1. Simple and pleasantLess Annoying CRM was recommended to me years ago when I was trying to get the company I was working for to start using a CRM. After playing around with the free trial I recognized what a fantastic tool it was! The ability to link tasks and appointments to contacts and customize pipelines revitalized my workflow. Logging interactions with clients and contacts in the CRM meant no more emailing back and forth with our small team, the information was there if anyone wanted it. Pros– The ability to link contacts to appointments and tasks made it easy to navigate to the information I needed. – The dashboard gives a clear (and customizable) overview of what’s on the horizon – It was simple to set up and understand, very intuitive! – It was easy to import contacts from MailChimp. – It was easy, and so helpful, to link it to my Google calendar. – Being able to log emails to the contacts via bcc made it easy to gather all relevant information in one place.Cons– I received some exported data from Less Annoying CRM and it was all jumbled into thin columns. This could have been some default setting from the sender though.Reasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM It was less expensive and easier to understand and use.Zoho was way too robust for the little company’s needs, Less Annoying suited us perfectly.

  2. Excellent CRM for our small company (with a big footprint)We are very happy with LACRM on every level. It has helped us get super-organized in a short time in a painless fashion.ProsLess Annoying CRM offers our small company the ability to track each of our individual sales from lead to close, including financial stats. We have set up a special customized contact field for our international dept. We are considering adding a separate pipeline to track collections for delinquent accounts. It’s so flexible and effective, that I can imagine customizing it to track and administer any part of our business. This is a manual, hands-on product. Its customization does not come from dozens of complicated adjustable but hard-to-edit macros, but instead from accessible, logical, immediate relationships between the functions. And all our data can be output in easily-handled spreadsheets and compressed data folders, so it could be easily migrated or adapted for other functions if necessary. The whole LessAnnoying system is deceptively simple. There’s nothing we’ve needed to do that couldn’t be handled in a straightforward manner. I can see that maybe some larger companies might need more complex systems to track their customer interactions, with multiple permission sets for their various sales territories. Especially if they need to output complex pre-set reports to show relationships between different business units and products etc. But although our training and certification company has a footprint that involves thousands of professionals across the globe, at our heart we are a 12-person staff, including a 2-person sales office, with clear, basic needs. ConsI can’t think of anything I would change. There was a limitation that required documents (PDFs and JPGs of our proposals and contracts) to be stored without specific organization within the contacts only. But that feature has just been upgraded so these docs can be stored attached to the relevant individual sale (opportunity, as we call that pipeline). Not only does the LACRM staff respond immediately to our phone calls for support and instruction; they actually listen to our needs and suggestions and make small, useful, incremental upgrades as necessary. This app offers consistency without rigidity.Reasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM The main competitor we test-drove was Hubspot, and we found it to be basically a re-working of Salesforce. Hubspot seemed to replace the Salesforce set of complex nomenclature with another set of also complex, unfamiliar terms and processes. While such apps are super-customizable and flexible, and probably great for larger companies, our small multi-tasking staff needs uncomplicated and straightforward administration. There were other reasons we didn’t go with the other competitors we looked at. LACRM just seemed to click with us right away.
    Reasons for Switching to Less Annoying CRM Salesforce was way too big and complicated for our small company. It was originally chosen around 2010 by a previous staff member who, I believe, chose Salesforce for its market dominance at the time.

  3. Great CRM ToolMy overall experience with LACRM has been overwhelmingly positive.ProsThe cost of this product is extremely affordable, considering the amount of functionality that comes with it.ConsLead management is not as robust as I would like, but it’s still rather useful. Could use some improvement in the area of automated follow-up features.

  4. Fantastic CRM to Get Your Business measuring SomethingI have used many crm’s from the old days of ACT to today’s version of Saleforce and even Sugar CRM. All of them are good in their own unique ways. The huge value of Less Annoying CRM its ease of use and value as an efficient contact management tool while providing good reporting tools. Since it is so easy to use and learn minimal training time is required to learn it so it really easy Less Annoying. Since it integrates so well with gmail and google calendar there is no need to have multiple calendars going. It is a good place to share calendars as well. For the money – it is a great solution and very easy to buy use and get support with. The couple of times when I have required support, it is very simple to speak with someone or get video’s backfrom Less Annoying CRM support showing how to do virtually anythin that can be done. ProsSimple – Ease of Use – Training – Email integration – Support all well done. ConsNot great at setting up my templates for importing- It will not save any templates. If you want the CRM to do any of the steps of the sales process then this is not the software for you. It is more of an advanced contact manager vs a true CRM. For the price, there are many more full CRM options out there featured

  5. It Really is Less AnnoyingBecause we can add notes to companies/contacts, and can easily tag and save outgoing emails from Outlook, the communication history with a client is easily seen. This has kept our company organized and has made work flow even better. We recently added a new person to our team, and she was able to jump right in and get to know our clientele rather easily based on those records.ProsThe user-friendly design made it easy for everyone on the team to adapt. On the calendar, you can choose to see everyone’s calendars or just your own, and it’s so easy to add notes to contacts/companies that everyone can see, which has facilitated our internal communications.ConsAs with all changes, the learning curve was the only obstacle, but the LACRM team was always an email or phone call away if we needed assistance. I like that they don’t charge extra for technical assistance.Reasons for Switching to Less Annoying CRM It was painfully outdated, and did not have anywhere near the integration that LACRM has!

