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Our score: 9.6
User satisfaction: 98%


  • Appealing user interface
  • Easy-to-understand task management system
  • Easily customizable dashboard system


  • File storage limits on lower tiers
  • No timeline or calendar views for lowest tier


  • Ease of Use 9.4/10
  • Support 9.5/10
  • Pricing 9.8/10
  • Features 9.7/10 helps teams manage their tasks and workflows. An attractive interface and high level of customization don’t make up for its confusing pricing, though.

What is Monday CRM? is one of the market’s leading collaboration and communication apps for teams including those working remotely. It is ideal for task management or project management, as it syncs all information in a single, accessible hub, and empowers agents and team members to make important decisions together. Thanks to its compactness, is the leading solution in our project management software category, and winner of our Supreme SoftwareExpert’s Choice, and Great User Experience Award.’s key field of action is streamlining contribution, and helping teams and departments perform in the best possible way. Another thing to be appreciated about is how it assembles and displays progress data in a logical and understandable manner, making it possible for all team members to keep track of projects and common operations. Meanwhile, makes sure they will have the necessary incentives to contribute to tasks and assignments, even if those are not directly connected to their role in the company.

As an end-user of this platform, you will also enjoy a neat, well-organized, and collaboration-first interface, that reminds you on many occasions of profiles on favorite social networks and common methods of interaction. Regardless of whether you’ve used a similar app before, can be embraced with no training or preparation. Yet, the company packed and offered a number of training materials for novice users which you can find on their website or YouTube channel.

What is often considered to be monday’s most distinctive advantage compared to similar systems is the advanced scheduling capability, which applies both to task and project management, and helps companies get rid of arcane paperwork. At the same time, it is this capability that makes sure there will be no manual entry errors, and which makes the brand even more trustworthy and reliable in the eyes of prospective buyers. Satisfied users, for instance, put forward timely delivery, claiming that deserves a closer look, and so do our experts.

FinancesOnline appreciates foremost the speed and responsiveness of this system, and the unique combination of project and activity management with collaboration features. All team members are assembled on a single board, promptly notified and alerted, and enabled to store all relevant discussions in a searchable database.

Furthermore, as a communication hub, acts as the central place to integrate your other key communication channels such as Slack, Zoom, email and Microsoft Teams. Your team can share files, feedback, and ideas, while helping you assign tasks, get progress updates and generally have a big picture of everyone’s activities all in a consolidated location.

To make matters even better, is well-connected with leading apps of its kind, reasonably priced (prices start at $39/month, billed annually), and equipped with powerful searching capabilities and unlimited storage. As your business grows and expands, will make it painless to shift to a premium version (Standard, Pro, or Enterprise), and acquire some of the platform’s premium features, VIP priority support, impeccable security, and hands-free maintenance. You can also purchase packages for more users. For those who would like to give the platform a test-drive prior to their purchase, there is a free trial available.

Is Monday CRM right for your business? doesn’t charge per person. Instead, it has prices for groups up to a certain number. For example, a team of up to five people starts at $49 per month. A team of up to 20 people starts at $199 per month. If you have 16 people on your team, you must pay for a plan of up to 20 people. If you have 60 people on your team, you must pay for a plan of up to 100 people. The closer your team size is to the cap, the more reasonable the rates will be.

Overview of Monday CRM Features

  • Collaborate with team members seamlessly
  • Communicate about tasks in context
  • Gauge progress at a glance
  • See all of your team’s work at a glance
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Keep everyone aligned with automations
  • Create custom notifications
  • Sync with Gmail and Outlook
  • Email updates – send updates by email
  • Integrate the platform with Slack, Dropbox, Pipedrive, and more
  • Document and manage work all in one place
  • Measure your team’s progress and document achievements
  • Onboard new employees easily
  • Grant user permissions to protect privacy of certain data
  • Upload files directly from Adobe for easy peer review
  • Leave live comments on visuals
  • Reduce emails and meetings

Overview of Monday CRM Benefits has many unique capabilities that can boost the performance of any business, whether you’re working together in the office or from around the world. The development team managed to assemble many important features in a compact, yet easy to use package. From your very first encounter with’s private and shared boards, you will be convinced that you couldn’t have made a better choice for your business.

