1. Accurate Budget ProjectsThinking about business, data and time, all are gold to take decisions, to know what is business and what’s not, NetSuite CRM let you to capture all the data inside their modules, to see the real cost of the business to develop and the budget necessary to launch each project, once you know this you can have the decisions on your hands, or real approximately cost, Netsuite CRM can integrate all real ongoing operations, within several departments (Sales Force, Inventory and Supply departments, Infrastructure ). With this tool you could have the accurate information of work needed on to start something, the integration of all the departments of the company inside this tool could make you run faster through your daily operation. All departments have their place in this party, all departments are important to make your business grow. With this you just have to worry about the process, to make this happen. ProsThe integration with several departments is very efficient, when you are handling projects inside a projectized enterprise, you need to integrate several departments with many people involved, with this tool, you can organize the work, to fill in each part the parth whom it concern to each one of the team. In our case (operations department), we use the Location cost Module, and it is a very efficient module for us, we capture all the data collected on our site survey, and the module tell us, the cost, and all the infrastructure needed to build the project, and if something are missing in our stock, logistics and materials can be awarded of the material needed to buy, all by the same system; After this step, all the information is delivered to Sales Force to make the negotiation, and then make the things happens. ConsSometimes, you have to take your time to into the needs of the projects to have the accurate information that you need. Sometimes, this process could be annoying, but it’s worth it, you will save so much time and headache pills after all of this. And remember this system is very flexible. Sometimes another cons for this tool is the speed, it runs slow, even when you have a high speed internet connection, so don´t be anxious or desperate when you are working on this tool.

  2. Versatility and functionalityGenerally fast, user-friendly and well-supported. Versatile and has functionality for everything imaginable, if one has the knowledge or time to learn how to e.g. write SQL.ProsHighly customizable, web-based, allowed for different roles and accessibility, reporting and scheduling capabilities were a huge factor.ConsIt can be very challenging to create advanced reports or searchesReasons for Switching to NetSuite CRM Netsuite offered a web-based platform with better custom options and more user-friendly interface.

  3. Easy to use, but also hard to useWe had to have someone form nlNetsuite stay with us and show us how to use it for an extended period of time. They had to make a bunch of changes for it to work for us, so we’re switching CRM soonProsEasy to put orders in, with products and prices loaded, it’s really easy to place even large orders ConsSearch has to be perfect, it doesn’t help with near misses. Had to keep track of current prospects and customers without consent report generation. Difficult to use as a CRM at times, with complicated processes.

  4. NetSuite CRM needs improvementProsIt has a lot of detail for each customer/account and since it is part of NetSuite you don’t have to deal with the sync process of using another program.ConsVery difficult to use and nothing is user friendly. Adding calendar events, notes, etc. are just eacy to enter or lookup. The mobile app is basically non-functional as it only give the very basic information on each account. There is no way to schedule routes. Reasons for Choosing NetSuite CRM We didn’t choose NS CRM%2B. We ended up going with Salesforce and syncing it with NetSuite via integrator.io.

  5. A lot of features but confusing ProsA lot of features, great training program ConsConfusing on how to enter donors, sync the bank account and kids we help. Reasons for Switching to NetSuite CRM NetSuite was more for nonprofits then QuickBooks

  6. Ex-Consultant and Current AdminProsInitial cost and on going costs are comparatively speaking very low. You can normally get away with having a first year cost of around %24150-%24300k depending on products and company size %2B/- additional pro services or 3rd party implementation teams. Additionally, the customization ability allows a good admin and dev team with proper business acumen to really create a system that reflects the current processes within the organization.ConsEase of customization and relative complexity of permissions can lead to users having more power than they should and accidentally or purposefully creating or changing forms and database components. Additionally pro services can be less than knowledgeable and may lead users down canned or bad practices.

  7. As good a view of the customer as our team entersSupport can see what services is doing and vice versa. Finance can see both too.ProsAutomation, sharing and collection of data about the customer experience all in one place. It is pretty easy to use if you take a little time to get familiar with it, but you have to make an effort to use to good capability. Its only as good as you put in; if your team doesn’t record the interactions, then you don’t have the data.ConsAnalytics on notes are almost impossible and so much is hidden in the notes. The reports have some features while others are available in searches – and reports are difficult while searches are easy. Searching is limited to 3 step relationship, but that is supposed to come to five steps soon.

