1. Best Project Mgmt Software I’ve Ever UsedI’ve been using Monday.com for a few years (at the time of this review) for a number of personal projects, more importantly in my career to manage tickets and many different kinds of projects for my IT Department and for software and hardware implementations. ProsMonday.com is absolutely amazing! It’s extremely intuitive and simple to get up and get using! The different ways that you can setup your Project Boards make it extremely flexible and powerful. I’ve used other Project Management Software programs, and there isn’t anything out there that compares. There are a lot of options for add-on’s as well, and more are added monthly. Their how-to videos and great online documentation/help make it simple to get the most from Monday.com. Being able to set the combination of statuses and priorities help you stay focused and the collaboration functionality of the software is also intuitive and powerful. This makes completing projects both fun and productive!ConsThe software is expensive…particularly compared to competing projects, but don’t let this scare you away. Once you get through the free trial period, it will be apparent that it’s worth the extra money to use something that’s so simple yet powerful and flexible. Reasons for Choosing monday.com Monday.com is simply more visual in the way it manages projects, more flexible in it’s setup, and has far more features that the competing products.
    Reasons for Switching to monday.com Monday.com is much more intuitive, much more visual, flexible, and has a far deeper feature set and better overall integration options.

  2. I love Monday.com!Where do I start? This software is very affordable, and really helps with small business management. I work in transportation and customs brokerage, and since we implemented Monday.com as our customer facing communication device, we have seen a huge reduction in confusion, less emails being lost, and more customer satisfaction. ProsEasy to use, easy to manage, easy to implement. Monday.com portal software has improved our communications with our customers, and is extremely intuitive. Support is there if you need it, and they are consistently improving the features. I highly recommend!ConsThe only improvement I would suggest is that each time a member is mentioned, the task goes back to the inbox for review. For example, I use the inbox as a to-do list, but what I think is done may have more requirements. It would be nice if the follow ups showed back up on my inbox. It would also be nice to have a payment feature, but I think that may be a third party app we can include. I need to look into it.Reasons for Choosing monday.com Monday.com was much more responsive on sales and allowed us several weeks to test it out, free of charge. I immediately fell in love with how easy it was to manage and implement.
    Reasons for Switching to monday.com Accelo was way over complicated and quite obviously made for IT personnel, and was not as adaptable to international trade situations as I had hoped. Accelo also created a lot of anxiety amongst the staff, so the switch was necessary to support our activities.

  3. Organize task with monday.comIts rich feature and tools make everything is possible with monday.com. The automation has help me to set and forget some of my daily task.ProsThere so many thing that can be done with this software, and the flexibility is the best compared to other software. The task manager is very visual, that help me to see clearly which task has more priorities and need to be done first.ConsThis software surely has its learning curves and take a bit of time to master all the tools that on the software. Overall, there are nothing much to be dislike with this software as everything is working perfectly.Reasons for Switching to monday.com Todoist is too basic and not much can be done with it.

  4. Great Flexible platform to manage all your teams workExcellent product, would highly recommend using monday.com for anything you can think of to help your business and teams run smoother. Prosvery easy to set up and use, lots of really cool features that allow you to report on your usage and KPIs with the click of a button. I’m highly impressed with the ease of reporting on this tool, the folks at monday.com have really thought through the interoperability of the sight. I also love how many automations and integrations are available, the platform is quite robust in this area and there are enough automations available to automate most any workflow. And customer support/community around the platform is great, the folks at monday.com are quick to respond and help out with getting you up and running with specific needs and requirements. I also love how transparent they make the backlog of new features coming out, they use monday.com boards to communicate their changes, so I really have a lot of faith that they believe in the platform, as they use it to run their business too. Great Product. ConsWe use a lot of ‘subtasks’ on the monday.com board, and there are a few key features missing for the subtasks. They are working on these and have made good progress lately, but it is still a little cumbersome to work with. Reasons for Choosing monday.com Monday had more features and flexibility than the other platforms and after a short evaluation was an obvious choice for our use-case.

  5. Tools for Collaboration SuccessOur experience has been terrific. We started with two users and are now up to nearly 40 users. ProsThe integration of projects and tracking them. Prior to Monday.com, lots of emails with updates on open projects were necessary. It was hard to keep up with all open projects and who was doing what…ConsThere’s so many options it can be overwhelming for new users. It can be perceived as complex by our team and a challenge to get used to doing this is a new way for virtual collaboration. Reasons for Choosing monday.com The ability to load projects in draft mode and interact on development within same thread. It really helps to keep things together and flowing for project completion. The option to make areas private is also a strength.

