1. Top mais cher pour certaines fonctionnalités ProsFacile à prendre en main, très ergonomique, clarté dans les intitulés de champs, possibilité de filtrer les contacts dans tous les sens entre tous les catégories (Pas tjs le cas chez les concurrents ou souvent plus compliqué) L’intégration native avec pas mal de logiciels sur la marketplaceConsEmailing Il manque une intégration native en synchronisation avec sendInblue pour une synchronisation dans les 2 sens des contacts Faire payer le prix fort pour envoyer des emails groupés sans possibilité de définir un groupe, et limités à 100… On ne peut pas figer les colonnes en vue tableau comme basiquement sur un tableur Il manque un bon module de devis/facturation bien intégré

  2. Pipedrive is a very powerful CRMProsPipederive is a great solution to sales force for small & medium companies. It gives a great overview of leads. Registration of customer is very simple and organized in clients and companies. Negotiations are organized into pipelines and one can have a single or multiple pipeline. Each pipeline can be divided into stages according to the client’s situation and each stage contains the deals that reproduce a negotiation, budget or potential sale ready. One can manage all potential customers on one screen, in a visual and practical way, without missing deadlines or getting confused at what was saidConsThere is nothing significant drawback of this software. Developers are constantly coming up with improvements. The only thing it lacks is non integration with social media like LinkedIn. Also outlook integration is much needed. This software lacks to follow up on an activity if you do not have an open business, Pipe drive obeys business, so if you look for it as a CRM it is not very practical

  3. The Best CRM In The GamePipedrive is by far my favorite CRM after extensively reviewing over a dozen of them. I recommend it to all of my clients because of how versatile it is with third party integrations. I also recommend it to any beginners since you do have the option of getting WAY more features than anyone else offers at the top-tier package; all while being one of the least expensive.ProsI like the simplistic UI, the customizability, and the fact that Pipedrive has the widest range of integrations in it’s class. I would go as far as to call it MODULAR, meaning you can add pretty much any feature you’d like via 3rd party integrations. With this is mind, you’ll never be limited to some of the things Pipedrive doesn’t do as well. Alternatively, if you’re looking for everything under one roof, Pipedrive does this better as a whole than any of the competition.ConsI’m not a huge fan of how some of the very simple features are blocked off from the lowest price plan. Since I prefer the ‘modular’ setup, this is the only plan that makes sense to me, but I do miss some of the features like important fields that display certain fields first based on where the deal or person / organization is in the pipeline. I used to run the top tier package from Pipedrive, and I wasn’t really impressed with the automation features. They’re a bit limited and the triggers don’t always work.Reasons for Choosing Pipedrive Pricing, features and most of all a great and flexible UI/UX
    Reasons for Switching to Pipedrive Trello does not scale well and was not comprehensive enough for my needs

  4. A CRM System that just Works for Sales ManagementOverall a good experience using the platform my new team members just needed two days of training and found it easier to use. ProsEasy to manage different pipelines for different sales projects. The email template is one of the key features we like as it allows us to format our emails and the fields are filled in automatically, so every client receives a quality email without spending time typing out individual emails. Like the filter system that allows you to select just the clients, you wish to target and even the group email shot is an excellent tool we use often. We have added out funnels and Xero to the platform and both work perfectly with Pipedrive. Our market profile is primarily created on google documents and we have ease of importing the information onto the Pipedrive pipeline. We use the activities to set reminders which allows us to keep track of our work tasks on a given day. For sales, you can modify the platform to include the key features that you would like for your company and client information to be saved. Allows you to make group amendments in list form for a high volume of clients so if you need to split the work between the team this is an excellent tool. ConsThe emails received are not automatically assigned to a client and sometimes land on other client’s deals in Pipedrive. There seems to be a lot of downtime of late and we have had several clients confirm that they have not received the email off Pipedrive. There is a lot of new additions to Pipedrive but not enough time to learn them this can be a pro and a con. The support is not always available for immediate help. There is no key information once Pipedrive is down of who you can contact for support. I don’t like the Lead section it really just sits there quite useless to us.

  5. Pipedrive has accelerated our sales strategyWe migrated from Saleforce Business License, where we spent 8x the money we spend now for Pipdedrive. We paid for Salesforce features we never used and wanted to go back to the basics. Tracking your sales funnels and making deals.ProsFast, intuitive and in a permant upgrade mode of new featuresConsThey run a mid-agressive upselling strategy with additional features you have to pay for. Reasons for Choosing Pipedrive Fast and easy onboarding, easy import of existing sales data

  6. Really great tool if need more than Hubspot and less than SalesforceReally great among all CRM tools if need more power than Hubspot CRM and don’t want to shell out dollars for Salesforce. The mobile app is especially good among CRM tools.ProsPipedrive has some of the best integrations have seen at that price point in any industry — the customer lookup in Trello being a prime example. The overall product quality is also incredibly high — e.g., we can see all export reports ever pulled in the system for audit purposes.ConsThe biggest gap is consistent with almost any CRM on the market — while we can drag & drop or bulk change statuses of tasks in spreadsheet mode, we can’t change the task order within stage. Pipedrive *does* have some capability to hack this which we did on occasion — specifically, just change up the event dates in the tasks and assign a custom field to be your actual due date — it was clunky but it worked, and ultimately just use Trello for deal management.Reasons for Choosing Pipedrive general BCC of email, ability to do bulk edits, and drag and drop between stages
    Reasons for Switching to Pipedrive needed more CRM capabilities