  6. Super easy to set up and useAs a nonprofit, we use the software to track our outreach and fundraising relationships. With the ability to customize pipelines, we have been easily able to adjust it for our purposes even thought this is not what the system was designed to support. ProsIt is so easy to use! We are a very small nonprofit organization and I personally was able to set up the system and train the very non-tech savvy team on it. I use it daily and it does everything you would need from a basic CRM. Customer service is stellar – they respond to every inquiry, immediately. Would definitely recommend.ConsWish it were integrated with Constant Contact (it is integrated with Mail Chimp, which was great, but we have moved to Constant Contact).Reasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM Primarily ease of use/set-up, but also price.

  7. Simple, effective CRMI have been searching for a way to manage my contacts with my clients. Less Annoying is so easy to use and does exactly what I need it to do. And the price is so reasonable! I love it!ProsIt is so easy to use and allows me to keep track of all of my contacts in one place.ConsI would like there to be more robust tasks – like the ability to have recurring tasks and to prioritize, but I know that they are working on improving task function. Tasks are still very useful in the current state.Reasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM Less Annoying is so much easier to use and much less expensive.
    Reasons for Switching to Less Annoying CRM Agile messed up some of my data and was not at all user-friendly. It was very cumbersome to record notes on my contacts. But the biggest reason was the messing up my data – I now am missing phone numbers for people I used to have phone numbers for or the numbers are now associated with a different client. Extremely frustrating!

  8. Why Cant All Software Be Like This?SMOOTH. Every time I ran into a glitch, something I didn’t understand how to do, someone answered the phone DIRECTLY and immediately, answered the question, and I was able to get back to what I was doing in record time (NOT the usual 10 minutes on HOLD and then 25 minutes while they figured it out or another 10 while they passed me to someone else). THIS IS THE HIDDEN GEM of this product — the incredible customer support.ProsSo easy to maneuver around, from creating a company entry to adding contacts to that company, then entering it to the pipeline, very streamlined and completely intuitive. Even customizing some of our particular fields and inputs was surprisingly simple to do. Amazing.ConsThat there was no function yet to accept an upload/transfer of my existing pipeline records .csvReasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM SalesForce is just too complicated. Many unneeded bells and whistle to sift through to get a simple job done. We had tried it previously and could barely get past the upload of our data, never mind managing it. It needed a full-time IT monitor, and we wanted our people to be able to manage their own data input and maintain it. LACRM FITS THIS PARADIGM PERFECTLY.
    Reasons for Switching to Less Annoying CRM Our sister company had been using LACRM for about 2-3 years, and pointed us to it when the home-grown system was taking up a lot of IT’s time to maintain.

  9. Easy to use and a value that is hard to beatI much prefer this model of software to competitors that may be more robust in their reporting and tracking capabilities, but are not anywhere near as user friendly.ProsLACRM lives up to its name. Integration and use is intuitive and easy. The price is hard to beat.ConsSome of the reporting could be improved. It would be helpful if they could automate tracking things like when the last contact with a client or prospective client occurred as well as frequency. Overall though the easy of use overrides issues like this.

  10. Finally a pragmatic CRM for the Solopreneur that doesn’t swallow your life!I’d like an automated birthday message I created I could send out for a year that would go to the names and a second for the spouse. I’d like to see reporting from my drip campaign w/o going into Mail Chimp (I have a campaign when someone send in a card, after I make the first call, if no response, I drip mail them). I’d like to on a person by person basis if someone has opened my newsletter. Let me repeat, this a damn good software, easy to use, functional, super inexpensive. Perhaps they could build additional tools to cobble on: LessAnnoyingLeadPages, LessAnnoyingMailChimp, LessAnnoyingSocialMedia. Regardless, LACRM works well.ProsGreat customer support, quick response to emails, even on the weekends sometimes, that I never got from big CRMs. Integrates well w/ Mail Chimp, unbeatable price, easy to upload docs, set reminders, and integrate w/ google calendar. Super easy to customize and create drop downs. The downside w/ most CRM’s is the learning curve and the commitment one must give to understand and make the software usable. LACRM is the first I have used (Properworks, SalesForce, Zoho, Insightly, Podio, Infusionsoft) where a knuckle head luddite can make it work w/o taking all my time away from the revenue producing activity time. There other softwares clearly have value, but for the solopreneur with an established book business trying to squeeze new revenue, you can be up and running much more quickly. I have hired a VA to set up my drip campaigns and and to push out my newsletter via Mailchimp. I know there is more value to be gained from using the software, but most of us will over invest energy instead of focusing on revenue producing activity (talking to clients, asking for referrals, prospecting). This is a great piece of software for the average Mo Insurance Broker, and that’s me.ConsYou get what you pay for so you have to customize it yourself and you will make mistakes, nothing irreversible. I’d like the software to be in app form for IOS, not log in. Would be nice if it would do auto birthday reminders, for customer/prospect and for their spouses.