  6. Robust Customization Features From the moment I first took a deep dive into Monday.com and it’s features, I came away extremely impressed. The ability to create and tweak fully custom layouts is very pleasing and allows for high efficiency production.ProsI love the customization features that allow you to create just about anything you desire. The ability to rapidly change the types of views without having to create separate files is incredibly efficient as well.ConsThere are so many different features and customizable options, that at times it can be a little overwhelming trying to setup the ‘perfect’ layout.Reasons for Choosing monday.com Monday.com has the most features, with more customizable options.
    Reasons for Switching to monday.com Asana’s layout wasn’t as visually pleasing as Monday.com. I also felt like the features were limited compared to Monday.com.

  7. Really good management softwareOverall a good tool to manage workload and projects. A very flexible and functional software. ProsA really great tool for staying organized. I also appreciate the ease with which participants can be added in order to follow progress of tasks. What I appreciate most is how easy it is to manipulate tasks. So easy to drag and drop and mark task progression, like whether it’s done or ongoing. I love how flexible it is. ConsMonday.com is a bit pricey. Also it gets slower when more participants are added to the board and use increases.Reasons for Switching to monday.com Was way too technical. Probably better suited for IT personnel.

  8. Pricing Does Not Accommodate 1-2 UsersI love everything about it except the limitations when you are 1-2 people in a business using it.ProsMonday.com is very easy to use, and I love the customization options available. You can colour code everything which is very beneficial to staying organized. ConsWith only one user, the only true available option is the free option (which limits you to 1,000 items, so if you have over 3 new items a day, you will hit your max in a year. You can upgrade to the Individual paid plan (the next option), but instead of just paying for one seat/user at %2411 CAD, you have to pay for minimum of 3 seats at %2433. Therefore, if you want more items for your business at 1-2 people, you are OBLIGATED to pay for 3 seats. When reaching out to customer service regarding this, they just play it off like it’s a good way to set the foundation for growing your business. Reasons for Choosing monday.com Because I liked their aesthetic and customization options.

  9. Seggerimenti sul prodottobuona, penso acquisterò la licenza per gestire alcuni progetti e vedere se mi trovo bene nell’utilizzo di team. Prosfunzionalità fornite, molto semplice nell’utilizzo ed intuitivo. gestisce bene le dinamiche di gantt per progetti.Consun pò confusionario nell’organizzazione del proprio team e dei propri progetti tra schede e project. migliorare la visualizzazione se usato da smartphone perché è un pò schiacciatoReasons for Choosing monday.com molto dinamico, esporta i gantt in excel per condividerli con clienti fuori dall’organizzazione. user friendly ed utilizzabile in presentazioni al clienti con buon effetto

  10. Helpful for making sure potential customers don’t fall in the cracksHelpful for keeping track of customers at all stages of a sale; helpful for tracking follow up emails so that I can maintain engagement with customers even after their purchase. Easy to use, visually pleasing, and with tons of customization tools that I haven’t yet fully explored so I’d recommend checking out tutorials or watching demos in order to get the most out of it.ProsI use Monday to keep track of potential and current customers at all stages of the sales process. Sometimes someone emails me with a query and I respond but I don’t hear back from them. By putting the customer’s information in Monday I can make a note to check in with them again later; I can keep track of how many times I’ve followed up with them, and it’s resulted in quite a few people becoming customers who might have otherwise fallen through the cracks between I am busy and have a lot on my mind. It’s also helped me identify quite a few people who never saw my correspondence because my emails got filtered as spam, which was super helpful and resulted in sales when, without this tool, I might have assumed the person simply wasn’t interested in what I’m selling. I’ve also used this tool once someone becomes a customer to track my correspondence with them throughout the process and to make sure I follow up with them afterwards. Finally, it features a ton of integrations with other apps. ConsI think there is a lot this tool has to offer that I haven’t yet fully explored. When I play around with it I’ve discovered great templates and features but sometimes I just don’t have the time to explore all those options. Though the format is not very daunting I would definitely recommend taking the time to sign up for some online trainings or demos, or to use the tutorials they have that show different ways this tool can be customized. Reasons for Choosing monday.com I like both but I think Monday offered more flexibility in making this tool work for our particular business and also integrated well with some other apps that we use like Slack.