  7. An Affordable CRM that is both Feature Rich and Easy to UseThe onboarding experience is one of the best I have had. You can quickly get going and they have a ton of resources to get additional help (forums, videos, blog posts, video updates etc.)ProsI recently switched to Pipedrive from one of their competitors for two main reasons – their Contact Timeline feature and the wide arrange of integrations made available on all of their plans, even the lowest tiers. With the Contact Timeline feature I can quickly see all the touchpoints (both when and how) I have had with an existing contact. This is super helpful when looking for clients to follow up with in a single glance. I have seen similar offerings in personal contact organizers but nothing fleshed out to this degree and integrated with a more capable CRM. Hands down Pipedrive has the most comprehensive integration marketplace for the best price period. Other CRMs charge a hefty price to access webhooks or Zapier and usually allow access only on their higher level tiers. I love that Pipedrive has chosen to open up these integrations to all users on their platform. This is huge win for small business owners looking to grow with them. I am amazed at how many native and 3rd party integrations they have. If the tool exists, there’s a good chance you can connect to it with Pipedrive. It’s obvious that they have made integrations a priority and this adds a lot of value to the platform.ConsOverall I’m very impressed with Pipedrive. I do wish they would focus more of their efforts on the GSuite or Gmail Chrome Plugin. This is a real missed opportunity. In my previous CRM I could access all of my deals, contacts and notes right within Gmail. This was a real time saver, since I never had to leave Gmail to view my CRM data. Pipedrive’s Gsuite plugin is more context related. You can only see the contact/deal related information for the email you are currently viewing. I hope the plugin gets more attention in the future. Another modification I would like to see is image previews of contacts on the main contact page. They do offer this in the contact timeline view, but I would love to see it in the main contacts page as well. Finally, the Smart Contact Data tool needs some work. I have had issues with it finding enriched data on a lead. The previous CRM I worked with did a much better job. Hopefully this gets hammered out. Reasons for Choosing Pipedrive – Integration availability – Contacts Timeline view – Price – Customer Service
    Reasons for Switching to Pipedrive – Access to integrations at lower price. – Contact Timeline View

  8. Pipedrive helps with quick pipeline updatesWe’ve tried various CRM programs over the years. This is the best solution thus far.ProsIt’s very intuitive and allows you to make immediate adjustments. We can all be on a staff meeting and discuss a project and make an immediate modification to the account or covert to the next step. ConsIt doesn’t seem overly LINKEDIN friendly. It doesn’t always pull past history of emails from outlook.Reasons for Switching to Pipedrive It was determined this would be easier to use by all teams within our company. My colleague did an excellent job assessing options. I think he did a super job identifying Pipedrive for us. Good choice.

  9. Great for Monitoring Leads & Lead AnalyticsMy overall experience with Pipedrive was very good, If I were to have a sales team I would definitely migrate over to there to make monitoring the sales process easier.ProsThe feature that I loved the most about Pipedrive was the Lead Management, it was such an amazing feature of the software and was very detailed about how much information you can put in about each and every one of your leads, you could even Bcc it into your emails so that you can manage how all interactions are going from there.ConsWhat I liked least about the software was that there are so many features that cannot be accessed on the level I was using, I was on the Free Trial but noticed on there how some features that would be deemed necessary for leads were not available unless you were paying for the more premium subscriptions.Reasons for Switching to Pipedrive I made the switch to Asana due to how it provided me with everything I needed from Pipedrive but for free, I only really need to track the process of how the sales process is going with my leads but not much more outside of that, I found Asana to be the best choice for that need.

  10. Big fan of PipedriveI happen to be a Pipedrive user. I am also an independent reseller of the product, as well as an integration consultant (pipedriveexperts dot com). I have helped hundreds of customers integrated dozens of different CRMs. No single solution is perfect but I find that Pipedrive is the right choice for a large majority of our clients. Pipedrive strikes the right balance between features, ease-of-use and cost. I am happy to say that their technical support is (by far!) the best I have seen from any CRM. I recommend Pipedrive to many types of businesses.ProsPipedrive really is built for salespeople. The reporting functions for management are there, and getting better every quarter, but is the ease-of-use for a salesperson that distinguishes Pipedrive. ConsAutomations are generally a very strong feature of Pipedrive, but one type of automation is missing (unless you use an external service). That missing capability is date-based triggering of workflows. Pipedrive cannot yet send a birthday greeting or followup message based on a date (past or present). This is an inconvenience for us, and we have to use external tools to solve that problem.Reasons for Choosing Pipedrive Pipedrive strikes the right balance between features, ease-of-use and cost. I am happy to say that their technical support is (by far!) the best I have seen from any CRM. I recommend Pipedrive to many types of businesses.

  11. Pipedrive – selected ahead of HubSportVery happy so far with PipeDrive – agonised initially about using it because of weaker marketing automation features and 1000 email limit on emails, but still its quick and easy to use and less ‘how do you do that’ than any of the other five or so CRM’s we experimented with. Strongly recommend. ProsWell integrated CRM that works. Clear, easy-to-navigate from company to lead to deal. Does not try to pretend to be a jack-of-all-trades. An excellent integrations universe provides options for superior specialist apps to provide improved functionality in that area of speciality. Looking at you Ontraport. Pricing is reasonable:- we are paying £150 for three users. Not cheap – its on the edge of our own affordability, but not as expensive as the frankly ridiculous HubSpot pricing. Nice free trial process and easy to start without nonsense of having to be sold to be some US-based rep for which I just do not have the time. Keap lost out to us here… ConsMaximum of 1 000 names on an email. Even as a small SaaS business we will be hitting this limit with six months. The work around is relatively simple: we have used MailChimp, for which there is a great integration in PipeDrive. Using MailChimp means we do not need PipeDrive Professional (and MailChimp is cheaper than the extra cost of Professional over Advanced) but I would rather pay a bit more for an integrated solution. Design is perhaps not as slick as HubSpot, but the ease of adding additional fields to contacts, jumping between companies and contacts is better. Weak/no LinkedIn integration. Surely this must be the most important tool for B2B lead gen? Really should be more tightly integrated (e.g. add a lead directly from LinkedIn)Reasons for Choosing Pipedrive Hubspot – price.. oooh that price. Ontraport – too much other stuff we will not use (what has a second rate ecommerce to do with a CRM…) SalesForce – old Keap – purchase process too complex Zoho – Jack of all trades master of none Freshsales – Jack of all trades master of none
    Reasons for Switching to Pipedrive HubSpot is just too expensive. As a startup with just three sales people we just cannot justify close on £1000 a month for CRM and email functionality. I think HubSpot have drank the ‘charge more’ KoolAid and believe once you are trapped you will not escape. Pipedrive with suitable companion apps provide equivalent (or even superior) functionality to HubSpot at 20% of the price.

