1. The best CRM we have useZoho CRM help us to easily managing our customer support and interaction with customer. It is so easy to learn all the features and has help us managing leads coming from the marketing funnel. ProsZoho CRM is cloud based platform, which mean it can be access from any device with internet connection. Managing a customer relationship tools like emails, quick chat, bot chat, sales call, marketing funnel and social media is very possible with Zoho CRM and the tools is well build with no problem to integrate it with third part service.ConsThe are some bugs and glitches that are still not fixed. Sometimes, i can even login to the platform and keep showing an error for the Captcha. Other than that, the email template that are provided is difficult to edit and not many option to customized it. Reasons for Switching to Zoho CRM

  2. A functional CRM that does the basics and more, well. Fits a business of any size.I think there are some very good functions and features in Zoho CRM. It is easy easy to use and also has a raft of potential add-ons in the Zoho Suite that can be used at a small cost such as Zoho Sign which is so simple to use along with Zoho Survey. It can be White Labelled which I like.ProsIt ticks our list as a Cloud-based solution after moving from a system on a shared network drive operation. You receive quite a lot for the price. It is built around the sales funnel/channel and does this well. It gives you all the functionality within the leads or accounts fields to record meetings, interactions, emails, phone calls, emailing directly from Zoho and calling from Soho if using a VOIP system. It’s actually got good 3rd party cross-functionality with 365 or G-Suite, I use the former with excellent Outlook usage.. Chat functions or messages are easy and can be linked to a client or user and sometimes are a better way to record the customer record that on ordinary business email. I have only needed to contact the support team a few times but each time has been very quick and a swift resolution. I have used some of the automated marketing features and it is definitely something that I will utilise more with any web info request funnelled to Zoho.ConsThe UI can look a bit plain for some if you do not know how to customise. Downloading or collating data is not always straight forward. This is also to be said about uploading leads. It is not always clear which part of an upload has failed. However, when the upload does work it is a great time saver. The search function is not that intuitive; I found sometimes unless you type in an exact match it does not return anything.Reasons for Switching to Zoho CRM Having a CRM on spreadsheets is dangerous and impracticable.

  3. My Zoho CRM personal experienceExcellent product that gets the job done great.ProsRate of adoption and ease of implementation especially with off-site users.ConsThe email integration with Zoho mail over third party systems (Microsoft Exchange and Google Gmail).Reasons for Choosing Zoho CRM Mainly price and cool features that are very inexpensive and easy to use.
    Reasons for Switching to Zoho CRM Needed a much better system then having to recreate the wheel including manual coding for the whole system

  4. You get what you pay forUnlike my other review, I only used Zoho as a user, not as an administrator. I can’t comment on the customer service, as I never had contact with them. I’m aware of the pricing as I shopped them before choosing the CRM my team uses now. Basically, this is a great free database, accessible by multiple users. It is not a great pipeline tracker. It is not a great system for an efficient data entry process. ProsThe best thing about Zoho is that it’s free for up to a number of users. Great for a small business who doesn’t have a budget for CRM yet and needs somewhere to store information and search it later. It can be simple to use. I always look for a system that you can enter a very minimal amount of information into in order to store a lead or prospect. Zoho is definitely capable of that. I have used this in conjunction with inside and outside sales teams together. It was simple enough for the inside team to look up an account that calls in to see if they’ve had contact with an outside rep, and vice versa. It’s nice that it has a mobile app, though when I stopped using it it was still the least intuitive/useful app I had on my mobile devices. ConsI’ve used other CRMs, and I noticed that using both Zoho and another (Salesforce) it is very common to happen upon duplicate prospects in the system. It seems like the way an account is entered is not as intuitive in detecting that the account already exists. I’ve used others that will suggest any contact, address, phone number, name or business that already exist in the company’s pipeline literally as you’re typing them. With Zoho it’s more like you look up each data field first on your own to be sure the account doesn’t exist before entering it. That can be pretty tedious for an already tedious job like assisting our reps with data entry. The result is lost notes, because some are on one of the duplicates and some are on the other. I’ve seen this particular problem cause a lot of lost time and energy for outside reps in particular, who go out to an account not knowing the most up to date information about it. I also found the other tools to be less useful than in other CRMs. For instance, generating a report on your pipeline and what stage the accounts are in. Other CRMs in a similar price range are easily capable of telling a user how many prospects are in follow up or final stages of the sales process. While using Zoho, I actually tracked my pipeline on my own separately using a spreadsheet. It was easier and more intuitive than the CRM offered. Now, leading a team, I would not use this CRM and this would be a big reason why. I can’t imagine trying to track the progress of our leads via a team using this CRM’s tools.

