation reports. If you want to generate the true ROI reports it will require you to purchase add-ons, such as Wicked Reports. I would say that these reports are critical for understanding where your leads are generated and how to refine your marketing.

  18. Infusionsoft is a complete, powerful marketing tool that can automate businesses.As an email marketing system, marketing and business automation tool, crm, and order processing Infusionsoft is very functional and powerful. It is a complex system, by it’s very nature because it is so powerful and the functionality available. I have clients set up with powerful automation, business processes that simplify their efforts, and integration with other systems that can handle their financial accounting, etc… At this point Infusionsoft is simplifying the front end User Interface so it is easier for end users and have also made entry cost much less for entry level.ProsInfusionsoft is very, very powerful when the implementation is thought out, most functions are used, and it is maintained in the marketing programs of businesses. The Campaign Builder has incredible power in building marketing and business automation for a business. I’ve built a lot of automation for my clients that takes much of the workload of staff and owners. It also provides ways to provide information to staff and management without them having to log in constantly. Infusionsoft has an APi that makes specific customizations possible and allows for numerous external apps that add function, value, and ease to Infusionsoft.ConsThe ecommerce shopping cart has always come up short for processing multiple products. The single order forms are functional and useful. Again, Infusionsoft’s API and developer relationships provide for enhancements and substitutions for areas that might be lacking.

  19. Keap Best for Lager Businesses or Sales Based Overall my experience with Keap was good as far as it went. There was so much available that didn’t apply to my business and that was a tad frustrating to have to sort through what would be useful and how if at all I could use all of what I was paying for.ProsThe training I received when I purchased this software was amazing. I learned so much not just about how to use their software but how to grow and ex[and my business.ConsFor my use as a small business that is not selling products, Keap was quite expensive. There are a lot of excellent features that I didn’t use because they didn’t fit well or apply to my small service based business.Reasons for Switching to Keap I switched to Keap because the presentation I saw inspired me to what more I could be ding o expand my business. IN the end, it wasn’t a good fit for the cost.

  20. Infusionsoft is one of the best purchases I have ever madeAutomation in email marketing, a place where I can store all my contacts, the ability to stay in front of my customers, return customers due to the fact that they don’t forget about us. My time is also freed up so I am able to accomplish more in my day. Pros-This software is pretty easy to use for most basic applications. -There are many options and nearly endless uses for Infusionsoft. If you can think of a way you want to use it, the support team can help you implement it. -The automation of this software is what I love the most about it. At first, you spend a good amount of time setting everything up but once it is set up it runs pretty much all on its own. Saving you time. The support for infusionsoft is one of the best I have ever dealt with. They go above and beyond to help you figure it out. Your success really is their success. ConsIf you want to do some of the more details campaigns it can get a little tricky. If you are not spending a lot of time on the software you may forget how to do some things that you don’t do on a regular basis. The support team is usually happy to help or get someone who can.

  21. Excellent and Continuing Landing Pages, Drag & Drop Email Builder & E-Commerce Additions & Updates ProsInfusionsoft has been working to improve their existing features, like the functionality and customization capability of their Responsive Drag & Drop email builder and the improvements in building more complex products and upsells in their E-commerce platform, they are quickly beginning to eliminate the need for many of the 3rd party integrations and plug-ins, and truly becoming an all-in-one solution for marketing, CRM, e-commerce and more for your business.ConsEven with Infusionsoft’s many improvements of the last 6-12 months, often there are still barriers to the software’s functionality and communication to other programs and plug-ins (integrations) that require yet another purchase or subscription to use. Some of these 3rd party applications offer free integrations, but they are often unreliable or simply non-existent. As an Infusionsoft user who handles multiple accounts for my clients, it is frustrating to have to go to clients again and again with news that they need to spend more money (when Infusionsoft is plenty pricey already) in order to achieve the results they were hoping. Infusionsoft has long been touted as the all-in-one solution, but at this point, and in order to achieve true, full functionality, this is not yet the case.