How exactly does enhance productivity? Let’s check:

Easy access & constant monitoring uses a unique board concept, which means it provides in-depth insights into your projects or tasks as well as the team’s overall performance with customizable dashboards and embedded analytics. Most teams start with a main board that lists all of their work and the team members in charge (or other parties interested to track the process). If you have clients or vendors, you can even give them partial access to the board so they can oversee certain processes as necessary. Finally, because all of a team’s work is clearly displayed on the platform, it saves managers time and energy they can devote to more important strategic operations.

A platform you can tailor to your needs

On’s low-code platform, teams can build custom solutions for any of their unique processes with powerful drag-and-drop technology. Start with one of the platform’s 200+ ready-made templates, and add some of the 20+ column types, apps, widgets, automations, and formulas. Regardless of how unique your workflows are, can create a digital workspace that supports your needs. Then if you need something special you can’t find, your operations team can develop an app that works on top of The possibilities are truly endless. Whether you need a CRM or a recruitment pipeline, can truly do it all.

Devoted to easy collaboration

Collaboration is where shines the most, as all agents need to do to discuss or change an action is to click on it. This also means that collaborators are able to add comments on any update, ask questions and start discussions, and make comments on new files. To make the exchange of information even easier, allows the uploading of different types of files and leaving notes; as well as following a live Facebook/Twitter activity feed that records discussions as they come along.

Always there for you’s customer service team is available 24/7, and they have incredibly quick response times. It is almost as if you were becoming part of a large family, as agents will constantly share boards and issues, offer innovations, and make sure you’re utilizing the system to its full potential.

Excellent for reporting and analytics

Use high-level overviews and embedded dashboards to gather key insights into your team’s performance and make better data-driven decisions. Whether you want to gauge workload capacity, sales metrics per representative, or campaign performance, has you covered. With’s drag-and-drop dashboards, you can embed graphs and charts directly into your team’s workspace.

Well integrated

When it comes to integrations, there is little hasn’t done in order to become part of an established software ecosystem. It is tightly connected to Dropbox, Zapier, G-suite, and similar sharing and management tools, and also comes with open API architecture that lets developers build their own integrations. It fits seamlessly into your life with over 30 crucial integrations.

Technical details

Deployment Devices Support
Cloud Hosted
Open API
Live Support
Customer Types Pricing Model
Small Business
Medium Business
Large Enterprises
Monthly payment
Annual Subscription
Language Support

Monday CRM Pricing Overview

Free Trial Individual Basic Standard Pro
$0 $10 $12 $20
Contact Sales

Pricing information for Monday CRM is supplied by the software provider or retrieved from publicly accessible pricing materials. Final cost negotiations to purchase Monday CRM must be conducted with the seller.

This is the one area where falls short for me. Its pricing system is very complicated since it is based on user and feature tiers. While this kind of custom pricing is appealing, since no one wants to pay for more than what they actually need, its prices tend to run a little high in my opinion.’s pricing tiers are separated into four categories:

  • Basic: Unlimited project viewers, unlimited boards, iOS and Android apps, 5GB file storage limit, 1 week activity log limit, 1 dashboard limit
  • Standard: All the features included in the Basic plan, 50GB file storage limit, unlimited activity log, 4 guest accounts, timeline view, calendar view, advanced search, custom forms, integrations access, 3 dashboard limit
  • Pro: All the features included in the Standard plan, unlimited file storage, unlimited guest accounts, time tracking, chart views, formula columns, private boards, 10 dashboards
  • Enterprise: All the features included in the Pro plan, 25 dashboards, audit logs, user session management, advanced account permissions, one-on-one training, dedicated customer success manager

Of course, each tier is more expensive than the last, but the pricing differences don’t end there. It even breaks down pricing by nine separate user counts:

  • 2 users
  • 5 users
  • 15 users
  • 25 users
  • 50 users
  • 100 users
  • 200 users
  • 200+ users
3 Users $24 $29 $48 Contact
5 Users $39 $49 $79 Contact
10 Users $79 $99 $159 Contact
15 Users $119 $149 $239 Contact
20 Users $159 $199 $319 Contact
25 Users $199 $249 $399 Contact
30 Users $239 $299 $479 Contact
40 Users $319 $399 $639 Contact
50 Users Contact Contact Contact Contact
100 Users Contact Contact Contact Contact
200+ Users Contact Contact Contact Contact

Getting started with Monday CRM — how easy is it to use?