  11. Monday Improved Our Business In Ways We Never ImaginedWe initially selected Monday to plan and manage a large project that we were starting. As we became familiar with it, we found that is was a much better way to manage, track and plan nearly everything we do. The ability to allow guest access to specific boards, to automate notifications, and to collect information via web form has greatly improved our day to day processes and our capacity to responsively interact with customers. Using a combination of the web, mobile and windows 10 apps, we use monday throughout the day, in the office, while traveling, and during onsite projects. Monday has also helped us eliminate siloing of information. Like many companies we used to have a combination of spreadsheets, text documents, emails and texts to store and communicate project information. With monday we have nearly everything in one place that we can access from anywhere. This has made us much more efficient and helped us do a better job of keeping up with the many small tasks and deadlines that go into a successful project. After you use monday for a while, every problem and job begins to look like a monday board to be created.ProsMonday is very easy to use, has excellent help and tutorials, and extremely responsive tech support. They regularly add new features and improvements. Through interactions, automations and integrations, monday can interact with many external products and can automate a lot of the routine steps and notifications in our workflow. The best thing about monday is its flexibility. Once you start using it, you find many different approaches and tools to manage projects, workflows, customer interactions, data storage, tracking and analysis. Monday is colorful and appealing to work with, making using it a pleasure.ConsMany of the items I would have listed as missing from the software have been added in the time we have been using it. For example, many users requested subitems and before long it was rolled out as a new feature and has evolved into a very useful aspect of monday. For some of the more in depth features, there is a bit of a learning curve. But that is to be expected with software that can do so much. This is mitigated by the learning resources and very good support that the company provides.

  12. One of the best management softwareOverall I like Monday.com a lot as it cleared my mailbox too. Team members now directly send updates to the board resulting in l lot less unnecessary emails. Another good feature is the board email, I can send email to the board members in one go. You need not to create separate group or anything, just the email of board that’s it!ProsFirst of all it has a lot of useful features which makes managing multiple teams so easy. You can configure boards according to your need which can be shared with other members privately too, simple yet very important feature. Members can create their own boards as well which can be subscribed by anybody. So, if any of my member creates a really interesting board, I subscribe it and see the updates from that directly. Duplicating board is easy which comes in handy when creating boards for multiple timelines, this makes work a lot less. For record or sharing status with higher management you can also export the board as an excel file which I find very convenient. Deleting, Archiving are all added features used regularly. For filters, you can create your filter as per you need for better search. I also like the quick links, recent and saved searches options all resulting in less time consumption and more output. This software has a lot of flexibility and helps in better output for sure. You can also recover you files from recycle bin within 30 days. There is lot of scope for customization, like assigning tasks to different groups, board customization, adding timelines and so on. ConsThere is nothing as such to write in this section. I pretty much like everything about this software. It had made my life so easy. I’m sure about the cost of it as I don’t handle that department.

  13. A robust project management tool for every needMonday.com helps team collaborate and manage projects of any sort and size easily, with fully customizable dashboards and task lists.ProsMonday.com is almost too good to be true. It’s flexible, it comes with a ton of customizations and automations, and it lets you manage any type of project in whatever way you please. We’re using it daily and it makes our lives so much better. Oh, and their support is superb.ConsFirst off, pricing. Monday is not cheap, and they charge by sets of seats instead of individual seats. So if you’re a team of 6 – you have to pay for 10 seats, which – on a software that isn’t too cheap – can be pretty annoying. On top of that, their Android app is sub-par, and I find myself using the mobile web version instead of the dedicated app.Reasons for Choosing monday.com Monday seemed to be better suited for supporting larger teams and more projects simultaneously – plus they have more automations and integrations, which was crucial for us.
    Reasons for Switching to monday.com Monday seemed to be better suited for supporting larger teams and more projects simultaneously.

  14. Never miss a beat!Monday has helped us to lessen missed tasks and deadlines for projects overall. Communication amongst teams has never been easier!ProsThe design. Monday makes assigning tasks for projects simple. The way the platform is setup is great, modern and easy to navigate for all.ConsThe integration with Hubspot (the crm we use) could be more streamlined but overall it still accomplishes our main wants and needs Reasons for Choosing monday.com Easy of use as well as overall advanced functionality compared to the others.
    Reasons for Switching to monday.com We were using Hubspot, Slack and Trello as a combo to organize our tasks as well as simply google calendar. Tasks were being drops, some weren’t even being assigned correctly with how fast pace our company is.