  8. Too Confusing and not Enough Help to LearnThis was a poweful CRM to use. It kept records of calls, emails, conversations organized very easily and really helped my company to increase the efficiency of our customer outreach. ProsWhat I loved about Netsuite is that it is completely malleable to your business and almost any possible use you could need it for. CRM, check. Customer database, check. If memory serves me correctly you can even potentially run your payroll and company accounting through it. It is a truly powerful software if used correctly and maximized.ConsIt is WAY TOO CONFUSING to use for someone who does not have previous experience using it. When my company had NetSuite I literally had to be on the phone with a support rep or my account manager to train my team on how to use it. This is probably due to it’s immense power, but still. It’s also super expensive.

  9. Extensive CRMProsYou can literally do everything from marketing, to customer service, to sales in one program.ConsThis CRM can be overwhelming to new or small businesses that are not familiar with automated workflows or site integration.

  10. Highly Complex, Best for Large and Decentralized BusinessesProsIt is an all-in-one tool that I used as both a project manager and as the marketing coordinator after a lateral promotion. For project management, it was ideal. As there were several teams located around the globe, we were able to store documents and statistics related to the project for easy project handover and to support our teammates when needed. As marketing coordinator, I was able to send out mass email campaigns to our clients and leads, specifying the list or client type/industry as desired. It was convenient to do this through one system without having to use a free email campaign service that would have a footnote at the bottom of the email indicating we used it. Finally, I helped code customer satisfaction surveys to track our performance on a project-by-project basis. The surveying was also used to understand the needs of our clients in order to grow the business in the right direction. It doesn’t log out too fast after one is inactive, allowing you to work on other items and then turn back to the system to update it. ConsIt can be particularly complex for users who aren’t tech-savvy, and it’s important the system administrator have experience in html/html5 coding. It can be difficult for users to manage their own dashboard and navigate the interface, but so long as they have contact with the administrator who can help onsite or remotely, it’s fine. It does have an intimidating look to it, being that it can do so much. Its also not the prettiest interface I’ve ever encountered, which isn’t really important, but the semiotics of it can turn someone off.

  11. NetSuite has great system but is expensive and locked down by bureaucracyThe system works well. The only issues we’ve experienced with functionality is slow to load time that can be traced to slow response of NetSuite servers. This means that on occasion it takes 10sec, 30sec, sometimes even 60sec to load a page. Overall, this is not a frequent occurrence but it does happen. Price-wise, the system is very expensive, and other systems will deliver the same functionality for less. Also, their organizational structure makes it very difficult to get answers to questions. We’ve had consultants assigned to our account leave NetSuite and we went three months before they were replaced, during implementation! Not acceptable. We also have had a very hard time getting issues and concerns addressed by a sales manager, and there is no visibility into escalation structure, meaning we could not get a hold of a supervisor. Overall, NetSuite is going through some growing pains and has a lot of customer service issues to address in order to remain viable. ProsUI Workflows Customization Easy to navigate Detailed and robustConsExpensive Poor account management Poor customer service

  12. Good overall systemWe use NetSuite CRM%2B for accounting functions and budgeting. The budget module is primitive though. The accounting system especially inventory module is good. ProsEase of use. It’s very intuitive so a new learner can grasp the functions quite fast. ConsA number of times the software is down as it is in the cloud, and the server hosting the software has issues, causing loss of productivity for hours. This affect multiple companies that are hosted on that server. Reasons for Choosing NetSuite CRM Ease of use
    Reasons for Switching to NetSuite CRM Scale up

  13. Oracle NetSuite ReviewProsWe inherited NetSuite throughout our organization. NetSuite is our system of record for accounting purposes, our order management system, our hub for fulfillment, our CRM-SFA system for our direct sales staff, and the place where we create, edit, and control our products and services that we sell. NetSuite seems to addresses many business problems; without it, we would have a very hard time running our business. NetSuite does a great job of taking a prospect to a customer and then housing all data that comes from that relationship.ConsA few of the issues that we have found have been under documentation. It is lacking just a bit especially within the development areas. Releases are done twice annually, there are many small bugs in the system that don’t get fixed for years. The mobile apps for iPhone/Android are very poor and very limiting. Customization requires a significant amount of time and financial investment. The learning curve is pretty steep. You either need a dedicated resource who has the skill set to build customizations for every department, and every user or have lots of money to invest in additional customization from NetSuite developers.