  11. Used CRM programs for 20 yearsIt works well for my use.ProsI’ve been using LACRM for over 2 years now. My company is just me…no employees…just me. So I was looking for a simple method to keep track of client data and a calendar that syncs with Google. LACRM checked most of my boxes and for the price per month I could live without certain features. Once I subscribed and began using the CRM I wanted to be able to color code events. I brought this to their attention and I was met with immediate response. At first, it was ‘it won’t do that’ and maybe we could add that in the future. After a few follow-up emails with LACRM Customer Service (who are UH-MAY-ZING, BTW) they finally added the feature I wanted. However, they actually kicked it up several notches by also adding the ability to set up reoccuring events and also duplicate events. Plus, I can also quickly ‘Sync’ with Google and go to calendar settings directly from the calendar. Really great for me.ConsNow the CRM is almost perfect. Once thing I would love to see now is a search feature. For example, some Events (appointments) don’t necessarily relate to a Contact in the CRM. I may have an appointment (Event), entered it into the CRM but the client was not interested, therefore no need to enter them into the CRM. But in a year or future date I may want to search for an Event (Appointment) I had previously. So if there was a calendar search feature I could locate the event when I enter a key word within any of the fields. Also, it would be nice to have the LACRM set up with a Mobile App. The LACRM is perfectly named. It is simple to use, robust enough for my use and certainly NOT Annoying. 🙂

  12. I absolutely love Less Annoying CRM easy to use, simple, but very powerful and so inexpensive!ProsThe price per month is incredible. I’m a one-man shop and that’s the deal of the century for everything you get. The interface is easy to use, clear with great features, like totally customizable pipelines, robust calendar, groups, search, import and export, adding users and assigning permissions are both easy. I absolutely love the event setting where you can have a reminder text sent, customizable by you with minutes, hours, or days prior to the event. I put all appointments in there and I am ALWAYS reminded of my commitments. I never miss anything! BCC’ing LACRM on emails is so simple and therefore all communication is logged with that particular client. If I ever wind up with duplicate contacts, merging them into one is also very easy. In addition to contacts, I also use LACRM to track all kinds of things, like movies, books, and other lists that I need to manage. I used another CRM for a couple of years, and I only wish I had found LACRM sooner the difference is night and day from the other CRM, and I feel that I wasted two years with them, not being happy. I could not be more pleased with LACRM highly recommended. Finally, just so you know, I have no affiliation with LACRM. I am simply a very, very satisfied customer!ConsOnly two things: 1) Calendar doesn’t sync with iCal. 2) I wish the ‘Find a Contact’ field was accessible through command F from my keyboard. But those are relatively minor concerns, and I believe are on the wish list for future integration.

  13. The Perfect System for UsWe absolutely love LACRM. The program meets our needs, but a product is only as good as the people who support it and this, is where LACRM excels. I don’t think there is a customer service department better than LACRM. They are quick to respond to us. If they say they are going to get an answer, they’ll get an answer and get right back to us. They are incredibly patient, eager to help and cheerful. They speak easy-to-understand English. When I talk with them about a problem, I feel like I’m their only client and they have all the time in the world to help me. Their client support team means the world to us and that’s one of the primary reasons we won’t ever change.ProsWhat we loved most about LACRM is how easy it was to learn and how easy it is to use. No one in our office is highly technical, so we needed a program that people could understand quickly, was intuitive and allowed us to be up and running quickly. LACRM has exceeded our expectations. We can train new employees on the system and it doesn’t take them long to become proficient. My staff LOVES LACRM. ConsIt doesn’t have all the advanced bells and whistles that some of the other programs have but, honestly, I’m not sure we really need them. As a database software to manage our client database and prospects, LACRM meets our needs. Too many features and I’m not sure we need them, and I like the idea of paying only for what I need. The price we pay is extremely fair and reasonable and affordable. Reasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM Easy to understand. Affordable. Simple to implement. Served our needs at a very reasonable price.