  15. Great for cross-team alignment and for prioritizing my own very full platePersonally I feel far more in control of my workload across projects than before we used it. On a broader scale, it is working extremely well on a project we are doing with a range of internal tasks and functions as well as an external software developer and a separate person for support and testing. Everyone is clear on status and what is supposed to happen next. A third scenario where it has worked well for us is a couple of start-ups we are participating in with a further different set of people. I enjoy using it and intend to broaden my use of the tool. ProsI really liked that I could make it reflect our business world instead of having to tailor our world to the software as so often happens. I work with a number of different projects, organisations and people, as well as external service providers. It is quick and easy to create different Boards and spaces to best suit a particular project and then share with the relevant people. Unexpectedly, I also found it good to use as a library for references and info on different projects . Many teams may prefer using Slack or other team tools for that. I guess it depends on the size and complexity of your operation, and also what habits are already in place. Monday has interfaces for Slack and other tools but i have not tried them. I also like that you can use Monday for repeatable processes and light workflows, as well as projects and task management. The tutorials and info available help make it easy to see how to get the most our of the software. The phone interface is easy to use and makes it simple to keep tabs on what is happening, or add tasks and updates on the move.ConsOne thing I did not like is that as soon as you go over the number of invited guests permitted for your package, they commence a process to automatically upgrade you to a more expensive one. At least they do warn you so we were able to tidy up on guests and cancel the additional cost upgrade before it occurred. But I would far rather get a warning or error message when trying to add the guest that crosses the limit.Reasons for Choosing monday.com Mostly ease of use as we began trying to use it after seeing how well it worked with our external team collaboration. Each of the other tools we tried had positives and probably could have done the job. Monday.com just slotted in more easily, was easily mastered by new collaborators and thus stuck and expanded in use.

  16. Can’t Live Without ItAwesome! Just overall awesome. ProsI honestly couldn’t run my business without this at this point. Monday.com has become a vital piece of software for my business and managing my team. I work with a LOT of contractors and clients and I can base everything in Monday.com. I also love how I can customize it to fit whatever project I am working on in a great way. Cons1. The mobile app is hard to use in my opinion and takes a little while to navigate. 2. I do find some things I want to customize and do I can’t because its not a feature offered by monday.com. Mainly to do with formulas or something like that. The formula options are pretty limiting but thats not a big deal to me. Reasons for Choosing monday.com I tried just about every project management software out there…I really did. Like 50 of them. And I just kept coming back to monday.com for the features, ease of use, and overall look and functionality.

  17. An Interesting Web-Based Project Management Tool Monday.com is a terrific cloud/internet based project management software that keeps our projects moving towards our deadlines. While the user interface is not very intuitive, once you take the time to learn its features and functions, you can truly build management boards that keep your tasks and projects well on track for any deadlines. The software has a treasure chest of functions and features that once learned and understood make Monday.com a novel tool. ProsIn an entire company, Monday.com is wonderful because it truly allows each team and department to build entire boards to manage projects, deadlines, and people specific to their team. These boards can remain visible or private to the remainder of the company; controlling which information is shared and when. Additionally, the seemingly endless amount of editable features on a board allow you to make a board that is very custom and specific to you and you teams needs. For example, you are able to track progress, set deadlines, assign projects, add tags, link to other boards, and upload/link to files. Monday.com can also integrate to your email to send you notifications daily or upon being mentioned. ConsUnfortunately, Monday.com’s greatest con is that it is not user-friendly, intuitive, or straight-forward to learn. Amongst our organization, I have taken the time to learn the software in greater depth than most and I regularly find myself having to assist and educate my colleagues on how to do what they are trying to accomplish. It does not make for a satisfy initial experience and can often discourage first time users. Similarly, when a user does come across an issue or something that they are unable to complete, their customer service and online forum is not very helpful either.