  12. Pipedrive makes it easy!!!We have had a great experience. When we first on boarded Pipedrive, any questions we had were easily answered by the Pipedrive team. Truly great.ProsWe love everything about Pipedrive. It has so many desirable features for keeping your customer database as well as your sales ‘deals’ organized. It is a one stop shop, truly. We would love more than anything if every single department had something as easy as Pipedrive. It has never taken us more than one day to get someone trained on using Pipedrive, it’s that easy!!! It keeps all dollar amounts, products, customer information, emails, reminders, notes, attachments, reporting, analytics, social profiles from your customers information, and more!! I highly recommend Pipedrive.ConsWe truly have no cons about this application..Reasons for Choosing Pipedrive Customer Support at Pipedrive was helpful!!!
    Reasons for Switching to Pipedrive Infusionsoft was very difficult to use and to get everyone on boarded. We didn’t like the face of it or the dashboard and it took way to many steps to get to a ‘profile’ of a customer.

  13. It Is For YouProsWork process robotization (Move an arrangement and an action is included, at whatever point we reach another arrangement can be included, and so forth.) – Super Useful! Can send messages straightforwardly through stage and they appear in Gmail Does not intergrade legitimately with Intercom just through Zappier. Can interface with Gmail schedule Analytics – With arrangements won (by month, day, year and so forth), estimation of arrangements won, normal per bargain, normal time until an arrangement is won, look further and you can perceive what items make up those arrangements won (term, perm, CI and so on), Deals lost – by stages, by stages after some time, by reasons, by reasons over the long run (you can limit what stage you are battling in). Won versus lost – pace of % on change to the following stage, transformation for the main stage, lost from this stage, change to won (win/misfortune proportion). Track the % shot of moving the arrangement to one phase to the following. Estimating income – Current income, future arrangements to be won, can refresh the nearby dates from month to month, see what has been won, see the phases on the open arrangements and alter the end month (status bar demonstrating its stage), set conveyance date choice (ie you put the arrangement in won when it goes to guaranteeing and the stays there for a while (3 weeks) to get an exact date when the income is gotten). Arrangement change yet nothing else, Deals won, Deals lost, income Forecast (platinum ConsIn spite of the fact that the Silver arrangement doesn’t give all the enhanced highlights as the Gold, (for example 2-way email adjusting, call scheduler, email following, and so on.) we would prefer not to switch the majority of our clients over to the Gold arrangement in light of the fact that lone a couple of them would profit by/would require the additional highlights. I wish there was an approach to redesign a portion of our clients to the Gold arrangement and keep the others at Silver. We utilize Pipedrive’s reconciliation with Slack to tell our group when an arrangement has been recognized, won and additionally lost. Right now, you host to utilize a third-gathering (Zapier) in the event that you might want your notices to be increasingly explicit and I have been not able get Zapier to work effectively for us. I have just contacted the two sides for assistance however have not gone to an answer ( so be careful you may keep running into issues with incorporations – without a ton of helping support from either side).

  14. Great product, easy to use and many featuresPros• Workflow automation (Move a deal and an activity is added, whenever we make a new contact a new deal can be added, etc.) – Super Useful! • Can send emails directly through platform and they show up in Gmail • Does not intergrade directly with Intercom only through Zappier. • Can link with Gmail calendar • Analytics – With deals won (by month, day, year etc), value of deals won, average per deal, average time until a deal is won, look further and you can see what products make up those deals won (term, perm, CI etc), • Deals lost – by stages, by stages over time, by reasons, by reasons over time (you can narrow what stage you are struggling in). • Won vs lost – rate of % on conversion to the next stage, conversion for the first stage, lost from this stage, conversion to won (win/loss ratio). Track the % chance of moving the deal to one stage to the next. • Forecasting revenue – Current revenue, future deals to be won, can update the close dates from month to month, see what has been won, view the stages on the open deals and adjust the closing month (status bar showing its stage), set delivery date option (ie you put the deal in won when it goes to underwriting and the sits there for a period of time (3 weeks) to get a precise date when the revenue is received). • Deal conversion but nothing else, Deals won, Deals lost, revenue Forecast (platinum only) • Deal won can set an email reminder to our future admin person to send a thank you card! • Works with mailchimp as well • Customer success team can help after the client is opened. No time limit available. • Has slack and Trello integration • Direct integrations with analytics and marketing software. • LINKS WITH AIR CALL • Integration with intercom through automate (can create a note on the clients profile on the CRM when a message is received or sent). • Can 2 way sync all intercom and CRM contacts through PieSync App • Create Pipedrive deals for new Intercom users (Zap) • Most integrations available by far ConsNot as clean as Fresh Sales, does not have an internal platform for email messaging must link with mail chimp.