  14. CRM that actually is Less AnnoyingSimple to set up, easy to use, and most importantly people are using it!ProsHave over the years dealt with a range of CRM tools from high end to basic. It is a sector that almost seems obsessed with adding features and integrations that largely swamp users so that what gets used is a small subset of the functionality. Equally the more functionality the more the CRM begins to dictate how you conduct your business as against assist you to do it better. Less Annoying CRM actually is exactly that – less annoying and even more, positively engaging. It has a minimalist approach but one which gets it just right – we use all the functionality and even the CRM agnostics use all the functionality. There is a compromise in that full integrations are limited but personally think that was the positive right choice. It is an excellent example of user focused software design. In keeping with that its support mirrors that feeling – responsive with a human face. It is quite refreshing for support to tell you honestly what is and is not possible in a constructive way rather than endlessly trying to make you feel that you are being ‘heard’. So genuinely Less Annoying – fine job and hope it holds to its Philosophy as it growsConsGiven the design concept full enterprise integrations are a little limited. But in my view balance is right in that people use it, learning quickly and correctly to their needs. Reasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM Assisting users in doing their job not trying to instruct them on how the software thinks they should do it. The support service proved a very pleasant surprise in its accessibility when required
    Reasons for Switching to Less Annoying CRM User adoption was inconsistent

  15. The Easiest Application to Implement and Run in my BusinessI needed a CRM to keep track of my recruiting clients, candidates, prospects, and contacts. I needed a method to keep all the notes, history, email, documents, and so forth with each contact. I needed to keep track of my tasks and follow-ups for each contact. I needed to put contacts into groups or lists. I needed a sales funnel. And I needed this with the minimal amount of effort. LACRM came through on everything.ProsI selected LACRM for the ease of implementation and use. As a small business, the time it takes to implement, learn, and use applications can be a real drain on the business. I view any new application with dread, for the effort necessary to implement it and get it going. But LACRM turned out to be a joy. It was the easiest and fastest implementation of a business app I have ever encountered. It has a wonderful user interface, totally within the browser with no need for a downloaded app. The data is maintained in the cloud without any effort on my part. It is very fast and responsive, and has all the capabilities I need. It has a series of short video tutorials that are effective and correct. You can watch a video and learn and use its features in minutes. And it works flawlessly.ConsThe product is very easy to use, and supports all my business processes. I would like it to be able to automatically enter single contacts with their data from LinkedIn profiles. That way I could enter a LinkedIn contact that I am viewing with a single click, instead of copying the fields one at a time by hand. I can enter bulk contacts downloaded from LinkedIn in an automated way.

  16. Best CRM I’ve come accross out of manyI’d tell anyone I know to go for it, it’s that good, and seems to be getting better all the time. I also know that I’ve only begun to use a lot of it and am looking forward to using more. I know it will help me and make my life easier the more I take time to learn about its capabilities.ProsI have used many CRM’s personally for my business and also in my corporate work, meaning I’ve had some very expensive options at my disposal. This is by far the easiest, most intuitive and portable for a mobile setting. I am very impressed with their level of customer support also. I just get the feeling they are out there hustling just like I am and treating me with customer care and modeling service as I try to do the same with my leads. Recommend this to anyone, glad I stumbled upon a US News and World Report that said it was among the best out there, because after using it now for years in multiple career stops I agree! ConsJust keep making the mobile quicker, more intuitive. Make an Ipad version that rocks, and and Iphone version that does, too. I think your offerings now are just fine, but I always like it getting sleeker and more easy to use, or maybe AI learning what I want to do and adjusting to my style, etc. Reasons for Switching to Less Annoying CRM I needed something that I could use much easier and on the fly, mobile, simple and yet thorough

  17. BEST TASK, PROJECT MGMT & CLIENT CRM THAT YOU ARE NOT USING! No learning curve, so my team dug right in = Productivity. The team loves it = Means they use it = Tasks and Events are getting handled more effectively. Using the CRM part to keep track of all clients, reps, and vendors = all in one place = gained efficiency. Easy to CC emails and PDF’s, other Docs right into client and reps files and immediately create quick tasks or events for follow-up = Nothing is falling through the cracks. Every day, the agenda is emailed to each user = Your task list for the day. Calendar feature is very dynamic. The only thing this CRM doesn’t do is my laundry, seriously! ProsIt’s crazy how many apps there are that do the same thing, and I’ve tried about 20 in this category. I LOVE this CRM! LACRM BEST PRACTICES: 1. Intuitive & Ease of Use = NO, I mean NO learning curve! 2. Exciting to use b/c I don’t feel bogged down with 100 features to stare at that I don’t need. 3. Free 30 Days. The least expensive app on the market. GREAT for individual entrepreneurs, small biz to med biz that aren’t looking for a million features. If you are the kind of biz or management that wants your ppl to spend 60 days learning, then 2 hours a day using instead of doing their job b/c you’re so tied up in being a manager — go to something else, you won’t like this. And tell your co-workers I feel sorry for them! Personally, we love it that this is mastered under 20 minutes, and we keep it up on the destops all day — avail when we need it –but not a slave to it (looking at you Infusionsoft and Sales Force!)ConsTheir strength is the only reason to go 4 stars here. But let’s be clear — it’s all about perspective. There are a couple things I wish the task list would do, but in speaking with LACRM, they said they are rolling them out soon. (Can’t beat the customer service – damn these people are friendly! I wish my family were this nice, LOL.) I’m begging them to white label the product — my sales reps could sell it like crazy!