  18. Best project management tool on the marketIt is the best project management platform I have seen on the market. Free trial, very reasonable pricing. A very flexible user interface that satisfies every professional need regardless of your field. ProsI signed up for the free trial version of monday.com and immediately realized what a great tool it is! I have worked with Asana, Slack and Basecamp before but they don’t even come close to monday.com. It gives you so many options for customization that no matter what field or profession you are in, you will find the right setting and layout. They offer great tutorial videos and the user interface is very easy to use. You can keep all your tasks and projects in the same place, assign people to tasks, add deadlines. One of my favorite tools is that you can ask for an update on a pending project with 1 click – instead of constantly emailing and calling your team – which can make them frustrated. The other great tool is the automatic notification builder, that helps you stay up to date and constantly notifies you based on your settings. You can even build up tasks that depens on the previous task so your team members will know when you rely their task to be completed so you can start your part. The pricing is very reasonable and they are customer service team is great, too! ConsI have been using monday.com for a few weeks and never had any problems with the program, the only annoying thing is they push their social media and youtube advertising really hard, so I keep getting ads every day but that is how they grew. Reasons for Switching to monday.com Monday.com offers a lot more customization and a lot better user interface.

  19. Monday.com ReviewOver all my experience with Monday was a 50/50 split some things I loved and some things were lacking in functionality for what we needed. Overall I didn’t hate it. At the end of the day it just wasn’t what we needed to be productive. I think for other users who are using it for design, and business marketing it would be a phenomenal program and the price is very affordable even if you are a small company. Monday might be what you need to get your productivity up to become an even bigger company. ProsI liked how Monday.com allows for easy collaboration with team members. It does take some getting used to for me it was easy to get used to because I am more of a computer person and have had many different experiences with a lot of different programs. Everyone else on my team is the complete opposite, however because of Monday.com’s modern website design people were able to grasp it because the design is easy on the eyes if that makes sense. It is almost like an easy/drag and drop version of excel. Aside from the design I did love that there were different calendar views like Kanban view and the map view especially. The other things I loved was the forms integration, which made it easy to transfer our clients over from one program to another. As they came in they filled out the short form and were integrated into the calendar pretty easily. Lastly I loved the status column. I was going to use it to check in clients. Red for when they arrived to their appointments, Yellow for when they were waiting and Green for when they were done and waiting on their transportation back home. ConsThere were a couple of things that I did not like, which made us only use Monday for a short period of time. For one we are a mental health therapy center and we do A LOT of scheduling. While there is a template to schedule clients. It is more so for a few clients and not hundreds. We have multiple therapists and may want to view their appointments sometimes together and sometimes separately and Monday started to get somewhat bulky when trying to do this. We tried doing multiple boards for each therapist and then we tried doing each board as a day of the week and in the end we had too many boards and it was still and either you view this person or that person but not both. On top of that we also schedule activities with clients and that would have been a whole separate view as well. The last thing that we needed was to make recurring appointments for clients that are seen every Tuesday or for ones that are seen every other Thursday etc. This task was extremely bulky and involved using a 3rd party service.

  20. Always OnThis software can help you organize everything from your marketing plan to your comic book collection; if you can think of a way to organize data, milestones, or responsible parties – Monday.com can do it!Pros-Only limited by your imagination -World Class customer service and development team -Intuitive user interface -Powerful data manipulation and exporting toolsCons-The learning curve can be a little overwhelming -New features come out so quick that sometimes there isn’t time to adjust to the old ones! -The mobile app can be a little clunky and does not utilize all the features of the desktop/web appReasons for Choosing monday.com User interface!

  21. Best Team PM Tool AvailableI work on Monday.com with one of my clients who utilizes it for managing multiple projects with a variety of internal *and* external team members. It’s easy to have everyone on the same page, makes communicating easy, and is VERY easy for the uninitiated to get up and running quickly.ProsMonday.com is straight out of the box simple to learn and yet it has a huge variety of features to make it as robust as you need it to be. The ability to quickly set up projects, timelines, teams, and tasks is just really almost too easy. Also love being able to easily switch between views (table, Kanban, calendar, etc.) that speak to the way my mind works. Compared to other PM cloud tools that I have used (Trello, Asana, Teamwork, etc.) I found Monday.com to be far easier to get going quickly and without a huge learning curve. Their Knowledge Base is vast, and the customer service is also great. Tips & tricks pop up to help enhance the UX without being annoying. They actually seem to be listening to the user audience and carefully implement improvements that make sense.ConsHaven’t found any downsides yet! Seriously it’s so easy to use I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop!Reasons for Switching to monday.com The client made the switch as they did not feel that Trello was scalable and also it was confusing to the layperson to use. Required too much hand-holding for new users.