  14. Netsuite ReviewI do enjoy Netsuite but you have to be ready for the cost.ProsNetsuite is a great product compared to a lot of ERP / CRM systems out there. Just the look and ease of use are very apparent. Most ERP systems look like an old access database program that looks a bit scary to the end user. Netsuite has also added several data centers to guarantee uptime. Netsuite is very customizable and your own company processes can be integrated into the system. They have a great API and integration capable system.ConsIt is a very expensive system. That being said, you get what you pay for. The 24 hour support is based out of the Philippines last I heard and I have many people at my company cannot understand the support staff over the phone at all.

  15. NetSuite day to dayIt’s an awesome product, though does require a solid understanding of business requirements and experienced team to implement. They could use better documentation of certain process and modules, especially how they can sometimes interfer with each other.ProsIt is a comprehensive tool that all provides users and admins great flexibility to automate tasks and workflows related to financial managementConsIn trying to do everything for everyone, it can introduce extra complexities and inter-product conflicts that require work arounds.Reasons for Choosing NetSuite CRM knew we wanted to go with NetSuite
    Reasons for Switching to NetSuite CRM lack of functionality/reporting

  16. Excellent and Robust CRMProsDoes it’s job and does it well. Netsuite holds its place as an industry leader in CRM for a reason. Multifunctional and compatible with a host of different platforms. I have worked in a wide range of call center environments, all of which have made full use of the Netsuite platform. ConsIndividual license costs can get expensive. Although well worth the cost you will want to make sure you have a way to manage your end user licenses.

  17. Netsuite is a all in-one ERP/CRM that has a wonderful market place for 3rd party appsThe ability to manage account/financials as well as CRM data, in one convenient location. It also has lots of applications developed to integrate other app data.ProsThe ability to quickly and easily integrate a payment system, with accounting, as well as the features included from a CRM. This means you get the ability to use quotes, reports, payments, documents, and all the fields (custom or standard). Recently acquired by Oracle which gives Netsuite a greater pool of resources.ConsThe UI is a bit dated and can be difficult to manage. The system release updates are also constant and sometimes requires assistance from the support teams to allow these upgrades. The oracle support network is vast with the new Oracle take over, which can cause a bit of headache when working with their support teams.

  18. NetSuite is a decent CRM however it is not as user friendly as it should be. Enables all employees to access client data in real time. Good reporting tools and ability to automated email alerts on critical KPI’s.ProsCloud-based and SaaS capable for subscription based businesses. Nice reporting tools and live data for all company users. ConsImporting of new records tedious, lack of duplication detects (one character off and you have a new record). Creating search reports not user friendly and limited.

  19. The hidden costs add upNetSuite is a very robust platform, and we have been able to consolidate virtually all of our business processes into a single system. However, the development costs associated with NetSuite are very high. We have discovered that most functionality requires a combination of add-on modules and custom software development, and our spending in NetSuite has been several times greater than anticipated. NetSuite is also not very user friendly, so we rely on extensive (and costly) support packages to get our questions answered. I’ve found that NetSuite is not very motivated to help their customers succeed unless there is a massive budget behind it. They want multi-million dollar contracts, so our small company does not get much attention.ProsIncredibly versatile and robust.ConsDifficult to use, obtuse interface. Nothing works out-of-the-box, and requires extensive development to add functionality. Requires lots of costly add-on modules to gain functionality we believed was included in the core package. Slow.

  20. NetSuite CRM%2B – Love the DashboardProsNetSuite is at the core of our customer relationship management, it supports our sales force and marketing, as well as customer support and order management. It is easily integrated with the core financial solution. NetSuite’s flexibility and thoroughness are evident from the very start. The first thing I look at was the dashboard. NetSuite offers several pre-configured but customizable screen layouts designed for specific company roles. Employees can customize their dashboards. These are real-time dashboards that report and analyze the data in the system, helping company managers monitor, performance.ConsWith NetSuite you cannot purchase individual modules.