  18. Low-cost, highly effective, amazing customer supportI was concerned that low budget would mean low quality. My business may be on a budget, but it is not low quality, and it’s the same with Less Annoying CRM. It’s great value for the reasonable cost and I’m grateful for that. It’s my first CRM, and I’m feeling no need or desire for anything else. Some of the customer and our first rep, who got us started so well that we didn’t call back and I can’t remember that person’s name. They were all great.ProsIf you don’t reach customer service immediately, they’ll call you right back. They’re never trying to hustle you out of the way…they’re truly putting themselves in your place and problem-solving to help you succeed. This program is great value for the money, with great customer service and friendly one-on-one help that is second to none. Also, I am a very small fish as far as customers go, paying the lowest amount, but when I called and left a message this morning, LACRM’s not only called back and left a message, but sent an email, too, saying she was sorry she missed my call and that if I preferred email, she’d answer that way as well. ConsI wish I could save my email templates here, but it integrates well with Gmail and that works well for us, so it’s not a big problem.;

  19. Perfect for most small businessesReally, really easy to learn and the support team is truly awesome. Always willing to help. ProsEase of use and applicability to small business. Most CRM software seems to be designed for large companies and assumes they all have dedicated digital marketing resources constantly running campaigns. That description applies to about 20% of US Companies. Therefore, most CRM systems are expensive, hard to learn. For small business, using them makes as much sense as shooting a gnat with an elephant gun. Less Annoying is just right for many if not most small businesses. ConsThere are some features in development I am anxious to see roll out, but none of them are business critical.Reasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM Very capable, easy to use, inexpensive
    Reasons for Switching to Less Annoying CRM Cost too much, does too much, hard to learn, lots of maintenance.

  20. LACRM – FANTASTICProsEverything about this CRM is exactly as they say LESS ANNOYING. I have used a few CRM’s in the past and the ease of the contact management, linking emails to contacts, reminders and calendar events on LACRM leaves a lot of these others behind. ConsThe only con i have is that i cannot link my contacts directly to my Apple devices but that will not hinder me in using this CRM as it is THAT good.Reasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM Ease of use and Cost
    Reasons for Switching to Less Annoying CRM Cost initially.

  21. A simple tool that is so easy to use, that you will actually use it.It helps me stay organized, on top of contacts and keeps track of outstanding items requiring a follow up of some kind. I was using a spreadsheet in the past and it was a nightmare. Less Annoying CRM has really improved my efficiency as well as enabled me to track my contacts and sales funnel in a way that just wasn’t possible before.ProsThe software is easy to use and to learn so it makes integrating it into your daily workflow very simple. The support when I have had an issue, has been tremendous and that is something that is very important particularly when the system is integrated with other tools e.g. MailChimp, Google, etc. Finally, the price is right. It seems like so many subscriptions these days are basic and then you start adding in for all the things you really want until all of a sudden you are paying a significant amount of cash every month. Less Annoying CRM doesn’t do this and I appreciate their simple and straight forward pricing model.ConsThe mobile application is a bit basic and I am looking forward to seeing some upgrades in this area. I also wish there were a few more integration options available. Having said that – the new calendar features and google integration has addressed most of the shortcomings of the previous version in my opinion.

  22. Very easy to useIt is a very streamlines software. I like the fact that it is fast and you can place your tasks. I like that I can organize quikly. I also like that I can log in wherever I am at.ProsI like that you can ind a lead very quickly…I spend more time on a spreadsheet as I have multiple entries for the same account number….this one quickly takes you to the one account.ConsThat I can’t see reports as a user…or graphs. I don’t like that there is no chat with other users feature. No app integration…No business card reader app to upload a lead. No rewritten emails to send customers with just one click of a button.Reasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM Because…well…it is less annoying… 😉
    Reasons for Switching to Less Annoying CRM To have a better follow up system in place…and make more sales

  23. Thrilled With This SoftwareProsThe ease of learning and maximizing it as well as its capabilities. The support tools are also easy to locate and the item descriptions easy to understandConsThe current program limitations on setting reoccurring tasks.Reasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM Ease of use. Functionality. Level of support.
    Reasons for Switching to Less Annoying CRM My concerns were realized once I subscribed. IMO, unless you are a large sales organization or manage dozens of salespeople, Salesforce is over-kill. Loads of features and reporting tools but the learning curve is extensive and the support is mostly on-line not direct. You can have phone support for an additional cost of several hundred dollars.