  22. Simple and Easy to Set-Up and UseGreat… we needed something very simple that any staff could use, however junior. Our staff are all around the world and English is not their main language. So Monday is perfect for us.ProsIt’s just totally simple to set-up and onbaord/remove staff. The screens are super easy to review. I never have any questions from my team about how to use this platform.ConsMonday is just a project management tool. But doesn’t have any chat or video tools inside it. Meaning that all collaboration has to be built around a specific project and users post comments on the project. There is no IM chat functionality whether around the project or in general. Meaning that we have to also rely on other tools, just as Skype which have chat and video features. It would be useful if chat and video were integrated into Monday.Reasons for Choosing monday.com Trello, Slack and Teams have more features. But are significantly more complex to set-up and use than Monday. Asana was a close second to Monday. But overall Monday has the best UI for project management.

  23. Everything you need in one platformA great software that enables us to be happy individuals in business life .. Easy to use, flexible and functional, a product with excellent service. I am happy to have this experience.ProsAll in one I like the comfort of managing in the workspace. Thanks to Monday.com, it became very easy to plan, monitor and present our team’s work. Having the display feature helped me a lot. It is great to work by viewing the data as a map, calendar, timeline, kanban and visualizing the work.The fact that it is flexible, has a lot of customization and automation makes this software very useful. It would be annoying to try to maintain the workflow on a constrained inelastic platform.But Monday.com does not do this, it offers us an excellent service for us to work in the most comfortable way, so I love this product, it makes our business life easier and takes all the burden on us with this beautiful service.ConsI found the price a little high, but compared to the service it offers, it turns into a very reasonable price.Reasons for Switching to monday.com I switched to monday.com because of the slow loading of pages and reports, which I do not like the speed of usage.

  24. monday.com and never go backJuggling a multitude various tasks and projects with a mostly remote team can be hard enough. Learning a new software, especially a project management software shouldn’t be difficult as well. This system, in my opinion, is the absolute cleanest and easiest-to-use project management platform on the market. Deceptively simple in design, this platform offers a robust (and fun) way to track all of your individual and team projects. This platform requires minimal hands-on time for set up and templates are easy enough to customize for special needs.ProsThe clean design is my absolute favorite thing about this platform. Badly designed project management platforms just create noise around data. Onboarding teammates is incredibly fast since the interface is so intuitive, which has lead to higher adoption.ConsNothing. Absolutely nothing. I wish more people in my organization were on this as opposed to Trello or Jira.Reasons for Choosing monday.com The price and overall design were infinitely better than all other options. It wasn’t really a contest.

  25. Versatile project and task management for anythingProsHave tried a lot of software, nothing comes close to the versatility of this software. Can be slightly higher cost than alternatives but is a great replacement for excel, databases and a project manager. Webforms can also be used to collect info. Swinging between project, gant, maps is easy.ConsThe chat/mention system is probably a bit more confusing than other systems. However, I wish that i had found this solution earlier, we have across multiple project management providers as haven’t found the right solution. Reasons for Choosing monday.com Features
    Reasons for Switching to monday.com Better features, can track costs etc in columns

  26. Great tool for project managementAll-in-all, it does what I need it to do. It keeps track of my tasks, allows me to assign projects/tasks to other people and stay up to date on the progress of those items. My other colleagues use it for more in-depth reasons, and from what I can tell, they really like the software. ProsMonday.com allows me to keep track of all of the tasks associated with a project. I’m a list maker, so this speaks to my heart. Being able to see what needs to be done, and crossing them off the virtual list when they’re complete ensures things don’t get missed. This is especially helpful when working across teams AND across departments. ConsIt was a bit tricky to learn at first. And I still don’t know how to do some things within the program. In the past I used Basecamp, which I found to be more intuitive than Monday.com. But, from what I can tell, Monday has a richer feature set, which allows for more customization. So if that’s what someone wants, that’s a definite pro. Reasons for Switching to monday.com I believe leaders on the Marketing team wanted the option for more customization. I was not involved in this decision.