  22. Not just software – a massive resource for your businessMy husband runs 13 restraurants with Infusionsoft. I run a coaching and training business. The software is adaptable to your situation. And the training that it provides turns your entire team into a marketing/sales powerhouse!ProsI love the ease of the email templates and putting really cool stuff out to my clients. I love seeing the monthly updates and the improvements. There is so much power in the software and I’ve only been able to tap a small bit of it. It’s completely worth the cost you pay because the support is huge! The whole company is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. Love the Podcast, the emails, the tutuorials, and the support staff who just keep delivering massive content to help you grow your business.ConsThere’s a learning curve to get started. I highly recommned taking the University course they provide because with it, you’ll have everything you need to really make a quick impact in your business. The company is still very USA centric but with the new improvements like language support and multi currency support, those of us in other countries now better options.

  23. I have become an InfusionSoft expert thanks to their support teamIt has been over 2 years since we switch to InfusionSoft from other marketing automation tool and CRM system, and it has been the most positive experience. The team and management could not be more happy with the transition. From the sales process to the on-boarding, InfusionSoft people were polite, professional, and for sure helped us up our game when it comes to sales and automation – ACROSS THE BOARD! ProsBesides offering the best customer and technical support team I have ever dealt with, InfusionSoft allows it’s users to grow in skills and develop expertise in the software, which in turn, reduces the need to hire an external consultant and keeps the knowledge in house. This is very much invaluable as we continue to grow our team over time. With InfusionSoft we were also able to stream processes such as email marketing, sales pipeline, CRM and customization of our customer email marketing program. The Campaign Builder is unquestionably the best feature InfusionSoft offers, with dozens of internal tools and functionality to utilize. My favorite trick is the Campaign Links, allowing you to change the links used in internal emails of the campaign as URLs change – so you don’t have to worry about going to each email and change the URL manually. This saves hours of man time and allows your team to focus on strategy and implementation. ConsWe had some bumps on the road, and continue to experience some difficulties with InfusionSoft. In my opinion, the system was not originally developed for B2B companies and this is why opportunity (=each sale coming through the system) and contact records are linked in an odd and inefficient way. We approached the company with this issue, and were told they are working on a way to fix it. However, as we improved our knowledge and skills with the software, we were able to find a work-around to solve this issue.

  24. Very helpful and enlighteningDespite its complexity, I recommend it to everyone, as I’ve experienced more major problems with other similar tools. Infusionsoft is suitable for people who have lots of contacts, like potential marketing leads, or customers. It is very convenient for broadcasting messages and organizing campaigns to cover multiple addresses. ProsI love the ton of possibilities this software offers, as well as its functionality. The interface is just infinite. It’s easily adjusted to your individual needs in business – the customization is just breathtaking. I was able to create a lot of action calls thanks to lead database management. I also learned a lot about process flows and how it’s related to making your business go forward. Setup requires some time and effort, but it’s all worth it. Saved a lot of my time. Everything is automated – your emails, your broadcasts etc. Learning curve a bit steep. You can integrate Infusionsoft with other software, like Google Sheets, to increase productivity in acquiring lead data.ConsWhile mostly I commend this software, especially for the wide range of features it gives, I don’t particularly like the new landing page design – although friendly, it makes you feel a bit limited. At the start, I had a lot of problems figuring out what to actually do with all this software. Even the available tutorial didn’t cover all my needs, so I had to self-train to get everything I wanted from Infusionsoft.

  25. Offers a lot and not enough at the same time.Overall it does what it advertises to do and then more, it is ideal for company owners and will help you manage your customers and keep your site organized. It can be over complicated and gets messy fast! Tier 1 tech support was something I outgrew pretty quickly and can only really help with the basics (which is actually a lot).ProsThis program does so much! It helps you maintain your contacts, market, automate, sell, track analytics, organize products and manage a team!ConsSometimes it does soooo much it is a little over complicated! Then just when you think it does it all you hit a roadblock and you can’t get it to do what you want it to do!Reasons for Choosing Keap N/A