  24. Perfect for the SMB!Moving from excel to properly track my contacts and interaction with themProsThis tool has everything you need in a small business from with nothing you don’t need. I already have systems in place for quoting and invoicing so I don’t need those features in a CRM. This system makes it easy to track contacts and your interactions with them. I love that this system is web based making it completely cross platform and ensuring I can run it on Linux. I highly recommend any SMB give this a tryConsI have not found any issues with this product yetReasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM Ease of use
    Reasons for Switching to Less Annoying CRM Excel wasn’t meeting my needs and hard to manage between devices

  25. Just what I was looking forthis CRM was exactly what I was looking for in a CRM, very simple, organized well, not a lot of fluff, very affordable, just what our company needed. I think Less Annoying CRM is what every small business needs.ProsVery easy and simple to use, and also very affordable. A lot less cluttered than the old CRM I used.ConsTheir auto population needs just a bit more work but usually does well.Reasons for Switching to Less Annoying CRM Salesforce was very expensive and had so many things that we just did not need, it was very complicated as well. our company needed just the basics and Salesforce seemed to focus on everything else.

  26. LACRM reviewMy overall experience is awesome. I had used LACRM for two years in one of my other business ventures. When I opened up a new venture, I automatically chose LACRM again. I realized that I wasn’t just purchasing the software. I was connecting to an exceptionally responsive support team!ProsThe key feature that has high value for me is daily email reminding of my tasks and events first thing in the morning. A great overview of the day and of the tasks that I have not yet completed! In addition the support team responds extremely quickly to my questions. The set up and implementation of the software is very intuitive and supported by an extensive learning library. ConsFor my needs, I have not found a feature that hasn’t been useful or adaptable to my needs. Reasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM Ease of use, directly met my needs without a lot of add-ons or features that were beyond what I needed, very reasonably priced

  27. Great Software, Super Customer Service, Perfect FitI found Less Annoying CRM while attempting to learn another CRM, which I found frustrating and difficult to use. As a teacher turned contractor, I have successfully taught myself to use various forms of grading and estimating software, but try as I might, I could not make this other CRM make sense. Enter Less Annoying CRM. I started to look into other products and the Less Annoying title caught my eye. I thought, if it is truly less annoying, I’d be thrilled. Not only was it less annoying, but I was able to upload my contacts and have the software meaningfully implemented in a day. I found it to logically laid out, and the customer support and tutorials to be immensely helpful. I’m glad I discovered this product as our office manager, crew leaders and estimator use it daily to update our client profiles. Having everyone on the same page with all information is priceless. I am thankful for what Less Annoying CRM provides as well as the tremendous customer support. I recommend the Less Annoying CRM wholeheartedly. ProsEasy to use, quick to implement, lots of learning helpConsI wish it had a few more features, but I am so happy with what it provides, I haven’t considered look at other software.

  28. Great Customer ServiceSuper positive. I use the system daily.ProsI like that this software is flexible and reasonably priced. I can track the clients and information I need. There’s a place to put just about everything and when I can’t figure something out, I just send an email. The customer service people are always willing to help. They are super kind and will help me figure out a way to do what I need. They never make me feel dumb for asking a question.ConsI would love to have recurring tasks. I know they are working on it.Reasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM Was reasonably priced. Was flexible. I liked the pipelines. Customer service was friendly. It imported my current contacts (I didn’t have to add them all). It integrated with Google Calendar. It did not require links to all my social media.

  29. Great choiceThe customer support is amazing. I didn’t know what a CRM even was a few years ago, and have realized how expensive they can be. Every time I compare with another agent what they use, and what they pay, I am amazed. When I ask what they do that I cannot, I am even more amazed. I’m not paying less for less- but less for the same or more capabilities. I needed cheap coming in, and I thought I would outgrow LACRM, but that has not been the case. ProsPrice, ease of use, customer support as I learned capabilities, and the insurance platform. ConsI do find myself bouncing around trying to find an option (like why did it take so long to find “delete contact”), but in general, it is pretty intuitive. I wouldn’t have know about the insurance platform had I not been searching for an answer to another questions- perhaps those options need to be marketed better.

  30. Ideal Personal AssistantI have been using Less Annoying now for a few years and I find this CRM tool absolutely great. It enables me to keep track of clients. It reminds me of tasks I need to do. I have a history of communications and actions with my clients that I can check back on. There is support available online, by email and by phone. If you have a challenge it is quickly resolved. There are a variety of other good things this software can do that I do not use but others may find very useful. It is certainly good value for money in my opinion and I look forward to continuing to use this excellent tool for years to come.ProsSimple to use. Has a variety of tools within the CRM tool to help run and organise your business.ConsHave not found anything I have not liked with this software.