  5. Easy to use CRMTheir customer service, support desk it good.ProsThe ease of use of this cloud-based CRM was great. Not much training required although I can’t say we used it to its full potential. It is a great tool to track clients and prospects, keep notes, contracts, etc.ConsWhat I liked least about this software is that you can easily end up with the same accounts listed twice in the system, especially if you have multiple users. Reps also forget to move a prospect to a client.Reasons for Choosing Zoho CRM My new sales rep had used it at her previous job. We were ready to transition to something else at the same time.
    Reasons for Switching to Zoho CRM Since they were bought out by Swiftpage, they really didn’t provide much support for the product. It also cost more.

  6. I decided for this business to just go ahead and use Zoho One for everything.There are so many online services that claim to provide everything you’ll need to operate a business, I’ve trialed most of them and never lasted through the 30 day period – until Zoho One. I used elements of Zoho One in my last business. I have recently opened a new business and decided to see if I could use Zoho One exclusively for the CRM, Project Management, HR Tools, Website, Social Media Management and Forms. Everything is working seamlessly and I am so grateful for their pricing model that essentially provides all of these apps for just %2450.00 a month for sole traders. I really am so impressed.ProsEase of setup. Access to every major application. Fair pricing models. Security.ConsTechnical support. Some glitches. Nothing else.Reasons for Choosing Zoho CRM I really like the user interface of Zoho One – it is professional and doesn’t feel like a cartoon. All of the applications work seamlessly together and most people rate the security at Zoho as being the same if not more secure than other providers.

  7. A basic CRM that covers most needs for a small businessIt’s a simple and easy deployable CRM software that helps very much with sales and prospecting. Perfect for small businesses that need to streamline their sales funnel efforts. Not great for operations tracking and financials. ProsZoho simplified our sales funnel and made keeping track of active deals much easier for the team. Drumming up business from old clients became possible because of the client-based custom notifications option. ConsIt’s built mainly around sales and prospecting and it’s lacking adequate tools for business operations support. If a business wants to scale up, it will need another tool to keep track of it’s operations and financials. Reasons for Choosing Zoho CRM It’s pre-built processes. Podio was too much of a sandbox for our team’s taste.

  8. Best CRM in worldI Have good experience with Zoho CRM . Have a single platform for every requirement of company. It quite better than others CRM which is previously used by my company.ProsZoho CRM is quite good and easy setup and management of company goal to finding leads. It’s good crm in world for various tasks for single platform.ConsNothing to improve on this . It’s quite good and pre-build template may improve his features with 5X.Reasons for Choosing Zoho CRM These combination of alternative product is better to company performance in each and every ways.

  9. Zoho of the pastSoho was used to manage client data, notes on communication with clients, project information, and keeping track of payments made.ProsZoho CRM first came out over 10 years ago. It was very cost effective and easy to use for the most part. Data was kept on a cloud which made data secure and would never be lost after saving information. It is good for basic use.ConsIf you did not save your information and your computer froze, you have to enter it again. While it is not expensive, there are other programs that are better to use. Now we use Salesforce which is amazing and can be used with other programs.Reasons for Switching to Zoho CRM It was just a better product and did so much more than Zoho.

  10. Best-in-class for most usersI’ve used Zoho CRM on about 5 businesses over %7E12 years and will continue in most cases because of the all-around power and tight integration with other Zoho products.ProsZoho CRM can meet 90% of the needs for 90% of businesses. For most users, it’s identical to Salesforce, except significantly less expensive. The UI has improved in the past few years so new users can be running within an hour for basic CRM tasks. Key point: Zoho CRM is very generous with the free-tier, giving about 90% of the key features for up to 3 users. That’s really important for small businesses and startups, so they can deeply evaluate the benefit. ConsAt this level of software maturity, the main advantage Salesforce has is a large ecosystem of extensions. Zoho CRM also has third-party extensions, but far fewer. It largely makes up for that with tight integration to other Zoho products.Reasons for Choosing Zoho CRM Price and simplicity.
    Reasons for Switching to Zoho CRM Price and simplicity

  11. Zoho CRM is a solid CRM for SMB’s / SME’s!Very good. I use it on several different businesses.ProsZOHO CRM is a robust CRM system that is perfect for small firms needing ‘big tools’ for managing contacts / leads / quotes / and invoices. I would highly recommend ZOHO CRM for any company looking to set up CRM for the first time. It isn’t scary. It’s very self explanatory. It has most of the bells and whistles that an Enterprise CRM suite would include.ConsThere are idiosyncrasies in most of ZOHO’s products – and ZOHO CRM is no different. – Little quirks are what’s most annoying, for example, when dealing with ‘suspects’ (earliest stage interactions with prospects), system data that is ‘entered’ (by the prospect) cannot be carried through a workflow to Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices. Bizarre! The net result is you end up bypassing the tools that prevent your desired workflow from working. Reasons for Choosing Zoho CRM Lower cost. Simpler product. Easier (and cheaper) to follow an upgrade path.
    Reasons for Switching to Zoho CRM Salesforce was too complex for the simple CRM routines i required at that juncture.