  26. Don’t know how I would do my business without it!Infusionsoft literally runs all the backend functions of my business and even some of the front end operations. We use it for all our billing, our email marketing, tracking our progress with our clients, even some of our scheduling. I even keep finding new ways to integrate it into our business, it’s fantastic.ProsI love it’s flexibility and ability to automate processes that used to take up a lot of my time. It integrates with loads of other softwares, so I can literally use it to run almost my whole business.ConsThe biggest con of the software version that I use is that it’s so flexible that it can be confusing to operate, this is why I think it’s so great that they have now released a simplified version that can work for almost anyone.Reasons for Switching to Keap At the time I switched the other product, which will remain nameless, was much more expensive and not nearly as flexible. It was mostly focused on one area of the business, although it was trying to do more, it wasn’t flexible enough to be able to handle that for our business. I have since returned to using that product, integrated with Infusionsoft, because it is great at what it does, thus why I’ll keep it nameless in this review.

  27. InfusionSoft for New Marketing EmployeesOverall I am very happy – we haven’t had a real CRM since we moved from Act a few years ago and that didn’t work for marketing items, mostly for tracking customers. The templates for email campaigns are great and overall, like I said, the platform is very easy to use once you get the swing of things. ProsI really enjoy Infusionsoft for it’s way to track a prospect or customer through tags, as well as the prebuilt campaigns that we use through the Technology Marketing Toolkit services. Infusionsoft overall is fun and a bit overwhelming when you first start using the software, but once you send a few campaigns it is very easy to navigate through to keep the marketing flowing. ConsThere are 2 things I would change (or like to see revised) – performing mass updates to a campaign for multiple prospects so you don’t have to do each one separately… sometimes when I have 30-50 to update, I find myself spending 10-15 minutes thumbing through the action sets to find the correct command and hoping it goes through. The other thing I would like to see added is a true pipeline to track leads so I don’t have to use our ERP (Autotask) for that function. All I have found in Infusionsoft is an order placer but that is cumbersome and don’t help me track leads correctly so I have to use Autotask and a custom spreadsheet I built. Reasons for Choosing Keap Infusionsoft was recommended to us by Technology Marketing Toolkit during boot camp.

  28. Infusion soft seems like a good CRM for smaller-medium sized businessesIt has been pretty good. I have used other products in the past, but like anything, I think you get used to what you use now. Infusionsoft is good, maybe not the best, but it seems to be a pretty great product for our needs and our company size. I don’t know much about the pricing, but I have heard that it’s a great value comparatively. ProsWhat I like most about infusionsoft is probably unique to my company, but our marketing person here use to work at infusionsoft, so he is very VERY well versed in the product, an subject matter expert almost. Our campaigns are set up perfectly, and I like using my dashboard to keep track of things. The automation that can occur in infusionsoft seem vast, and you can really build out some great marketing tools inside of it. ConsI would say sometimes the structure of things being in opportunities as opposed to companies, with multiple opportunities or contacts inside of that company can be confusing at times. I also don’t think I would have had such a good experience if we didn’t have a former infusionsoft employee as our marketing manager helping set everything up, I could see how it could be confusing if you were coming into this product blind.

  29. This is a business game changerSwitching to Infusionsoft and investing in training through the Infusionsoft University has taken us from a local company to an international company with consistent sales year round. I would be willing to say Infusionsoft is the number one reason for our growth.ProsUsing Infusionsoft has allowed us to consistently double our revenue every year. The ability to close deals increases 10 fold when you can automate many of the processes. Before we started using Infusionsoft there was never enough time in the day to get things done. Now we can follow up on every lead and close the deals that were slipping through our fingers without it. With just two of us in the office, it allows us to reach out with over 30,000 emails per month to prospective customers to deliver the information they need to convert to a buyer. We could not possibly do this manually. The cost of hiring staff to do the same work would be 10 times more expensive.ConsThere is a pretty steep learning curve and it is more costly than others but if you can invest the time to really learn the software and implement as many features as possible, it more than pays for itself in the long run.