  15. Driving you pipeline to successProsPipedrive’s lead management CRM is intuitive, well-organized/easily customizable, and perfect for any sized company. It’s been extremely beneficial in helping to streamline our sales processes. I would strongly recommend enrolling in Pipedrive’s free trial; this will let you test out any of Pipedrive’s plans for the full thirty to get a better feel for how it works and find the correct plan for your needs. Pros Pipedrive’s Silver plan is very reasonably priced and comes with all the CRM necessities suitable for most small to mid-sized business. Sales… it’s a messy process… but there’s no headache with Pipedrive. You can easily set up customized pipelines for each user as well as view and transfer deals between pipelines. The ability to utilize two separate Pipelines to test against each other has been really beneficial in helping us groom our sales initiatives and outreach tactics. You can also, send emails from directly within the CRM’s platform; saving you time to engage more with potential clients and aids the process for keeping track of follow-up appointments and next step action items (discovery calls, presentations, proposals). Pipedrive supports over 100%2B apps and integrations; we’ve integrated Lead Liaison, our lead generation tracking application, with Pipedrive so we don’t have to manually enter new leads, prospects, etc. from one CRM to the next. As an alternative to using the integration(s) you can also import spreadsheets directly into Pipedrive and assign deals and prospects to a specific owner. One of Pipedrive’s best features is the option to import contacts and merge them with those already in your database so you don’t have duplicates. This application is perfect for sales on the go; you can create custom reports to be sent to your email (for notifications on activities, emails, calls, etc.) and access your pipeline through Pipedrive’s mobile app so you can keep up with your clients and sales team(s) at all times.ConsAlthough the Silver plan does not provide all the enriched features as the Gold, (i.e. 2-way email syncing, call scheduler, email tracking, etc.) we don’t want to switch all of our users over to the Gold plan because only a few of them would benefit from/would need the extra features. I wish there was a way to upgrade some of our users to the Gold plan and keep the others at Silver. We use Pipedrive’s integration with Slack to notify our team when a deal has been identified, won and/or lost. Currently, you have to use a third-party (Zapier) if you would like your notifications to be more specific and I have been unable to get Zapier to work correctly for us. I have already reached out to both sides for help but have not come to a solution (… so beware you may run into problems with integrations – without a lot of helping support from either side).

  16. Pipedrive is an exceptional tool for Sales Managers and Sales TeamsProsThe brilliance of Pipedrive is that by implementing the tool, Sales Managers as well as business owners will find that they simultaneously build best practice Sales Management capability into their businesses. Pipedrive really feels like it has been built by Sales Managers and Sales People, rather than by technical people, as it takes into account the things that frustrate Sales Teams the most. For example, simplicity and ease of use is essential to ensure that Sales People adopt any new Sales Tool. Pipedrive has really embraced simplicity and ease of use. One company I work with has a team of sales people mostly above the age of 50, who have successfully adopted Pipedrive. For Sales Managers, to have a tool to help them accurately predict whether their sales people are going to miss target, BEFORE it happens, is essential. Pipedrive makes it easy to setup standard sales processes. And to monitor leading measures that will predict future problems. This gives Sales Managers time to take corrective action. The tool also comes with the most powerful data import engine that I’ve ever worked with. So migrating legacy data into the tool is far easier than with any other tool I’ve worked with. All in all, I give Pipedrive a big thumbs up.ConsThis is a minor point because it’s easy to work around this problem: Pipedrive’s ability to filter deal data an become frustrating as you have to setup pre-defined filters, and you very quickly get bogged down with too many filters. The workaround is to export the data into Excel and manipulate the data from there. Also, the ability to work with a pre-defined set of Products, while available in Pipedrive, is not the tools strong point. I hope to see a more refined implementation of Product capabilities in future releases. Lastly, it’s important to note that the pre-defined reporting only starts to make any sense after some history of data is available. Some of the reports make sense after a few weeks of diligent use of the system by the sales team. Other reports will likely only make sense after a few months of system usage. Obviously this problem is relevant to any sales tracking system, not just Pipedrive.

  17. The Best That I’ve TriedA few months ago, I started using Pipedrive. Back then I chose Pipedrive because they were the only CRM that would allow me to create a customer field not only populate that data from a spreadsheet import, but allow me to update that same field later with some new data. I work a lot with quarterly data from the banks, so that was what won me over initially. At the time I compared it to Insightly, which does not allow updates to custom field from an import. A few month later as my business developed, Pipedrive then added the integrated email feature. That was awesome. My business model was evolving, so I tried out Insighlty again, Soho and Trello because I knew others that were using it. While Insightly and Trello would allow you to assign emails to a deal or flow, it was troublesome. Soho doesn’t allow any email assignments to a deal. I’ll give them Kudos though because I paid %2425 to try them out and they were kind enough to refund my money. Now I know there are more CRMs out there. And I figure some of the higher dollar ones might do everything that I want. But right now I am happy with what I am getting for my monthly rate with Pipedrive. Is it perfect? No. It’s about 85% of what I need. Pipedrive comes out with new features all the time, so I one day they might be up to 90-95% of what I need. So here are my Pros Email Integration – with a click of the mouse I can assign an email to a deal. The Ability to Update Custom Data Mobile App Customization Communication with Support Cons I could use some functionality to automate the creation of tasks as the deal moves from one stage to another. I am getting around that right now by using Automate.IO and Zapier. They both provide 5 Free automation scripts. The mobile app does not use email. So when I am out and about, I am using my Gmail for work and then I have to do some cleanup later with tying emails to deals. I can’t flag emails. For example, in Gmail if it is an important email, I will star it so that it is a constant reminder for me to address something. It would be nice to have a feature to do that with Pipedrive. At the minimum, allow me to create an activity with the email with the click of a button. Lack of development communication – What’s being worked on? Where is the developer / user conversation. It’s not required, but it would be nice. Overall I do enjoy my Pipedrive. ProsEmail integration Mobile app CustomizationConsEmail integration – I would love to be able to assign an email to multiple deals. Email flagging – I would love to be able to flag an email as important, like stars in Gmail, or have the ability to convert it to an activity. Email on the mobile app – doesn’t exist, which forces me to use my Gmail