  12. My Favorite Email ServiceIf you are just starting out with a business or company and you want to make your business sound more professional, you really need Zoho. I had a great experience,even signing up with multiple email addresses. Now I just have the one email address and have a professional email completely for free. However if you want to have more flexibility, you may need to consider the paid plan. There are really not many cons when it comes to Zoho.ProsThis is a free or very cheap email service depending on the plan you choose. I like this because my business is just starting out and I want to save as much as possible. Zoho is a great resource because it has all the functions I need. It integrates with my website, sends and receives emails and is fairly easy to use. It also comes with a calendar and a place to store notes and bookmarks.ConsI am on the free version, which means that I can only access it on my computer device. The paid plan is really inexpensive and something worth investing in if you want to answer emails in a more timely manner. It may take a bit of time to get used to the interface if you’ve never used it before or you are switching from another email service.Reasons for Switching to Zoho CRM Gsuite was too expensive and actually increased their pricing last year. I wanted something more affordable for my very small business until it got off the ground. Zoho provided a free plan but came with a professional email service that I could use for my business needs.

  13. Biased for a ReasonZoho One provides a complete operating system for business. Where I have noted cons in this review I would note that Zoho One bringing everything together cohesively is far better at saving time than any frustrations it may cause.ProsOne system that provides extensive capabilities. Zoho CRM plugs into the more than 50 other Zoho Apps with a single Zoho One license. Instant integration (as instant as it possibly can be). No more cobbling together system after system. I have all of the following in use from Zoho: CRM, spreadsheets, documents, file storage, security, marketing, social media, HR Management, accounting package, email, surveys, signatures, project management, notes, appointment management, presentations, webinars, online meetings, web hosting and design, online chat for web site, mobile expense capture, business analytics. I have used much more, that’s just what I use on a day to day basis. These are the applications of business today. Nothing much out of the ordinary but if you are using anything else other than Zoho, you probably have a patchwork of applications to navigate.ConsBleeding edge software development comes at a cost. Zoho brings out releases fast and often so sometimes there are annoying things that happen. This does not consume a large portion of my time but if you need consistency and 100% predictability then Zoho is probably not for you. If you are okay with 99% predictability Zoho is a good option. An example is the design of the Contact view in Zoho being changed recently without notice. If you are like me then you go with it. Some people who need things to be the same day in and day out can be rattled or frustrated by something like this. Reasons for Switching to Zoho CRM At the time (ten years ago), I found Zoho easier to use and customize. I had gone through a huge integration project with my Quicken system to make it work with Quickbooks. It was not as responsive as I had hoped. This was early days for people moving to the cloud. I wanted our system to be in the cloud because of how mobile our people were. Aside: Quicken is no longer owned by Intuit.

  14. Customizable CRM Offers Great FlexibilityTransitioning into a new CRM always is a huge change and undertaking across the board. We have only really experienced positive changes that have pushed us for better and more time efficient performances. Being able to transition was smooth and successful and we are able to bring all departments on board on the use of this.ProsThis CRM offers customizable automations to really streamline your work experience. We use this to assign and set tasks for clients plus review employee performance. We have been able to completely eliminate Google Docs and move over to politely Zoho to track and record stats. Being able to personalize your home screen is a major plus. Our Sales Team has also been able to be fully integrated onto the platform and can set up leads in the system. The transfer over to this CRM has been much easier than it would be on most platforms and our team members have are soon going to be utilizing email functions through this, as well. I’ve loves the overall experience of learning this platform and discovering how truly time saving it has been for everyone across the board! I would highly encourage the use of this CRM across almost all business platforms due to its customizable options!ConsWe would love to seethe option for color coding and the use of all emojis across the system. There is limited use on those and we would like to be able to set tasks with symbols by them or have them tabbed with a color.Reasons for Switching to Zoho CRM High rise wasn’t going to be updated and we needed a system that would be able to incorporate more departments and provide more detailed analytics.

  15. Great CRM as part of Zoho OneOur company needed a set of software to run our startup business. We wanted something more than just a storage or email solution. Of course, we also needed a CRM. After having used a number of CRM over the years, I wanted something that was simple but configurable and also that could also help us for the occasional marketing email. Thanks to Zoho CRM, we can keep track of our deals and contact, ensure that nothing falls between the cracks. Did I mention the automatic email tracking ?ProsThe email tracking really helps understanding engagement. The ability to send small mass-emails directly from the CRM without having to use a third party email is great for a startup. We also like the ability to automatically schedule a web meeting from the CRM.ConsThe interface is a little bit old fashioned. It would be great if the system could be a little more flexible in terms of sales activities that can be recorded.Reasons for Choosing Zoho CRM Simply put. Zoho CRM as part of Zoho One is a very strong contender. It was fairly easy to just look away at the few warts since Zoho provides so much value!
    Reasons for Switching to Zoho CRM The total value of Zoho One offers way more than the basic Hubspot system.