  21. Love Netsuite!ProsI like the visibility and the easily accessible information that NetSuite provides. If a customer calls with an inquiry and can provide only a few details, NetSuite offers so many tools that you can quickly take that piece of the puzzle and see the big picture. ConsWhat I like least is the character limit for inputting serial numbers. Generally, we can only load 60-70 serial numbers at a time. Also, the amount time it takes for NetSuite to run the scripts and load the serial numbers is frustrating. If we are needing to fulfill or receive 1000%2B serial numbers, it takes 10-15 minutes.

  22. The best software there is in today’s world!!!!!!Prosit is very friendly user, it has so many functions that make the job very easy and the performance of the system itself is excellent and my favorite is how it can be used anywhere in the world and the help support is great tool. ConsNothing that I can think of, all is been good so far

  23. Netsuite ReviewBecause we use the revenue recognition module, the standard project costing reports are not accurate. It adds the deferred revenue reclassification entries made to the balance sheet account, unbilled receivables, as a cost when looking at the costs on the standard project costing reports. Entries posting to a balance sheet account are NOT costs. Supposedly, this is to be fixed in the first version update of 2017. I sure hope so!ProsVery easy to do consolidated financial statements. Also very easy to slice and dice your financial information.ConsProject costing reports are not accurate.

  24. Complex ProductOverall my experience was OK. As an admin without any training I found myself spending more time trying to figure out how features worked than actual work using. ProsNetsuite has a ton of features that make the product very useful. CRM, Accounting, Orders, Purchase Orders, all located in one program and accessible on the cloud. I like how I can log in anywhere in case I need to work from home, or if I am out on site and need to look something up. ConsThe software is very complex and there are many functions available. But figuring out how to use them is a different story. We stopped using Netsuite primarily because of the high cost, and we did not need all of the features or knew how to use them.

  25. This has just the right amont of information and very easyto access information between departmentsProsEasily share information between departments and easily access inventory. The range of information it can easily provide is impressive.Consmy biggest complaint is that when checking multiple choice boxes you can’t check the first and last with shift key and fill in all checks in range

  26. NetsuiteProsI like Netsuite’s consolidation features. It is so easy to slice and dice our financial statement by selecting various drop downs.ConsProject costing report that are out of the box. They do not seem to be accurate when using the revenue recognition module.

  27. Easy to use and accessible anywhereProsEasy to use and accessible anywhere by this tool. Check and access company stats and consumers info through this system easily using any internet connected device.ConsSlowness and latency sometime other than that all good

  28. all-in-one system Cloud systemProsAll-in-one system; able to access from anywhere; access to a lot of data through saved searchesConsRuns slow sometimes; user interface for saved searches is good, but it sometimes makes it harder to get information desired

  29. NetSuite CRM%2B is great for deep insight on your customersFrom accounting and budgeting functions, to inventory and supply management, to keeping calls, emails and conversations in on place, NetSuite CRM%2B is key to any successful operation.ProsNetSuite CRM%2B has a simple, interactive and responsive user interface right from the setup. There is a vast selection of actions available from the dashboard for an optimal customer relationship management experience.ConsHefty like no other. A very expensive on-demand solution with very elaborate pro services and flexible usage. You absolutely get what you pay for with NetSuite CRM%2B.

  30. Relatively seamless between modulesProsI liked the way you could move from module to module and find the information I was looking for with ease.ConsHowever reporting was difficult and often I could not get all the information I needed in one place.

  31. The Best Or NothingProsI like the flexibility and scalability! I really like the fact that I can login on any device and run my company. I’m no longer bound to the desk and can make informed critical decision as we drive the company into bigger and better opportunities.ConseCommerce tables and formatting of our Branded Skin was challenging and a relatively out dated compared to other eComm channels today. That being said, I do highly value the fact that everything is tied together and eCommerce functionality is built in.