  18. Best CRM we have hadIt works! Out operation has had 3 CRMs over the past 6 years and none managed things well for a sales outfit in a construction company. (The damage that causes the agents who sometimes have long timelines in the sales process and referral process is excruciating since no CRM is adapted to offload and download data from another We like the flexibility of applying to our sales process and keeping track of each prospects stages/activities and not have to adapt to precepts that don’t apply and only get in the way. It really is your CRM. The feedback from Statistics and Analytics is stimulating and encourages one to apply themselves to the system they designed thus developing better business habits which in turn gives better stats and a better view from which management can coach and serve from. Pros Seems kind of redundant with Review above. ConsIt would be nice to be able to review the Activity list page by our Stages. In other words typically cycles are monthly but what is focused on at the beginning of the month is different than what is at the end of the month. For instance at the end of the month you may want to focus just on final stage folks. Another focus somebody might have is they are working a particular area and want to see what else is left on the table while there and arrange schedules accordingly. In other words just being able to organize on the Activities page by city/county can increase efficiency in the field. Your Contacts page has that option but nothing comes up in the columns for anyone. I don’t know if this is a challenge with out set up by our admin. but once we have a the client sold they fall off our radar for the Deals page. We have a few milestones that include us agents which includes pumping clients for referrals and visiting with them on a anniversary date. The only way I can keep them on the radar is to use the Activity page and just label them a Deadline so I can review those by that definition. So all I use Deadline for is follow-up with clients that are purchasing or have purchased. Lastly a small but big ‘thang’, on the client Deals page where we have a pending activity it would be nice to click the pending activity button and the courser lands on a fresh line above the previously typed material so we can just add an update without having to click to front of material, return and arrow up to update. It’s a very repetitive procedure every time you go into an activity.

  19. Use better your time to be Productive and reach ResultsFirs of all Pipedrive took me off all the excel spreadsheet, and I used to have hundreds of them. I haven’t taken any training, but it wasn’t really necessary because you can learn it all by induction. I liked the colors, it’s not polluted so it doesn’t hurts my eyes. As I was not used to such a tool, it was very uncomfortable for me at the beginning, because it’s kind of boring to write down every call you make, and every activity you do and yet remark the next step. But after few days I already got used to that. So after awhile I started to see my days yield more. I started not to lose clients or negotiations, and mistakes was reducing. It was when I realysed how Pipedrive made my routine become healthier, because now I work the same time, but I produce more and I am less stressed because I don’t need to bring work home. I Know it’s gonna be easy for me to find anything easily in the next day with PipeDrive, so why keep tinhking on that after work?ProsI really enjoyed the fact that we can format it the way we need to, like add some options or information space, etc. PipeDrive is flexible, that’s great! I also like the graphics and results it’s given, about the day, the week, the month and it goes on. With this I have a notion of my efficiency and I can monitor myself by this. Actually I liked PipeDrive in general. Everything is good once I haven’t worked with almost nothing like it. And the closest tool I used was very terrible. I can tell that the idea of organizing a company as the Mother and others as sisters was really smart. I used to have problems with that, so it made my life easier. At last I assure that the filters are helpful, but it could be better in some ways. But I really do recommend it at all. It definitely changed my routine work for better, much better. ConsI don’t think it’s a bad thing, maybe something to be improved in Pipedrive, are the filters or results/statistics, it was good if we could export that to excel. I don’t know if the key user can do that (I’m not) but if only him, then I suggest to give this opportunity to all users. The only thing I don’t think was positive about all that is the minucius way that now our bosses are controlling our work and results. Of course this ended to be a problem about the person, and I don’t know what Pipedrive could do about it, even though I think it is important to say. The last thing I wish I could change is the timing. Every activity has to have at least 15 minutes of during. I wish this could be more flexible, or even better, an idea: somehow we could add an activity and press a button saying we are starting that activity; Then when we finish it, we press end, and it calculates the time we used to do that. For me it sound better and more realistic. But Please, don’t take off the option we already have of simply put it as done after it is done already.

  20. Forget about Salesforce. Pipedrive is the jam.We use PipeDrive to manage our sales pipeline in an easy way. It has a nice, simple UI and a great iOS app.ProsPipedrive is a super easy-to-use, customizable CRM alternative for those of us in tech, creative industries, or just anyone that hates clunky, ugly, overly complex platforms like Salesforce. Sets up in seconds, there’s a great iOS app, and it’s actually a pleasure to use. Quick and easy.ConsI don’t have any complaints about PipeDrive. Perhaps if you are a power user of a CRM like Salesforce, you may that there are certain APIs or integrations that don’t exist between this platform and others. For me PipeDrive offers more than enough features and functionality, it’s easy to use and just what is needed.Reasons for Switching to Pipedrive I loathe software that is overly complex to use, overly expensive, or that has a poor UI. Salesforce is all those things, and PipeDrive is the antithesis.

  21. Pipedrive – A CRM that Focuses on What’s ImportantVery positive experience thus far using Pipedrive. My background comes from deploying Salesforce.com globally with highly customized objects / workflows. With Pipedrive, it’s out-of-the-box simple and to me, cuts directly to the core capabilities you need for your field teams to go sell. It’s allowed us to stay focused on what matters – relationship tracking, deal tracking, and making sure we have identified the next actions to avoid funnel stall. ProsThe pro’s from my perspective using Pipedrive are: 1) Simplicity: It allows salespeople to focus on what’s critical – managing accounts, deals and most importantly, driving next-actions to move deals through the pipeline to closure. 2) Customization: Just enough ability to customize field types, add needed fields to meet your business needs, but not too complicated where it creates over-complexity to the user base. 3) UX: Clean, simple user interface / experience. Many CRM’s overcomplicate the UX. Pipedrive delivers a UX that is easily understood, intuitive, and easy to train. 4) Cross-Platform Performance: Solid mobile access with offline capability. This is critical to salespeople and business professionals on the move. The ability to capture notes and add tasks on my phone and tablet are critical – as well as do so on a plane and sync up later. 5) Reports & Export Capability: simple and easy export capability and reports functionality.ConsThere are a few areas I would like to see improvement: 1) The ability to distribute meeting notes to Pipedrive and non-Pipedrive users. 2) Enhanced Search: Would like to see more robust search engine across the platform. Currently see some limitations in searching titles vs. body of meeting notes for example. As we generate more content, meeting notes, attachments, the need for enhanced search will be needed.