  31. Great for a small business This has been a great thing to help keep us organized as we have grown. ProsThe price is perfect for us since only a few of us have to use the system for it to greatly benefit our organization. Being able to track our customer interactions and upcoming needs with the tasks is essential ConsMoving contacts. But, I have found that what has been lacking has always been addressed through the customer service department very quickly. Reasons for Choosing Less Annoying CRM The price and knowing it had what we needed through the reviews online and from another business owner.

  32. I continue to appreciate the CRM easy functions and the excellent customer service.The benefits of this software are numerous. Since I have other programs to compare it to I have to say how much I appreciate the truly less annoying quality of this CRM. When you are on the telephone live with prospects or customers you really need a program that is easy to use and not too complicated….and gets the job done. My primary benefit that I believe sets this company apart is the coaching and technical support staff that is provided as part of their service. Each person I have spoken with goes the extra mile and provides a quick answer to my issue. If I am unable to get right to a representative they call me right back in a timely manner. I can only surmise that the top level administration provides a dedicated mission for their employees who continue to amaze me. I am truly fortunate to have found less annoying and look forward to a continued successful journey with this extraordinary group. ProsI appreciate this software program because it is so user-friendly. Not only is the program easy to use but you are constantly provided with back up technical support and are able to talk to a live voice about whatever question or issue you may have. This company truly specializes in the team approach!

  33. It lives up to its nameI am a 20%2B year user of ACT, which is a fairly powerful contact manager. But I finally got fed up with all of the technical issues, complexity, and traditionally terrible support. The final straw was trying to load it on a new computer. There technical support had me on the phone for eight hours over three days. In the end, I had to call Dell to help me do a factory reset because ACT technical support screwed up the computer so badly. So naturally, a contact manager called Less Annoying caught my attention. I read other reviews and people seem to like it. I gave it a try, and I’m now a believer. Getting started was a remarkable experience. I actually had a person at LACRM who I could talk to with questions. And not just a different person each time I got to talk to the same person. That’s remarkable! I was impressed with the ability to customize the software to accept some of the fields from ACT that I wanted to retain. Bringing over 1000 Contacts was way easier than I thought it would be. Naturally there are a few things I miss about ACT, but LACRM’s ease of use more than makes up for them. It’s also awesome to be able to access my contacts from anywhere. That was a tremendous problem with ACT. If you’re looking for an easy to use contact manager with top-of-the-line support, give it a try. Their free trial makes it a no-risk trial run, and because it’s so easy to use, you will waste a lot of time if you tested and then find out it doesn’t meet your needs. ProsSimplicity of use with almost all the features that I need.ConsLack of built-in alarms. It relies on sending you a text message instead.

  34. Great Solution for Small Business To Medium Sized Businesses. Great Support and Customer ServiceEase of Use and Customer Service This program is very useful and the Customer Service has been great to get me up and started quickly. Besides the videos on the website to train you how to use the program, I was also assigned an expert to lead me through the first few days of usage. When I have emailed Customer Service, the answers have been quick and knowledgeable. I have been using it for several months and my use and dependence on LACRM is growing. Interface Between On-Line Desktop Access and Mobile App I like to use the Task Report and Contact list while on the go and can easily add Tasks, contact Contacts, and enter data. Mobile App is for fast additions but still gives you the option to go to Full Site for more detailed actions. Ease of Use Easy to import all those lists you have and also from other CRM programs. I only use it for myself but could see how the sharing mode would be useful for a team to share. One of my associates uses it for his architectural design team. Areas for Future Development I have talked to LACRM regarding a potential improvement to allow scanning of business card. They are aware of the need and are researching. Currently they suggest using another scanner program, export to spreadsheet and then import to LACRM. Additionally, it would be very helpful for international business to have scan photo of the foreign language side business card to show to taxi driver. Also could improve Contact listing for international addresses and phone details but is workable as is. Overall I have tried the large CRM programs as well as the hybrid which want to be both scanner and CRM and found them to be too cumbersome or taking too long to format and learn. Now I have a tool that is easy to use, mobile, and scalable as my business grows. Less Annoying CRM is great and I have recommended it to many of my associates with small businesses. I expect that finally I have found a Small Business CRM that I will use from now on.

  35. Don’t Overlook LACRMProsThe easy of use and clean look is paramount for our company’s decision. we have had experience with other large, name brand, crm’s and they just are too much. Less Annoying lives up to its name while still delivering all the functionality a small business needs to manage contacts, track a pipeline, integrate with third parties, email and so much more. And by far this service has the best customer service of all services our company uses. It’s not even close. This team is the best. ConsBeing a financial firm we would like some industry specific integrations but it hasn’t affected our business one bit.