  27. Cannot Remember Life Without Monday.comBefore, our team was working almost entirely through extremely long emails, but now we use Monday.com for everything, from project planning & management to internal team goal-setting and tracking to process documentation. I really can’t remember what it was like without the magnitude of boards my team now has. ProsMonday.com excels at what it is most important for – task tracking and project management. The user interface is very smooth and highly customizable to get to everything I need, whether is is tracking a big project for months or helping me keep my small tasks straight throughout the week. They put in a bunch of nice touches, like an animation that changes when you mark something as done, which sometimes changes by season. It makes me even happier to mark a task as done!ConsWe upload a lot of files to Monday.com as our primary way to collaborate on files, but there is no versioning, so we end up with a lot of attachments in each task, which easily gets confusing. In addition, timeline views and Gantt charts, you often have to get creative with the way you use filters and settings since options are limited, but Monday.com’s customizability can be a blessing and a curse in that regard. You can pretty much always get to the view of what you want, but it may take a bit of time to figure it out. The only other thing is the mobile app iOS version works in a pinch, but still has a lot of functionalities missing. Reasons for Choosing monday.com We have an organization-wide license, so our department had no choice, but still have no regrets!

  28. Collaborative spreadsheets with many time saving and useful featuresMonday has allowed us to streamline our processes and enables me to see at a glance what projects we have on, where our projects are and what projects are falling behind on timescales etc. As an architectural company we take every client/ job through a complicated process and need to keep track of multiple different 3rd parties (Council, Engineers etc) and multiple different processs (survey, planning, building regs etc). Monday allows us to do this with ease and with the posts and check boxes it allows me to understand where 100’s of projects are whenever I need.ProsSimple to use. Very visual orientated – looks good and is easy to understand. Can be tailored to any business model/process. New features are being released all the time. Very engaged company that are listening to their clients and happy to help. Speeds up workflow and allows much greater management of projects, clients, staff and time. Great for to do lists and collaborative working.ConsMany superfluous features for our business that are pushed frequently (though I appreciate other business would appreciate them). Would work great if it could collaborate/access online services like Dropbox/GDrive for file management etc. Bit of an odd name – “can you make sure you update Monday” sounds odd. I actually preferred the old name “Dapulse” as we internaly just called it Pulse (which I think fits best as the software allows me to keep my fingers on the pulse of all my projects!)

  29. Amazing Project Management Tool Just a solid program that has a host of great features. I’m also a big fan of their webinars that show features like automation (that one was a game changer for me). ProsLove, love, love Monday.com software. It makes inter-departmental projects so much easier to manage. In addition, the automations and integrations it has is really a game changer for efficiency and notifications. Big fan of the forms tool as well to get requestors/clients to do the heavy lifting by filling in the tasks. ConsThere really isn’t much to dislike about this platform. It really is a great software for managing projects, primarily if you work in marketing where you collaborate with content, creative, and promotions.

  30. Monday.com is a MUST for organization!I would still be using Excel sheets to keep track of our admissions process if I had not found this program. I can’t imagine not having it. It has truly allowed us to do multiple tasks at once and keep our team on track. I can’t recommend this enough. It is super easy to use and the color coded boxes and ability to drag/drop make it a breeze!ProsI use this daily to keep track of how students progress through our application process. Our SIS doesn’t allow for the functionality of what Monday.com can do. I was looking at other products and they didn’t have what we needed or seemed confusing to use. I saw an ad for Monday.com and knew it was exactly what we were looking for as a team!ConsHonestly, there isn’t anything I don’t like about using it. Reasons for Switching to monday.com I was looking for a product that would have more functions without having to put in multiple formulas.

  31. The Best Project Management SoftwareOverall, Monday has become one of my favorite programs. I love the functionality, integrations, automation, and ease of use it offers. Everyone I show it to catches on quickly and learns to love what it does. My clients love it and have often purchased it for their own businesses. ProsMonday.com is by far the easiest and best project management software I have come across. It is easy to use and streamlined. I love the functionality and different options it has to manage business flows and projects. Monday allows my company to work independently and together with their automation and comprehensive project tracking. I recommend it highly. ConsMonday is a few years old at this point, but still has the occasional bug or messy function. They are few and far between but I do sometimes find myself wishing a feature was more streamlined. On a positive note though, they do take feedback very seriously and work to make things better all the time. Reasons for Switching to monday.com I don’t find zoho to be intuitive to me. The team I was working with loved it, but honestly I found it over complicated and tedious to put tasks in & thus found that the team avoided using it.