  22. Overdrive your sales with PipedriveIt’s amazing when a little bit of a process change can create a visible improvement to your business. Pipedrive has done that. Even the iOS app is excellent. eg: If I call someone via the app, after the call is completed it will prompt me to document the details. Its easy to use deal screen helps me track the progress of the sales force. But, for me its hidden gems are the reporting and activity lists: REPORTING — I love the dashboard reporting and how flexible it is to deep dive into sales agents by any specific time scale. ACTIVITY LISTS — This is the killer feture. I just put in an activity for next year against an organisation and it then forget about it. It will then remind me on that date that I need to do something. Missing Features: 1) Many – many contact relationship. Currently limited to one contact to one site. This doesn’t work in my field as many of my contacts own multiple sites with site specific deals. 2) Plotting the customer locations on a map and providing navigation to them. I have to use badger mapping for that. 3) A function that can batch de-duplication. The excellent customer support referred me to a third party provider.ProsREPORTING — I love the dashboard reporting and how flexible it is to deep dive into sales agents by any specific time scale. ACTIVITY LISTS — This is the killer feature. I just put in an activity for next year against an organisation and it then forget about it. It will then remind me on that date that I need to do something.ConsMissing Features: 1) Many – many contact relationship. Currently limited to one contact to one site. This doesn’t work in my field as many of my contacts own multiple sites with site specific deals. 2) Plotting the customer locations on a map and providing navigation to them. I have to use badger mapping for that. 3) A function that can batch de-duplication. The excellent customer support referred me to a third party provider.

  23. Get out of it what you put inDistanced sales communication, communication continuity across departments, easy contact and deal editing.ProsSimple user experience, not overkill with the features and layout, great email integration, custom pipeline languageConsHave to pay a certain amount that includes features we don’t use, internal organization confusing to see – most of which you can’t. Reasons for Choosing Pipedrive Cheaper option, didn’t need all the features of the other product.
    Reasons for Switching to Pipedrive Better cost options, our team used Pipedrive before, a better interface for the way we’re setup.

  24. Simple and visual CRM systemTried a number of different CRM systems, inlcuding Salesforce (too complex), close.io (too expensive), Excel (too manual) a host of other systems, before settling with Pipedrive.ProsVisual overview of the pipeline The overview can be in form of cards like in Kanban or in plain tabular form, making easier selection and overview of the deals Simple to use Extreme care of the supportive elements, like automatically adding map to the addresses, inviting to book another call/e-mail after finishing the previous one Highly visual history of communications Great customization (have special fields, specific for our company), filtering, reportingConsMay be too simple for larger number of communications and deals The interface sizing is large making it less useful with large number of deals Reasons for Switching to Pipedrive Looked for a more affordable product

  25. You can do a lot if your developer integrates it. Mobile app great. Reports need an overhaul.We have streamlined our entire loan application/approval/origination process.ProsOur IT team invested a lot of time so that Pipedrive could automate our loan approval/origination process. When a client submits an online application, a new deal is created automatically. When we move applicants along the pipe, different emails are sent out from Mailchimp. When we approve/reject, the client gets a notification. The mobile app is fantastic. When people come in to sign, we can take a photo of their IDs and save it directly to their deal, right from the app. If anyone calls my phone, a pop-up shows the name, deal, and stage and can automatically log the interaction. I love this.ConsReports. I never use them, because they’re pre-defined. Almost every day I download leads to run my own reports with Excel pivot tables. I would save so much time if I could set up pivot style reports in Pipedrive that update automatically – then I’d have real dashboards that mean something to me. I don’t love the way the email works. You connect your Gmail to pipedrive and can then send messages from within Pipedrive. That means you’d have to give up the Gmail interface if you really wanted all of your emails tracked. I prefer Streak for this – it’s embedded right in Gmail. In 2 clicks you can add an email right to a deal, and all of your pipelines live inside Gmail. Streak doesn’t have nearly the same amount of features as Pipedrive but I really miss the Gmail connection.

  26. Pipedrive is the easiest CRM, and even sales reps who hate CRMs will use it and like itProsPipedrive provides a simple, fast interface that pulls all information relevant to a deal into a single view. This includes the main contact, other contacts, price and product information, activity history, and coming activities. There is a sidebar that you can customize with specifics for your business, such as names of competitors that the prospect buys from, size of their budget, customer phase (are they a prospect, a new customer, or a renewing customer?), etc. All of this info can be easily updated on the fly, so a sales rep can focus on selling rather than on fitting a sale into a software system. The mobile apps provide similar functionality, so it’s easy to use Pipedrive out of the office. Pipedrive is easy to customize, so getting started does not require a lot of effort or training. This is ideal for startups and small firms, as well as for independent sales reps. ConsThere’s nothing really bad about Pipedrive, and it keeps getting better. I would like to see it add customizable series of actions that can be added with a single click, so the rep does not have to manually add repetitive steps. For instance, it would be good to add a series of follow up steps that must be done after a sale closes, rather than keeping a separate list in other software.