  36. It sure is Less Annoying I really enjoy using it. It’s so Easy! We had not had any problems with the company. ProsI like several things about the software. I’m able to easily manage contacts and customers. Visualize & customize my sales funnel, customize according to the companies needs, manage calendars, create pipelines, all in one place. The price is Great. The Representatives are great, Friendly and always seem to respond quickly. ConsIf you don’t spell the first and last name correctly or miss a letter, the information will not come up. I have faith it will get better, since the team is always coming up with easier ways to use and manage the software for their clients.

  37. Less Annoying CRM – it is appropriately named. It is a terrific tool for my small business.Keeping track of customers and jobs in our calendar. Getting all the contact info right and avoiding the use of paper notebooks, files and post-its. Details do not need to be remembered – just entered. Keeping a record of conversations for future business and tying it into the tasks and calendar. ProsI like that it is quite simple and easy to use. For people over 50, the software that has a million different ways to do the same thing is truly annoying. LACRM has a very good structure to it and works quite well on app for my iphone as well. It is so great to be able to use it in our customer service and marketing efforts. Bravo LACRM!ConsThe calendar app in the phone app is tricky, hard to get rid of the drop down times. Also the BCC is hard to use to tag email conversations that come in that pertain to clients in the CRM. If someone emails you back and you don’t remember to bcc it to that person, it is not documented. The leads tool is not that great for us business wise.

  38. Finally a CRM I actually use for my small business!I help nonprofits with their CRMs, but found that the CRM I was using was too much for me – too much clicking through, messing with, and fussing over. I just don’t manage that big of a client or prospect list and managing my networking shouldn’t be cumbersome either. My virtual assistant kept recommending LA CRM and I finally jumped. Thank goodness! I don’t miss opportunities any more and it’s easy for my employees to help me to keep sales on track and clients happy.ProsSuper simple pipelines that can be customized and filtered. Super simple to pull up a prospect (especially when I get a call out of the blue). Tasks and calendar sharing with my small staff keeps us all up to speed. Customer service and training are superb. If we want to do something, we call and they show us how to do it.ConsIf I had more complexity or a sales staff this wouldn’t be enough.

  39. At last, a small business CRM system that works for me and my business!Gives me an overview of all the tasks jobs and projects in my business in one place and I love the fact that I can access it from any device. Simply the best CRM system I have ever tried (and I have tried quite a few!)Pros I have tried many many small business CRM systems but nothing comes close to LACRM. The interface is intuitive and easy, easy to use. I love the fact that I can customise the forms to suit my business needs and I have to say that the support is second to none. Not only are there high-quality video tutorials, but you can also speak to a human being who knows LACRM and can help with any implementation and customisation issues. ConsNothin – It’s great! But if I were to be picky, I say that it’s a pity it doesn’t currently integrate with FreeAgent, my online accounting software,

  40. Easy to navigate and use CRM with great support, all wrapped up in a good priceControl over my contacts and leadsProsThe cost of the package made it very attractive and the fact that I could backup my own data. After that I soon found out it was easy to use, accessible across devices, removed my masses of bits of paper with names, addresses, numbers and notes. It will remind you of events and its flexible enough to tailor it how you want it. The support is great and very responsive. ConsWhat I like least is the fact I am not utilising all the bits of the software. Perhaps if it could merge more calenders onto one, but updates keep coming in so I will bide my time..

  41. Great way to organize your leads appts and prospects. Everything you need in an easy-to-use interfaGreat way to manage your sales pipeline. I use it as a salesman and as a sales manager and it does exactly as advertised. ProsCustomer service is the best I have ever used. You can call with a question and, no matter how simple or complex, they will have an answer. I chose Less annoying CRM for all my outside salespeople because it gives me all the info I need to manage them, gives them all the tools they need and does it in a very low profile, easy to use package. ConsIf I was in charge I would make the analysis and reports a bit stronger. It would help the sales manager with territory and rep management.

  42. Perfect CRM for startups and small businessesProsLike the name suggests, Less Annoying CRM is seriously (and actually) much less annoying than its bigger competitors like Zoho and Hubspot. The platform is surprisingly easy to use, very affordable, and the customer service is incredible. They’re a small business themselves, so they understand the needs of other small businesses and startups. ConsBefore the recent update, the calendar function was terrible — you could only have one calendar and you couldn’t do all day or even recurring events. They’ve revamped it completely though: adding subcalendars, color coding, the ability to sync multiple calendars, and much better scheduling capabilities. (Thank goodness!) While it’s not as robust as the more expensive CRMs, it’s nice to see that they’re always making updates and working proactively with their clients to make the experience as seamless and tailored as possible.

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