  32. Capable of almost anything – as long as you have tens, maybe hundreds of thousands to spend on DevelopmentWhat I love about Netsuite is the complex functionality available right in the software – but much of this functionality is costly to develop, or required the purchase of 3rd party add on software and often development then as well. I also love that everything is in one place – and there are a lot of complex function 3rd party add ons that you can use and work well. Our website, customer service, and fulfillment all integrate nicely – but the cost is prohibitive for a lot of things we have done and wish to do. ProsVersatility and complex functionality available.ConsEvery feature has to be added as a costly module, or a 3rd party app, or very costly custom development.

  33. NetSuite Business SolutionProsI like the fact the software is US based. The dashboard is capable of delivering a solid solution for most of your reporting needs. It has the ability to cover all your Sales and Support tracking with a reporting functionality that delivers an extra kick.ConsWhile the reporting is extensive it does require some time investment to get the right report format as there are different methods of reporting in some cases you can find yourself getting close to what you want only to have to switch reporting methods.

  34. Not a great program for non-profits. Was dairl easy to access on a vpn.Not sure this is as good as other Carl’s for non-profits. ProsSomewhat intuitive. Felt it had some features that were good Liked integration with Wealth Engine. ConsCould never learn how to run reports. Not nearly as intuitive as many programs like Raisers Edge et al.

  35. NetSuite CRMI’ve been able to track my opportunities and activities pretty well, which allowed me to be reminded of any activities or calls to make.ProsIt is fairly easy to track your activities by Opportunity and Lead. ConsIt took a little while to send an email off of a template.

  36. not for daily use ProsThe access to the cloud and the flexibility of the work represented a great advantage, as well as the vision of the client and the transparency of the processes. ConsIt is a little complex including for daily use, deepening is a bit difficult to follow the process and are difficult to classify the saved searches, that may be better with a simpler edition.

  37. NetSuite Review ProsThe adaptability of the system to perform a variety of functions ConsThe system is very complex and could have more offerings for in depth trainings

  38. Great Cloud Based Accounting Software We have been using NetSuite for about 3 years now and we are very happy with our experience with the software. It has great out of the box functionality and we like the dashboards, reports, and transaction flow of the system. The customization ability is vast which is great for adding your own custom fields on transactions, reports, and forms. I would recommend this product to any business who is looking for a great value for their money.ProsVery user friendly, great amount of customization ability, cloud based, Integrations with other software such as Concur, Avalara, Sales Force, etc.ConsSome limitations with reports and not real intuitive when customizing reports.

  39. Product is great!ProsIt allows me access anywhere in the world. I can even use it on my mobile, great for when I’m traveling, working from home, or simply not in my office.ConsWhen needing features or bug fixes, customer service and support can take a very long time to correct issues. I also can’t stand the fact that I have to continuously change my password a few times a year.

  40. NetSuite – Complete CRMProsIt comes loaded with an integrated ecommerce applications which directly connects the website to the CRM. This application tracks the all the information about the customer visiting the website and upload the information in the CRM in an organized and meaningful manner. Being a cloud based solution, it can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world.ConsIt does not come with industry specific variations which means that industry specific best practices are not pre loaded. Product updates cause issues most of the times and UI and flow is not intuitive

  41. Netsuite is a great ERP for complex, cross-functional accounting practicesNetsuite is a great product with intuitive functionality and nice design. Great for midto large companies looking for a comprehensive ERP that can be used with other departments to capture highly detailed data. Can be complex and timely to implement. Once ready, can see a quick return on investmentProsUX, integration, workflow, out-of-box reportingConsCustom reporting, load times, cluttered workspaces

  42. JavaScript Based CRMProsI love the idea of my supply chain being directly connected to my estore and my accounting department. But that’s the issue, it’s just an idea that I like. In practice, connecting all of these things in one system breeds complexity.ConsThe professional services staff has proven to be less than helpful. We’ve spent countless hours and dollars to build/tweak functionality only to see it fail in production.

  43. A Perfect CRMProsAs part of the marketing group, Netsuite is a life saver. It is now easier for me to keep track of our stocks, sales and even our marketing notes. ConsI hope that Netsuite will allow multiple log-in in the near future.

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