  27. Pipedrive helps you increase salesThanks to Pipedrive we have had abundant sales in our company, it has had a positive impact. Our company has perfected sales management and now we do a more detailed follow-up avoiding failures that we previously made. All our work team adapted to the application in a few days. Without a doubt Pipedrive is an excellent tool.ProsPipedrive is excellent there are many things that I like. First, it is very easy to use, I did not need to watch video tutorials to learn how to use this valuable tool. Its interface is very simple and I can customize everything and that is a great advantage. Second, Pipedrive has a 30-day trial version, this is important for new users who wish to enjoy CRM, as they will be completely sure if they meet their expectations or not. Third, the ability to track potential customers is extraordinary. Pipedrive generates from time to time detailed reports on sales behavior and also projections that allow the work team to design strategies to boost sales. And fourth, technical support is always active, they work 24/7 that is excellent since at all times we can get help.ConsI think the only one against it is that the paid version is a bit expensive. Even so, Pipedrive has the option of a free 30-day trial and also offers 3 plans. Small businesses can start with the Basic plan and then, when they have more sales and the company grows, hire the Professional plan, as it contains many additional tools.

  28. Simplicity versus functionalityI expect not a lot of people will give you a comprehensive review in this field. Either it will be someone who is not really using it, or someone using it and not having the time to properly describe it (we are all at work after all). I will focus on one thing – the bulk stage edit and automatic emailing update API. Basically, pipedrive lacks a tool that allows me to sync my leads with my Gmail account so that when that first email is sent, they move into the first stage (or whichever). In relation to this, I also would like to recommend installing a more appropriate exporting tool for tasks. I cannot seem to get the emails out of pipedrive for the life of me. There is only this one exporting utility in the general settings submenu (why not on the homepage or under activities?). ProsSimplicity

  29. Pipedirve is a Pipedream!Pipedrive has a sleek design that is also functional and helps our business propel forward.As I stated above, we can run with 5 guys what it would normally take 50 guys to accomplish, all with automation. In an industry where good help is alway hard to find. I recommend using Pipedrive to cut down on the clutter of drafting email after email and using automation to create emails with custom fields that will make anyone who receives it feel as if you had written them a personal letter. Pipedrive also makes it easy to send mass emails with custom fields and attachments to several people at a time. We will often send the same project to 10 different people and we used to have to send out each email individually and make it personal to the contractor, but with Pipedrive, we are able to attach one attachment to an email and have it sent out to all participants and they will receive an email to just them with our attachment and the text will be whatever our preset fields were created to be, like the name of the person, the organization, the project title, etc. If you’re not using Pipedrive, you’re doing it wrong. Period.ProsWhere do I start? I have set about a hundred or so tasks a week. We’ve worked with Pipedrive to set up automation for our emails and different tasks so I can follow up on projects with 50 different people, all with the push of a button. Pipedrive keeps my company organized and on task. We do with 5 people what it would normally take 50 people to accomplish!ConsOccasionally, it will have email integration issues with Outlook, but the customer service is always on point and friendly!

  30. Instead of SalesforceGreat experience love the mobile and the desktop portions super quick server responsesProsThis software is perfect for the small business. You can use it on any device it’s a lot easier to use than salesforce and you can integrate a ton of apps into it. Great use of APIs. They are constantly updating it to make it more efficient day by day.ConsThere are a lot of features on here and like automation and workflow that could be confusing but they break it down really easily with their support team.Reasons for Choosing Pipedrive Great support team
    Reasons for Switching to Pipedrive Easy not as cumbersome

  31. A great CRM, useful and intuitiveOur global ERP is Netsuite, and we were looking to add a salesman-friendly CRM to the front end as this is not something that we’ve found Netsuite does well. Pipedrive integrates well, and does what we wanted in the main very well.ProsVery easy to use, intuitive interface. Helps encourage deal movement forward. I like the way you can easily customize pipelines for various sales campaigns, and the new caller app is very useful.ConsSetting this up in the first place was a little complicated, and like anything else of this nature, you get out of it what you put in. Also, the revised dashboard called ‘insights’ doesn’t for me give enough. I’d like to see more detailed stats, especially in the outbound and inbound calls.Reasons for Choosing Pipedrive Pipedrive appeared to strike a reasonable balance between the inexpensive (initially at least) Hubspot and the high priced Salesforce options.

  32. Loved with amazing CRM systemMy overall experience with the Pipedrive is quite amazing. Our organisation is taking help from the Pipedrive stats and suggestions to make better financial decisions. ProsThe best feature which I liked about the Pipedrive is that we can efficiently manage our daily tasks. They are represented in the graphical form and is very helpful while planning the day. You can easily set your priorities using the pipelines and track how far a particular deal has proceeded. Another important feature which I would like to mention is that if you have used a CRM before, you probably have a list of your important contacts. Pipedrive can import the contacts of the previous CRM. Hence, saving a lot of precious time. The user interface of the Pipedrive is just amazing. I love the small customisations they had provided in the app. They also have an Android and an IOS app. They provide graphical statistics to track the progress of your team. You can quickly decide what works and what not. Pipedrive improves management decisions to a great extent. They had an incredible customer support supporting many different languages. There turnaround time is very fast. ConsAlthough, I liked this system to a great extent and it is hard to find the cons. But, still, I would like to figure out some. On occasion, when I was updating my daily scheduling tasks in their Android app, it suddenly crashed. I want the team to fix some bugs related to the compatibility issue. The second thing which I would like to mention here is that I would love to see if they add a better filtering system to figure out better that what are potential clients based on the data.

  33. Excellent tool for sales managementWe have obtained abundant benefits, sales have increased considerably. The investment we made in the software we have recovered in a very short time. Thanks to Pipedrive it is now possible to design the best sales strategies and we have obtained excellent results, in addition, the software does almost all the work for me. Even now we are more organized thanks to the registration of customer data. Pipedrive’s experience so far has been extraordinary. We are very happy with this software.ProsPipedrive has many positive things, it is a very complete and essential software for companies that are dedicated to trade. I like that I can use the software on any of my electronic devices, I can use it while in my office, on the street or in my home. I like the fact that I can keep a complete record of our clients’ data, that makes the job much easier. The sales funnel visibility is good, which has certainly helped us design excellent sales strategies. Also, its interface is very intuitive, everything can be done simply and without complications.ConsPipedrive is excellent, I just think that it has to improve in some details, the technical service is not very good, it takes time to answer the problems that can sometimes arise. Also, Pipedrive is not able to send an email to multiple recipients and therefore I have to do it one by one.