As someone who deals in a heavy dose of cynicism on a daily basis, I find myself scoffing at most marketing gimmicks, slogans, and advertisements going above and beyond to sell me the idea that this product or service will solve my problems and alleviate my daily stresses. So when I saw the words “easy, visual, intuitive” on the website, I felt a tinge of cynicism. After all, the company renamed its product from “Da Pulse” to the day of the week least associated with being easy… monday. *groans*

Well, threw my cynicism back in my face with a user interface that was pleasing to look at and easy to use. operates in what it calls a “board” system. Every aspect of your project is kept under its own board.

(’s board system.) describes its board system like an open office: So long as you are a user that is subscribed to that board, you can see everything that is being done. Each board groups tasks into separate task lists. Each task has horizontally listed status columns with its own set of customizable progress indicators so you can track each project action as it happens.

This function is pretty similar to a task list function, but with its own unique flair that sets it apart from other standard task management features. Each status button has a dog ear–like function that allows you to leave comments or pin resources and files to each task, making resource storage easy to track.

(Dog-ear system in

If task lists aren’t your style, can also turn your scheduler into a visual Gantt-like chart that maps out all of your team members and the tasks they are currently working on. Similar to Asana, also allows you to see the current bandwidth of your team on the far right side of the user row, which gives you the opportunity to balance out tasks and delegate work without creating overload for one or two team members.

(’s timeline system.)

As you can see with the sample Chocolate Factory scenario above, every client is mapped out based on their status and how long it has taken to seal the deal with each one.

Setting all of this up required no special plugins or add-ons. Everything you would need to create and track a workflow is made obvious right from the start, giving you time to work on your projects, rather than your software becoming the project. has the simplicity of a collaboration tool, yet also gives you the option to go deeper if need be. If you’re looking to create budgets, the Pro plan allows you to use the Formula Column feature to make calculations across different columns. This way you can create your own budget boards and track project expenses. All you have to do is follow the guide and use the pre-made formulas to create trackers for profit margins, budget rollovers, and expense reports.

Everything about revolves around simplicity and its tool reflects that. At the end of it all, I just wish they would change the name, but that’s just me.

Frequently Asked Questions for

Is there a free version of

No, unfortunately, does not offer a free version of its software. However, it does offer a free trial of the Pro features tier for seven days. While this trial period is helpful since the Pro tier offers all of the different functions of the software, I don’t feel as though a week is a sufficient amount of time to find out if a project management tool is right for you.

However, as of 2020, offers discounted plans for students, nonprofits, or those dedicating their efforts to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who fall into the last category only have to fill out a form explaining their efforts and provide the proper documentation to prove their nonprofit or NGO status. It’s great to see that is trying to get its OS product into the hands of customers who need it but can’t afford the full price.

What kinds of teams and projects work best with

As I said before, the beauty of is just how simple and feature-heavy its software is. This makes perfect for all kinds of teams and projects. Most projects use task lists, task status functions, resource management, project timelines, and communication features. The only thing that’ll hold back some teams from using is the price tag.

So if your team or project has the budget for a tool like, rest assured knowing that this project management software is flexible enough for you.

What kind of customer support does offer?

Sometimes a software is only as good as its support. Luckily, excels at customer support. They offer FAQs, webinars, community forums, video tutorials, an extensive knowledge base, phone support, and even a dedicated customer success manager at the Enterprise level.

You’ll never go without help when using

If you want to plan, track, and complete your projects with ease, be sure to try out!

  • Ease of Use 9.4/10
  • Support 9.5/10
  • Pricing 9.8/10
  • Features 9.7/10

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