  32. OrganizedI use Monday daily as do my co-workers. It is a great way to transmit information and store it in one place and when you need to look something up you are not searching emails. Things are neatly sorted and easily accessible. It is user friendly and even the receptionist can look at the schedule and let a client know where we are at with a project. ProsThis software keeps you organized and on top of due dates. It sends reminder emails and allows you to sort and classify with ease. It is customizable to accommodate the needs of your company – for us we use it to track jobs, bid dates, job information, requests for quotes, schedules, RFI requests, addendums, etc. It is useful for the PM, the field and the estimator and convenient for the accounting department. Allows you to track trends and hit rates as well ConsOnly the administrator has the ability to make changes and manage users, which can take some time if you have a busy admin. Reasons for Switching to monday.com The owner made the switch due to ease financial costs as well as his ease to change things without having to go through the company representative for updates, changes, etc.

  33. Top-Tier Project Management with Minor Customization FlawsOverall, this platform is incredible if you are not looking to extend its provided feature-set. This is rarely a problem for most users since it already provides a massive amount of features, but it seems as though they are relying on providing the average user with everything they need while leaving the developers empty-handed when looking to extend the feature-set.ProsThe most valuable part of this software, in my opinion, is the massive amount of flexibility in project board layout and structure. Monday takes away all the major restrictions of other project management software and gives you the flexibility you need to structure your workflows to your liking. This flexibility allowed our firm to bring all project management, lead management, and client management into a single platform.ConsOne issue that I had with this software was the lack of flexibility with the API. As a developer, I am always looking to automate my workflow as much as possible, but I ran into many barriers when trying to implement the API into my custom software. This was a pain and eventually I stopped attempting to work around the lack of features I needed.

  34. I can’t even imagine how my life would be without Monday.comI use this software daily. It’s so easy to set-up and very user-friendly. I turned all my friends to customers of the app. I love the customer support, literally, they respond within minutes. I messaged them on Black Friday and I got a response in 10 minutes. That’s EPIC!ProsTime Tracking and Team Collaborations are my top used functions. I love being able to see where I am at with my work and how my team is doing too. ConsIt doesn’t integrate with Pomodoro. I use my PC to remind me to take breaks every 45 mins. Reasons for Choosing monday.com Easy of use was a biggy! Pricing is AMAZING!
    Reasons for Switching to monday.com Toggle didn’t integrate with Shift.com

  35. monday.com 2021 reviewMy overall experience is awesome. Never had such great experience and user interface before. It is rich and educating even when you don’t know how to start managing your project.ProsMonday.com is a very great and robust platform for managing your project. I use monday.com to manage my business projects and tasks from start to finish. The workspace template feature is amazing in the sense that I can easily get an already made interface with no hassle of creating such an interface from scratch. They have both a free and paid plan that allows me to test their product before upgrading. Their collaboration features are second to none and can easily integrate with other collaboration software such as slack. Monday.com platform is very easy to sign up and use using their tour features. They make it easy to automate your task status and timing. Monday.com allows me and my team to work on our client projects that are trackable.ConsI think adding a feature that will enable me to add an image when adding a new task will be appreciated. Some of our customers love to see visible images for proper illustration. Monday.com has fewer cons since they are constantly improving the platform.

  36. Keeps Project Management Manageable Overall we have been thrilled with monday.com. This was our third management software and we are extremely happy with the features provided as well as the customer service. They are very quick to respond and take into consideration new features.ProsMonday.com allows you to set up board templates that we use when we have a new project. This cuts down on project setup time significantly.ConsThis product is on the pricier side. There is no free version so it is definitely a commitment for the software.Reasons for Switching to monday.com We made the switch because Trello didn’t have as many features as Monday.com

  37. Very effective Project management toolProsThe best part about this application is its graphical UI. We can make and alter venture subtle elements and plans by means of our versatile/tablets instead of utilizing through work area PC and the progressions are refreshed rapidly. We can download the application and even utilize it disconnected, in circumstances of downtimes this is simply cool! We can make shading coding for various assignments and customize the look and feel of the dashboards as indicated by your desire. Despite the fact that there are bugs experienced on occasion, they are settled absent much slack. Also, about their client benefit, they are only magnificent in responsiveness. The plan for the day encourages us to rebuild the work processes as indicated by our necessities.ConsAs we increment the quantity of individuals, limit, and utilize, we found that the product is getting slower. Bringing in highlights, particularly in mass needs greater change. Relegating subtasks to numerous individuals is a significant grim assignment. The cost rockets as we increment the quantity of clients, and this gets too high in expense in contrast with an undertaking administration apparatus.

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