  34. All the basic features with an intuitive UIthis is ideally suitable for small/medium scale businesses with a limited number of users. Its on-boarding is fast and has good support when needed. More emphasis is placed in sales pipeline management. Cost comparison is also fairly reasonable.ProsPros- Many users of Pipedrive would not disagree with me when I say that the most significant feature of Pipedrive is its wonderful UI. It is this feature that differentiates Pipedrive with other competitors. The advantage of the intuitive UI is the ease of use even for a novice. The basic plan of pipedrive offers limited features, but a small size company can accomplish the basic tasks expected of a CRM. Other plans with extra performance costs 2 -5 fold extra compared to the silver plan. One has the choice to select the payment option either monthly or annually. With much ease ‘deal pipelines’ can be created enabling you to have a complete status view of your deals, real time. Apart from that, they have a super feature of email sync which lets you view your emails within Pipedrive itself without toggling back and forth with your inbox. With more additional features related this activity, the user is aware of actions necessary to apply in order to close deals successfully. The integration with many productivity tools has a positive impact over the effectiveness in increased revenue. The mobile version of Pipedrive too is super functional with many productivity features. There are many support options such as FAQs, in-depth demo videos, 24/7 live support center or search for knowledge base.Consif a comparison assessment is made with other platforms, well there could be some features missing in Pipedrive. Other than that the existing system works well depending on your purpose.

  35. Never loose track in your pipelinesWe’re using Pipedrive to manage all our customer activities (phone-calls, mails, schedules, contact-information, etc.) so that not only sales but all others never loos track of a customer journey. Despite the fact that this tool is almost intuitive you also can easily manage complex customer organizations. It simply reflects nearly all circumstances to record and plan topics when working with customers. An ideal tool for the entire pipeline management where simple drag and drop features help to manage stages of a project. Pipedrive eases the salesman work dramatically!ProsI personally found it quite useful when writing mails to use the option adding an automated bcc customer ID. The result is that you mail appears in your pipeline- and customer-history as well. To set up different pipelines make it easy to also manage different events. The scheduler activity gives you on all devices (PC, Smartphone, etc.) an alert to remind to your planned activities. Mobil access to all pipeline features – a very nice App! All contact data, history etc. at hand when preparing a customer visit or call.Cons– Statistical features seems to need rework. – writing an email to a contact of an account organization you need to consider to attach the customer-ID from the deal-level to the bcc-field in the mail in order to have that mail then in the customer history – lost accounts have been moved to a separate pipeline

  36. does everything i need it to! amazing. customer service is super responsive and helped solve a couple issues when i was first learning the system. Prosi LOVE so much about this software!! i tried SO MANY CRM’s and none of them were perfect for me. you can see visually what stage your deals are in. you are prompted to set up the next activity (task) after you complete one. you can create email templates with automatically filled in forms to speed up the process. you can connect deals to people and organizations. you can see a calendar view of your activities. you can set up automations to make your system more streamlined. you can connect it to your gmail so you emails automatically show up in pipedrive and you have all your emails between you and a person at your fingertips. it was super easy to set up and seemed very intuitive. Consi can’t think of anything!! i wish it were a little bit cheaper per month, but compared to some of the other services i tried, it costs less but does more of what i want. Reasons for Switching to Pipedrive onepageCRM was great, but pipedrive has more visual features that help me (i’m a visual person). you can choose list view or calendar view or a kanban sort of view of the pipeline. also, the user interface i just liked better.

  37. Great tool for staying organized and up to date with email marketing and the prospects!ProsWe have customers buying our products from all around the world and keeping a record of their contact details and purchase history is very easy with the help of Pipedrive. When we get a new customer sign in to a contract with us, our marketing team who runs another pipedrive campaign just forwards the deal to us and we only have to save it to our database and it will be added to the existing customers list. We then add activities to this deal to stay connected always.They are as follows, setting a feedback enquiry after one week, if receive a feedback set another activity to let the feedback team to reply to the email etc.. This can keep everything from getting a lead to inviting a customer to come back to our service again organized well. With the help of pripedrive we see our customers are happy how we treat them even after closing the sales.ConsThere is no facility to add an auto responder when someone answers to our feedback inquiry. Sometimes the web browser application freezes and takes more than 10 minutes to recover.

  38. PipeDrive | Easy, Affordable and Good CRMWe are always looking for good, simple, and affordable tech tools to make our clients’ lives easier. For people who don’t take naturally to technology but need a CRM solution, finding Pipedrive makes for a good day. It’s apparent that a lot of thought went into what it takes to easily manage the backend of a sales business. Pipedrive is making this process a lot simpler for us.ProsWe like simple and the streamlined dashboard was easy to understand. We are also busy people so we were quite pleased to be able to completely set up the sales activities and import our customers in under an hour. We had one question during set up so we dropped a line into the chat box. Within a couple of minutes, we had our answer giving us a good feeling about their support staff. It’s completely customizable so our workflow tasks (activities) were simple to add once we knew exactly what process each client would go through from initial contact to sale and follow up. The calendar option let us put dates to each task and all the notes we added were date stamped, a feature we found quite useful. We also liked that the program automatically puts the current tasks on the top of the list and has a color coding to show what’s not due yet, what’s currently due and what is overdue. We are also using the Zapier integration to connect to MailChimp for managing our customers’ email communications. There a lot of other integration options, too which we may add in the future. After trying some fairly expensive solutions, my clients loved the free trial option although the price to upgrade is quite affordable.ConsMy biggest concern is that support is only available Monday through Friday during office hours although they do have a fairly extensive library of tutorials.

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