  16. Great product for SMB companiesWe are an SMB business to business company and this suits our needs very well. The CRM features allow for tracking customer data easily. It’s not as feature rich as Hubspot, but HubSpot is probably more appropriate for larger companies anyways.ProsThe user interface is pretty easy to understand, there are good features, like web forms and workflow automations, and the price is not as high as other CRMs.ConsThe support is not that great because they are not based in America. It’s acceptable, but sometimes they can’t understand what I’m really asking.Reasons for Choosing Zoho CRM The price was more reasonable for the features we needed.
    Reasons for Switching to Zoho CRM Zoho has more sales-oriented features, like Activities and tasks, plus it let you create custom modules, which we wanted to use for tracking certain info throughout our sales process.

  17. The New Era of Customer Relationship Management – Zoho CRMI prescribe Zoho CRM on the grounds that it has demonstrated to be an exceptionally productive instrument and is extremely simple to coordinate, I consider Zoho CRM is an ideal device for an organization, since you can see upgrades and surprising deals development in a brief timeframe, this amazing programming makes network, association and information follow capacity are anything but difficult to work, I truly suggest it since it gives an incredible assurance to its clients.ProsZoho CRM is an unbelievable assistance that for quite a long while has enabled us to collaborate with clients and increment income of the organization, this product truly gives a generally excellent encounter to its clients when working, actually this stage is extremely creative, this administration enables us to contact clients in practically all stations from phone, email, live talk and diverse informal organizations, has an alternative that gets continuous warnings when clients connect with the organization progressively, enables you to quantify the proficiency of correspondence with our clients. It spares time since it has a few mechanization choices, for example, computerization of each part of the organization and dispenses with the separate undertakings that require a great deal of time, so their clients have a superior execution, permits to robotize the procedure of dedication of potential clients and can exploit the upsides of every one of the individuals. This product has the choice to quantify and deal with the business execution of the organization all through the domain, likewise has an alternative to utilize that enables you to discover in a moment any data you need from CRM information with the assistance of [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN], additionally [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] gives propelled gauges of potential client understandings that can eventually make it all work out, and one of the highlights that I like best about this product is that it has a clever caution, which enables you to recall the assignConsZoho CRM extremely more often than not excessively I use it has worked effectively, on an individual level I have not had any awful experience working with this product, yet anyway some of the time its UI is typically moderate, and each activity requires another page burden, and I have seen that approaching messages are not synchronized, yet these little subtleties don’t think of it as a major issue that anticipates working with this product, it truly enables us to work easily to perform various capacities with this stage.

  18. Great Help Desk Solution for Small TeamsInherited Zoho Service Desk CRM for help desk tickets. If you’re considering Zoho CRM because the price is right, make sure you have clear and precise department directories, support categories, clear SLAs, spelled out escalation points, and strategic auto-repliers and boiler plate email templates ready. If you don’t have these already pre-established sit down with staff and discuss it first. You’ll be much more successful cut and pasting these into a blank system than to muddle along. At first this system was just a email inbox with useless reporting and we couldn’t keep track of progress. Overtime, with tough changes we were able to modify the system to handle tickets better (between maintenance tickets, auto generated tickets, and support requests) for more accurate department reporting of urgent issues, projects, and regular requests by category.Pros– Great ticketing / response help desk solution that’s free for small IT teams – Great automation for creating special filters, automation rules, and auto replies for anything that comes across your support%40 address. – Great CRM tracking for monitoring customer responses, reporting tools, SLA alerting when nearing SLA deadlines, agent tracking KPI metrics, and ticket history tracking. – Great solutions archive and knowledge base which can be added to via the ticket itself – Great notification options including (email alerts, webhook integrations, and SMS text messaging.) – Nice tools for scheduling routine maintenance tasks which appear as tickets and count towards technician KPIs (as tickets). – Very secure portal, customer portal, 2 FA authentication options, and easy to manage UICons– Takes some time to initially setup, defaults often aren’t helpful. – Hard to understand webhook integration instructions, uncertain if two-way functionality is available for a Slack integration (if so, it’ll be manual). – Need to watch for mail fetching often! If you aren’t getting tickets after 6 hours, mail fetching is turned off and needs to manually be reset. No polling service, or automated mail fetching ping service so you need to make sure when doing exchange maintenance to remember to start this service when stopped. Reasons for Choosing Zoho CRM The cost for 5 or less technicians in a team was free so we opted for this over paid options. Has most of the features a help desk could need that was both a Cloud Hosted SaaS product.

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