  30. Perfect for marketing automation more customers, increase sales and save time.Without losing this idea at any time, Infusionsoft has launched a marketing and sales automation software with everything needed to get more customers, increase sales and save time. All this focused on small business sectorsProsFocus on small businesses and businesses: This is a strong point of this platform because it safeguards the interests and tries to cover the needs of a sector, that of small businesses and businesses, generally something forgotten by the tools and Marketing services. Sales-centric: Everything related to this platform is directly related to the increase of sales: interface, Web page, demos, help systems. With the added value that, according to the experience of many of its users who claim to have increased their volume of business, achieves its objectives with solvency. Remarkable system of automation and integration of services: its functionalities in this area are more than enough for the type of company that the program is aimed at. Therefore, we can talk about a practical tool and perfectly aligned with your objectives and customer profile.ConsRoaming: As it is aimed at small businesses, it is fully aware that these, being limited in resources and personnel, cannot devote many hours to attracting clients. The price: Although the monthly quotas are acceptable, the initial amount to be paid is quite high, taking into account that there is no trial version (only a demo). You can check the prices of the tool in the price page of your website. Reporting: This functionality is quite loose, especially with regard to the generation of marching details of campaigns and sales trends. Poor web analytics: This is another aspect that should be improved, since the data offered are scarce and unreliable when determining conversion rates.

  31. Our all-in-one solution Overall our experience has been very good and we are happy with the product.ProsGreat features, always improving functionality, and terrific customer support.ConsThere is a learning curve to get started that can be confusing until you wrap your head around the logic of the system.Reasons for Choosing Keap It has everything that filled our immediate needs and gave us a lot of room to grow.
    Reasons for Switching to Keap Needed more advanced functionality for automating more of our business.

  32. Not for everyone, but certainly awesome!From the first day of our product purchase, the Infusionsoft team made it clear that they were committed to our success. From the onboarding training, to their technical support, to their webinars – it’s easy to tell they care about their customers and have total belief in their product. We were able to learn what we needed to automate and integrate our business, and quit doing repetitive tasks manually. It’s opened up a world of integrations for us, and has been the catalyst to finding other software to complement and bolster our Infusionsoft tasks.ProsI love the ease with which I can build an automated campaign – just drag and drop! It’s also great that it can integrate with almost anything. The customer service is superb. The company is super receptive to feedback, and over the course of my customer-ship has made multiple upgrades for the better. ConsBecause of its broad functionality, it can be pretty overwhelming to the newbie. There are also multiple ways to accomplish the same objective (adding tags to a contact, as an example), that it makes it difficult to train internally. We also have an eCommerce function that goes totally unused, because we’re not in the eCommerce business. I feel like it should be an optional add-on, really.

  33. It works, but it’s not intuitiveI remember being in countless meetings where we discussed some of the issues we were having with this program and how we were on the hunt for a new program. It was costing our company a lot of money and while, on a basic level, it got the job done… we were never 100% satisfied with the set up. ProsIt got the job done for the years that we used it. The company I work for used this program before I started so I don’t have any information as to why we went with it. We used this program for years to send out newsletters and other emails. For the most part, it got the job done. ConsWe used this program for years for our emails and monthly newsletters. Unfortunately, though, this meant we had to hire and keep on a contracted employee to help build these emails because no one in office was trained. In the end, we decided to switch to another program and still needed to pull data from Infusionsoft. It was up to me to gather this data as our contract was up with the previous person who ran it and wow, is it confusing. I luckily had some training by the contracted employee before she left but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. It is not intuitive. It is not easy to find old emails even when you have a ton of data on the email. There is no easy way to search for things or pull data. You have to know the program very well and do a very serious training on it because creating and reviewing email data is not nearly as easy as other programs we’ve used.

  34. As a Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant, I love the value it brings to my client’s business. I’ve been a Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant for 5 years. I’m the implementor of the marketing strategies for my clients. I also love that there are so many facets to the system that it’s never boring.ProsI love that it’s an all-around software package. You can send out emails (broadcasts), set up campaigns (numerous emails), tag your potential contacts to segregate your lists, use simple opt ins, and sell products online. You can have evergreen campaigns that work 24 hours for you. The ecommerce section is flexible. I love, love, love phone support…AND I also like there are private and non-private FB groups to provide support and valuable information about the software.ConsInitially it’s overwhelming to people because there are so many features to the software. The learning curve is steep but then you can create a fully automated system to promote your business. There are some quirks with the campaigns but you can learn about them. I do think business owners need to look at the cost of the system and determine if they’ll use it effectively.

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